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3rd ODI, Lucknow, March 12, 2021, South Africa Women tour of India
(46.3/46.3 ov, T:218) 223/4

S Africa (W) won by 6 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
132* (131)
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Scores: Vairavan | Comms: Hemant Brar
Scorecard summary
India Women 248/5(50 overs)
77 (108)
2/46 (10)
South Africa Women 223/4(46.3 overs)

That's all from our side. Stay safe and see you soon.

Lizelle Lee is the Player of the Match.

Lee: I am very happy with my performance but the credit should go to the bowlers. I thought India could have posted 300. A lot of my dismissals over my career have been caught, so I am working on keeping the ball along the ground.

Laura Wolvaardt: Incredible game to have my first game as captain. The way Lee batted was incredible to watch. I really enjoy batting with her and takes pressure off me as she is such an explosive batter.

Mithali Raj: We could have done better with the bat. We need to work on our bowling too. Our bowlers were bowling on both sides of the wicket. But credit to Lee. She played a brilliant innings. Having a fielding coach definitely helps, those are the things that make the difference.

4.30pm And it has been called off. South Africa have won by six runs, via the DLS method. They are now leading the five-match series by 2-1. The star of the match was Lizelle Lee, whose brilliant hundred always kept South Africa in the game, even when they lost Mignon du Preez and Marizanne Kapp in quick succession during the batting powerplay. To put her knock in perspective, there have been only three higher individual scores in an ODI chase and two of them belong to peerless Meg Lanning.

Pratik Wankhade: "Instead of H Kaur, previous over should have been bowled by regular bowler, if we had restricted them for four runs in that over we would have been ahead in the game, not so good captaincy from Mithali."

4.22pm The rain seems to have got heavier.

James Chitamba: "This Innings from Lizelle is one of the best Women ODI innings against a quality side like India. It's probably a match-winning-player-of-the-match knock!"

4.07pm The umpires have asked for the covers to be brought on. South Africa are five ahead of the DLS target (six ahead of the par score) at this stage.

Sufiyan: "Whosoever wins, Lee should be Player of the Match for her mind-boggling performance." -- And it's the third-highest individual score for a South Africa batter

Gayakwad to Lee, 1 run

length outside off and spinning away. Sweeps it from there towards deep square leg

Gayakwad to Lee, no run

fuller around off, comes forward and blocks

Gayakwad to Bosch, 1 run

tossed up outside off, slog sweeps it towards deep midwicket

28 required from 24 now

end of over 4610 runs
SA-W: 221/4CRR: 4.80 RRR: 7.00
Lizelle Lee131 (129b 16x4 2x6)
Anneke Bosch15 (27b 1x4)
Harmanpreet Kaur 4-0-26-0
Deepti Sharma 9-2-39-1
Kaur to Lee, FOUR runs

fuller on the leg and clipped fine. Beats Jhulan on her right at short fine leg. India paying a heavy price for bowling on the pads with the fine leg inside the circle

Kaur to Lee, FOUR runs

length ball on the stumps, goes down on one knee and slaps it behind square leg for four

Kaur to Bosch, 1 run

length ball on the pads, flicked towards deep square leg

Kaur to Bosch, no run

short of length outside off, struck well but straight to the cover fielder

Kaur to Bosch, no run

down the leg side, tries to hit it fine but misses. Rolls towards short fine leg off the pads

Kaur to Lee, 1 run

length outside off, punched towards cover where a fumble allows a run

38 required from 30 balls. Harmanpreet comes on to bowl now. Lee's the key for South Africa

end of over 457 runs
SA-W: 211/4CRR: 4.68 RRR: 7.60
Anneke Bosch14 (24b 1x4)
Lizelle Lee122 (126b 14x4 2x6)
Deepti Sharma 9-2-39-1
Poonam Yadav 10-0-51-0
Sharma to Bosch, no run

length outside off, looks to steer it fine but gets beaten

The groundstaff are ready with the covers

Sharma to Lee, 1 run

fuller on the stumps, pushes it towards long-on

Sharma to Lee, FOUR runs

fuller and quicker down the leg side. Lee swipes across and gets some bat on it to send it between the keeper and short fine leg. This is now Lee's highest score in ODIs

Sharma to Bosch, 1 run

fuller on the stumps, flicked towards deep square leg

Sharma to Bosch, no run

length outside off, steers it towards backward point

Sharma to Lee, 1 run

fuller on the stumps, turns it towards square leg

end of over 448 runs
SA-W: 204/4CRR: 4.63 RRR: 7.50
Lizelle Lee116 (123b 13x4 2x6)
Anneke Bosch13 (21b 1x4)
Poonam Yadav 10-0-51-0
Deepti Sharma 8-2-32-1

A bit of drizzle now and the umpires are having a chat. Mithali has a paper in her hand, I think that's DLS chart. And South Africa are ahead by five runs as per that but we will continue for now

Poonam to Lee, 1 run

shorter in length, pulled towards deep square leg

Poonam to Lee, SIX runs

charges down the track and smashes it wide of long-on, all the way for a six to break the required rate down

Poonam to Lee, no run

another full toss, down the leg side. Lee paddles it fine but straight towards Jhulan, who makes a partial stop, lettng the ball go through her legs but that partial stop is good enough to prevent any runs

Poonam to Bosch, 1 run

a full toss this time, sweeps it towards deep midwicket

Poonam to Bosch, no run

uses her feet but Poonam shortens her length, pushed back towards the bowler

Match details
Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow
TossSouth Africa Women, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultSouth Africa Women led the 5-match series 2-1
Match numberWODI no. 1192
Match days12 March 2021 - day (50-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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