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West Indies vs South Africa, 1st T20I at North Sound, , May 19 2010 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st T20I, North Sound, May 19, 2010, South Africa tour of West Indies
(19.5/20 ov, T:137) 123

South Africa won by 13 runs

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Well, we've seen a lot of good Twenty20 cricket of late, but this was not up to scratch. South Africa were scrappy gifting 11 wides and a no-ball, but West Indies never really got going. Still, a much needed win for South Africa after their troubles in the World Twenty20.

McLaren is only the fourth man to take a five-for in T20 Internationals, and it's enough to earn him the man of the match award, so well done him.

Liam Brickhill will have a bulletin to tell you all about how the match unravelled and we have a gallery for the visually minded.

That's all from us, we'll back back same time tomorrow for the second game, which should hopefully prove a touch closer.

McLaren to Benn, OUT

and that is that. Benn connects with a big shot down the ground, can't quite time it well enough, Amla takes an easy chance to finish the game. McLaren has five wickets, which is a rare feat in this format

Sulieman Benn c sub (HM Amla) b McLaren 4 (4b 1x4 0x6 3m) SR: 100
McLaren to Benn, no run

Benn runs leg side of the ball, aiming to slam it over cover, but it's full and outside off and he misses

McLaren to Roach, 1 run

Roach getting his eye in I guess, working this, quite stylishly into the square leg region for a single

McLaren to Roach, 2 runs

good ball from McLaren, right up into the yorker length, dug out to mid on for a well-run couple

McLaren to Sammy, 1 wide, OUT

another wide, outside off, Sammy had wandered down the wicket, De Villiers under-arms the throw back in a flash and the Sammy is run out

Daren Sammy st †de Villiers b McLaren 17 (28b 1x4 0x6 38m) SR: 60.71
McLaren to Sammy, 2 runs

nicely bunted down the ground from a fullish length, a slight fumble at long off means allows a second

end of over 1910 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 117/8CRR: 6.15 RRR: 20.00
Sulieman Benn4 (2b 1x4)
Daren Sammy15 (27b 1x4)
Dale Steyn 4-0-23-0
Charl Langeveldt 3-0-31-1
Steyn to Benn, no run

oh no, the umpiring has got worse, the match even more bizzare, Benn gets a thick edge to a length ball he tried to swing over midwicket, regulation catch to the keeper, given not out, everyone is confused and the over, finally, ends

Steyn to Benn, FOUR runs

shot! Benn swings it mightily down the ground, timing it perfectly and it flies down to the mid on boundary

Steyn to Sammy, 1 run

yorker on the stumps, actually straight, it passes though to the keeper, they think about a bye, the throw comes in from behind the stumps, nobody fields it, so the end up getting a single

Steyn to Sammy, 1 wide

would you believe it? I guess so, well wide of off, and we still have a free hit

Steyn to Sammy, 1 wide, OUT

oh dear, this is a touch farcical. Another wide miles outside off stump, another play and miss off, but a bye attempted, Sammy stands perfectly still, Taylor ears up the crease and ends up run out

Jerome Taylor run out (†de Villiers/Steyn) 7 (2b 0x4 1x6 7m) SR: 350
Steyn to Sammy, (no ball)

bowled him! Off a no ball. Steyn adjust his line, spears in a leg stump yorker, hits the stumps, but he overstepped free hit time

Steyn to Sammy, no run

after a quick chat with his captain it looked as though Steyn would attack the stumps, but it was still wide of off

Steyn to Sammy, 1 wide

Steyn is a touch annoyed with himself, and why not, this is again shoved well outside off

Steyn to Sammy, no run

Sammy has laid his cards clearly on the table, he is aiming over cover, swinging hard at this but missing once more

Steyn to Sammy, 1 wide

repeat of Steyn's last over here, too wide outside off, and a bonus run

Steyn to Sammy, no run

fullish ball outside off, big shot attempted, sadly it's missed

end of over 1810 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 107/7CRR: 5.94 RRR: 15.00
Jerome Taylor7 (2b 1x6)
Daren Sammy14 (22b 1x4)
Charl Langeveldt 3-0-31-1
Dale Steyn 3-0-13-0
Langeveldt to Taylor, SIX runs

"home-run!" declares Tony Cozier, full toss, swiped handsomely over long on into the stands

Langeveldt to Sammy, 1 run

dropped, McLaren puts down a regulation chance at long off, full toss thwacked down the ground, McLaren got around smartly and spilled the chance

Langeveldt to Taylor, 1 run

good ball from Langeveldt, right up in the blockhole, Taylor digs it out and collects a single

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