1st Test, Mohali, November 05 - 07, 2015, South Africa tour of India
201 & 200
(T:218) 184 & 109

India won by 108 runs

Player Of The Match
38, 3/55 & 5/21
SA 2nd Innings
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Virat Kohli: "First Test as captain at home was a special occasion for me, it is a young team, building a strong team together. Seeing the way things have gone in the past month and half, the way we played here, a lot of credit has to go to the team. We thought if we are finding it difficult on this wicket, it is going to be difficult for them. As Hashim said, there were soft dismissals, I don't think there were any demons in the wicket, the ball did not turn square at any stage, batsmen had to apply themselves, it was a bowler's game. You need mental strength at this level. (Vijay and Pujara) are two of the most solid guys we have. Had we applied more, we could have given them a bigger target.

"I am happy for him (Jadeja), he went back, got lot of wickets in Ranji Trophy, scored runs as well, he is feeling good mentally now, people with all-round ability are hard to find, it is just a matter of him keeping his mental strength, and he can be an asset for India in the future."

Hashim Amla: "200 was a chaseable total, probably 150 would have been more realistic, 150-160 would have been a fair challenge on a deteriorating wicket. There were some soft dismissals, we were in the game till we lost four or five and put pressure on the lower guys, Stiaan showed you could gets runs if you hung in there. To get India for 200 was an excellent effort from our bowlers, we kept ourselves in the game till the last session, credit to India for bowling us out."

Ravindra Jadeja is the Man of the Match. Made a crucial 38 in the first innings to go with his eight wickets. Jadeja: "We played on turning tracks at Rajkot (in Ranji) so I had confidence about my bowling, I worked hard this season, I was bowling in the nets for hours, this was my comeback game I was looking to play positive, I scored three fifties in domestic as well, it has been a pressure game for me, I was trying to prove myself again, so I am really happy."

M Vijay says that till lunch on day one, it was a good pitch to bat on, but later it became slower and tougher to score runs.

Virat Kohli's exit this morning brought an Indian collapse of 8 for 39 but South Africa have lasted less than 40 overs in the chase to still go down by more than a 100 runs. All but one of the 20 South African wickets falling to the spinners. Eight each for Ashwin and Jadeja, Mishra limited to three, but two of those were AB de Villiers, bowled in each innings. The match was all but over when de Villiers and Amla departed within the first ten overs. A result in just over eight-and-a-half sessions will tell you this was some spiteful turner. It was... in the batsmen's minds. It was not easy to bat on, of course, the lack of pace making it difficult to time the ball, but by no means an unplayable surface.

Jadeja to Tahir, OUT

Jadeja seals the win with his fifth, goes full, and hits the boot in front of off before Tahir's bat can do anything about it

Imran Tahir lbw b Jadeja 4 (4m 5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 80
Jadeja to Tahir, no run
Jadeja to Tahir, no run

Tahir tries to scoop this fine from around off, he is struck on the pad, just outside the line of off, and umpire Kettleborough rightly says no

Jadeja to Tahir, FOUR runs

slogged to the deep midwicket boundary

Jadeja to Tahir, no run

tossed up yorker from Jadeja now, Tahir survives as he jams it away, Jadeja appeals for some reason

end of over 39Wicket maiden
SA: 105/9CRR: 2.69 
Kagiso Rabada1 (12)
Imran Tahir0 (0)
Ravichandran Ashwin 14-5-39-3
Ravindra Jadeja 11-4-17-4
Ashwin to Rabada, no run
Ashwin to Rabada, no run

pitches outside leg stump and spins across the left hander as he tries to punch it

Ashwin to Rabada, no run

flighted on middle and off, defended past silly point

Ashwin to Rabada, no run

gathers himself, comes forward and defends down the track

Tahir the last man in

Ashwin to Steyn, OUT

Steyn departs, takes a tossed up ball from well outside off, and has a slog, the ball stays up for quite a while but Vijay has it covered as he comes in from long on

Dale Steyn c Vijay b Ashwin 2 (13m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 22.22
Ashwin to Steyn, no run

pitched up on the pads, pushed past short leg

end of over 383 runs
SA: 105/8CRR: 2.76 
Kagiso Rabada1 (8)
Dale Steyn2 (7)
Ravindra Jadeja 11-4-17-4
Ravichandran Ashwin 13-4-39-2
Jadeja to Rabada, no run

this time he is able to lean forward and get behind the line to block

Jadeja to Rabada, no run

turns and bounces and hits Rabada as he tries to defend

Jadeja to Steyn, 1 run

overpitched ball driven to long off for one

Jadeja to Rabada, 1 run

worked with the spin, in the air, just past a diving short midwicket

Jadeja to Rabada, no run

pushed down the track off the front foot

Jadeja to Steyn, 1 run

hit hard in the air, down to wide long off

end of over 37Wicket maiden
SA: 102/8CRR: 2.75 
Kagiso Rabada0 (4)
Dale Steyn0 (5)
Ravichandran Ashwin 13-4-39-2
Ravindra Jadeja 10-4-14-4
Ashwin to Rabada, no run

big gap between bat and pad but he is saved by a thick inside edge as he tries to defend

Ashwin to Rabada, no run

middle and leg line, good length, defended

Ashwin to Rabada, no run

defended off the front foot

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