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2nd ODI, Dublin (Malahide), July 13, 2021, South Africa tour of Ireland
(48.3/50 ov, T:291) 247

Ireland won by 43 runs

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Ireland take a 1-0 lead in the series with one match to go - the first was a washout - and South Africa must now win the final ODI to not lose the series. A complete all-round display from the hosts means the visitors are comfortably beaten. South Africa will have much to ponder about after this loss: they had no control with the ball at the death, they dropped four catches and their batters could never take off. But join us for the final match of the series in three days' time. Until then, it's a goodbye from Binoy, Vishal and me, Himanshu!

Asad Khubaib: "Upset of 2021"

Prashan W: "Congratulations and well done Ireland from a Sri Lankan fan."

Balbirnie, the Ireland captain, is also the Player of the Match: "Extremely proud. Put in on a greenish wicket. It was a tough wicket to take wickets on. It was a win we needed as a team. Really proud of the lads. We outfielded them, which made the difference. We need such efforts to beat these nations. Huge day for cricket in Ireland. We'll have a couple of beers and enjoy. But at the same time, we are hungry to win the series.

"[Exciting] to face players of that calibre, and get a decent score is great. We had a really bad series in the Netherlands, and we are really pushing that to get the [Super League] points."

Here's Bavuma after the game: "I wouldn't think we took it lightly [by resting de Kock and Ngidi]. There's a lot for us to work on, well done to them. Plan in the first powerplay was to take wickets. Our fielding let us down. Momentum was always on their side. No partnerships of significance except the one between Janneman and Rassie."

Time for the presentations.

Josh Bone: "Look at that bowling card. The definition of a team effort"

Vrushabh Shetty: "My word IRELAND have outclassed SOUTH AFRICA "

justin smyth: "Yes, Yes, Yes, what a way to finish it. Stumps get knocked over and Ireland win. A massive 10 points for us!"

6.20pm So Ireland win by 43 runs, and beat South Africa for the first time in an ODI, with the sides yet to clash in any other format. A huge, morale-boosting win for the hosts, who posted 290 after being inserted by the visitors. They raked up runs at will at the death, and hit with the ball each time it mattered. Credit to Balbirnie, Dockrell and Tector for setting up with the bat, before all the bowlers chipped in to contribute.

Adair to Nortje, OUT

yorker, hits leg stump and game over. Nortje moves across his stumps, but this is an inswinging yorker on middle, as the batter gets an inside edge on to the leg stump to finish it off

Anrich Nortje b Adair 10 (15m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 125

Shamsi is the last man in, but at the other end

Adair to Maharaj, OUT

caught at long-on for further joy in the Ireland camp. Low, dipping full-toss on middle. Maharaj tries to hammer that beyond the boundary, but gets it off the toe end of the bat

Keshav Maharaj c Tector b Adair 17 (36m 19b 1x4 0x6) SR: 89.47

Vrushabh P SHET: "Phew!!!! Was watching pak vs eng... Suddenly remembered that there is another match going on... Switched over to Cricinfo to be dumbstruck ...My word!!! Ireland have done something unexpected... "

Adair to Nortje, 1 run

makes room to slash that to long-off, as the bowler goes short on off

end of over 486 runs
SA: 246/8CRR: 5.12 RRR: 22.50
Anrich Nortje9 (6b 1x4)
Keshav Maharaj17 (18b 1x4)
Josh Little 10-0-45-2
Mark Adair 8-1-42-0
Little to Nortje, 1 run

stays deep in the crease, and opens the bat face to this full ball on off. A single to third man

Little to Nortje, 2 runs

continues bowling full and wide of off. Nortje drives that along the ground to deep point to collect two

Little to Maharaj, 1 run

goes across to push that full and wide ball outside off to long-off

Little to Nortje, 1 run

dragged this full ball outside off to third man for a single

Little to Nortje, no run

full and wide of off again. Nortje tries to jab at that from his crease, but is beaten

Little to Maharaj, 1 run

full and wide of off, he slashes that down to third man all along the ground

Little runs in from around the wicket, but backs out

Yatish Pokale: "Rabada' s dismissal is candidate for longest commentary in history of Cricinfo." --- We wouldn't have seen such drama in just one ball.

end of over 479 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 240/8CRR: 5.10 RRR: 17.00
Keshav Maharaj15 (16b 1x4)
Anrich Nortje5 (2b 1x4)
Mark Adair 8-1-42-0
Josh Little 9-0-39-2
Adair to Maharaj, 1 run

change of pace, and clatters this good length ball on middle to long-on. The ball just bounces ahead of the fielder, who still manages to keep that to a single

Adair to Maharaj, no run

good length ball takes off from middle stump. This too spins away from the batter, who tries to ramp but is beaten

Adair to Nortje, 1 run

good length ball on middle and that moves away from the batter after pitching since it was a cutter. Driven to point

Adair to Nortje, FOUR runs

smashed to the right of the leaping mid-off fielder for four. Pitched up on off, and he makes room to hammer that back

Nortje, the new batter and on strike, will be facing a free-hit

Adair to Maharaj, (no ball) OUT

swung away to deep square leg, but what really is happening? Is that caught? Was that a no-ball? Or was there a run-out? It was a full-toss on middle and off, and looked pretty high as Maharaj pulled off the front foot. And an above-waist no-ball is called. Umpires await to check out the run-out drama now. The ball was cracked to deep square leg, who caught the ball but threw it back to the keeper, who blew away the bails while Rabada was out of the crease after running to the keeper's end while the ball was in the air. The fielder took the catch cleanly, yet threw the ball back, perhaps realising that it could be an above-waist no-ball, which it was in the end. And a run-out at the keeper's end is confirmed. Though it was a no-ball, as per rules, a batter can be run-out off it. Phew! Too much happening there. Rabada perhaps assumed that because it would be a no-ball, the ball would have been dead the moment it was caught. Anyway, he has to walk off now

Adair to Rabada, 1 run

full-toss on middle and leg, driven on the up to long-on

Adair to Maharaj, 1 run

skips down the track, but this comes off like a low full-toss on middle and leg down to long-on

Neville Smeda: "20 years ago, SA being 7 wickets down needing 12 an over still made them favorites to win because Pollock, Klusener, Boucher, Boje, Symcox, etc would be at the crease! Miss those times."

end of over 4614 runs
SA: 231/7CRR: 5.02 RRR: 15.00
Keshav Maharaj13 (12b 1x4)
Kagiso Rabada15 (11b 2x6)
Josh Little 9-0-39-2
Mark Adair 7-1-33-0
Little to Maharaj, 1 run

full delivery fired on middle, pushes down the ground after making room

Little to Maharaj, 2 runs

short delivery on middle and off, pulled high to the leg side. But safe in the end

Little to Maharaj, FOUR runs

outside edge and wide of the keeper for four. Maharaj shapes to heave after making room, but the good length ball on middle and off angles away and takes his edge. The keeper's dive to his right in vain

Corniel Seddon: "Ireland is going to win this one at a cantor. Our bowling at the death with some questionable shot selection is going to hand them a well deserved win. Ireland has taken full advantage of our errors and proving that are not to be taken lightly by any other team."

Little to Rabada, 1 leg bye

full delivery on his pads, trickles off it to the on side

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