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Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, 2nd test at Karachi, Dec 19 2019, Sri Lanka tour of Pakistan [Dec 2019]

2nd test, Karachi, December 19 - 23, 2019, Sri Lanka tour of Pakistan [Dec 2019]
191 & 555/3d
(T:476) 271 & 212

Pakistan won by 263 runs

Player Of The Match
38 & 174
Player Of The Series
321 runs
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Scores: M Venkat Raghav | Comms: Ankur Dhawan
Scorecard summary
Pakistan 191/10(59.3 overs)
63 (126)
4/49 (18)
60 (96)
4/71 (20.3)
Sri Lanka 271/10(85.5 overs)
Pakistan 555/3(131 overs)
174 (281)
2/139 (29)
135 (198)
Sri Lanka 212/10(62.5 overs)
102 (180)
5/31 (12.5)

Pakistan players pose with the Trophy. This is not just a celebration of their win here, but a celebration of Test cricket returning to the country, as many have said before me. That's all from us, folks. It was great to have your company through this Test match and series. This is Ankur Dhawan, signing off on behalf of Hemant Brar and Venkat Raghav.

Presentation time

Azhar Ali: Definitely needed that performance. Special thanks to Sri Lanka from the bottom of our hearts, they have given us immense happiness by playing in Pakistan. Some special players in this dressing room, it had been a tough year in Test cricket for us, it was an emotional moment returning home to play. So much talent in these youngsters, experience will come with time, they are the best bowlers in Pakistan and we should back them. Special effort from the pacers to have brought us back after 191 allout. The stand between Abid Ali and Shan Masood took the game away from Sri Lanka, can't emphasize that enough. Runs were long overdue for me, I hope I can carry on from here. Big advantage to be playing at home, we can take confidence from our performances here and take them overseas when we travel.

Dimuth Karunaratene: We dominated the first two days and then they batted very well and put pressure back on us and outplayed us. We couldn't build pressure with the ball after taking a lead of 80, they were scoring too freely. Oshada, Dhananjaya and Kumara were the takeaways from the series.The security we were given was outstanding and we'd love to come back and play here

Abid Ali is the man of the match and the man of the series: All the hard work at domestic level has been rewarded. A home Test series after ten years, could not have been more proud. I keep working hard, keep believing in myself and remaining positive. Of course there was pressure but we approached it positively with help from the team management and thanks to the crowd that turned up to support us.

Ali Ahad: "Babar for man of the series ... His first in test ... Please make that happen" Abid Ali, if you ask me

Sulaiman Ijaz: "I guess my comparison to Pak-India 2006, which you published on day 2, wasn't wishful thinking. (Thanks for publishing btw). First innings parity - CHECK. Team batting third runs up monstrous total in placid conditions - CHECK. Skillful bowling and scoreboard pressure in fourth innings - CHECK. Great win!"

Nabeel: "Last 4 SL wickets fell without adding a single run to total!"

Shan Masood: After Adelaide we were honest with ourselves about our approach to cricket. We said if we want to win Tests we need collective performances and not just individual brilliance and if you see here, four batsmen got hundreds and two bowlers took five-fors. I think it reflected In our game, it was an unknown for us to play at home, started with the last day in Pindi with the massive crowd there, we didn't start well here but Shaheen's five-for brought us back and we got past the initial nervousness. Abid and I have played a lot together, it's pretty easy when you bat with someone familiar. Guys are eager to get back home, we have all been away since the start of the domestic season, it'll be nice to get to the families for the boys before the Bangladesh series. We'll enjoy this win, but it's Test cricket, we can't take anything for granted.

Waqar: When we played here it was a different ball game because we used to play a home, this was the return of cricket to Pakistan and a very emotional victory. We always had this feeling that it can finish very quickly. I still feel it's early days for Naseem, the five-for will take him a long way, people who have worked with him at different levels deserve credit, glad with Shaheen's performance and that Abbas is back. Of course we want to play more Tests at home, guys feel great playing at home. Home is home, playing in front of your own people is a very different feeling, and also shows Pakistan is a safe place to play cricket.

Remarkable turnaround after being bundled out for 191 in the first innings. Pakistan have walloped Sri Lanka by 263 runs and virtually an entire day to spare, stuff fantasy fiction novels are made of when you consider their position on day one and their recent form. On a pitch that turned pretty placid, exemplified by the four centuries in Pakistan's second innings, the bowlers were relentless, aided by scoreboard pressure and some loose strokes from the visiting batsmen. Maiden five-for Naseem to go with Shaheen Afridi's five-for in the first. Back to the drawing board for Sri Lanka who had arguably entered the series as marginal favourites, and played like that for the first two days of this Test, before wilting under the weight of runs in the second innings. Pakistan will hope to build on this, with Azhar Ali finally making a hundred and registering his first Test win as captain. But Abid Ali, with two centuries, the one here laying the cornerstone for this win, was their incontestable takeaway from the series. Pakistan climb to No.3 on the WTC points table .

Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, OUT

that's full and straight, five for Naseem and victory for Pakistan, that was an inch perfect yoker on middle stump and seemed to have a hint of away tail as it struck him on the boot right in front of the stumps! He reviews it in hope more than anything, but three reds means the decision stands and Naseem becomes the youngest pacer to pick up a five-for in Tests.

Vishwa Fernando lbw b Naseem Shah 0 (9b 0x4 0x6 14m) SR: 0
Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, no run

full and outside off, he wants this to be straighter to take the edge or miss it and crash into the stumps

Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, no run

full outside off, hangs his bat out but is nowhere near that

Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, no run

almost, length around off, eludes the outside edge and the top of off stump by a whisker,

Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, no run

length and into the body, he's all squared up and takes a blow to the thigh as he can't make contact with the bat

Naseem's chance to get a maiden Test five-for

end of over 62Wicket maiden
SL: 212/9CRR: 3.41 
Lahiru Kumara0 (1b)
Vishwa Fernando0 (4b)
Yasir Shah 20-3-84-2
Naseem Shah 12-4-31-4
Yasir Shah to Lahiru Kumara, no run

full around middle and leg, pretty flat, and defended

Yasir Shah to Fernando, OUT

length around off, he has used the dab to good effect, but this time he only manages to guide it to Shafiq at slip, Pakistan one away. Great knock, though, hundred in very trying circumstances.

Oshada Fernando c Asad Shafiq b Yasir Shah 102 (180b 13x4 0x6 277m) SR: 56.66
Yasir Shah to Fernando, no run
Yasir Shah to Fernando, no run

that's an absolute ripper, length around leg stump, spins viciously away from the outside edge, too good a ball for the nick

Yasir Shah to Fernando, no run

full on off, pushed to long-off

Yasir Shah to Fernando, no run

tossed up around off, beats the outside edge as he presses forward

end of over 61Wicket maiden
SL: 212/8CRR: 3.47 
Vishwa Fernando0 (4b)
Oshada Fernando102 (175b 13x4)
Naseem Shah 12-4-31-4
Shaheen Shah Afridi 14-3-51-1
Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, no run

length outside off, plays inside the line as the ball goes through to the keeper at waist height

Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, no run

length outside off, he has a poke with his hands hanging back in the crease again, it's almost a reflext action that the hands follow the ball, searching for it, beaten

Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, no run

short again, this one's outside off, doesn't rise as much, left alone

Naseem Shah to Vishwa Fernando, no run

goes length, fast and straight, the batsman was hanging back expectiong a short one, just brings his bat down and keeps Naseem at bay

packed cordon and two short legs

Naseem Shah to Embuldeniya, OUT

short and nasty, almost unfair that the No.9 Embuldeniya has to deal with that, he takes his eyes off the ball and but is unable to get his hands out of the way, almost as though trying to protect himself, the ball seemingly kisses the glove on the way to the keeper but the umpire is unmoved. Pakistan take the review and it's a good one, Naseem Shah is on a hat-trick

Lasith Embuldeniya c †Mohammad Rizwan b Naseem Shah 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 2m) SR: 0

Niroshan Dickwella: I got beaten two deliveries and thought that's not the way to play here and that I need to attack. I am hundred percent confident playing the reverse sweep, it's like how someone plays a cover drive, it is my strength. Pakistan have got the basics right with the ball, and they have done it repeatedly, and we couldn't do that with the ball.

Yasir Zeb: "How the semi finals will be played in this test championship? Or the top two teams will paly the final automatically? " Yup, top two play the final

"Imran Khan is prime minister. Wasim Akram is on half the TV ads. But who now has the heart of Pakistan?" Andrew Fidel Fernando will have your heart after you read this.

Syed: "After this win (if they do as you never know with the unpredictable Pak) where will Pak stand on the points table? " They will overtake New Zealand, for the moment at least. Here's the table as things stand.

Ali: "Good morning. When Naseem Shah got wicket on the first delivery of final over yesterday why Pakistan didn't had privilege of asking for another half an hour ? Srilanka's tail was exposed ? Please answer that " That's only after 8 or 9 wickets, not 7. Besides, the light could not have been good enough. Also, they were already into the extra half an hour to complete the stipulated overs in the day.

9.30am: Hello and welcome to the final day of the Test and the series. I am Ankur Dhawan and if the match lasts longer than an hour, I'll be joined by Hemant Brar to bring you all the action. After fortunes fluctuated for the first two days of the Test, Pakistan seized control on the third and have since tightened their grip. They now stand on the brink of a Test win at home, with only Oshada Fernando, the Sri Lanka opener, standing in their way, unbeaten on 102, his maiden Test century. Naseem Shah, meanwhile, has a maiden Test five-for in sight.

Sri Lanka live to fight another day, only just. And that's thanks largely to Oshada Fernando who fought valiantly, showing solid defence combined with attractive strokeplay, to finish unbeaten on 102, his maiden Test hundred. He was ably supported by Niroshan Dickwella, who enjoyed a bit of luck but fell to a reverse sweep that wasn't on in the dying stages of the final session for 65. His wicket has seemingly opened the floodgates as Pakistan have removed Dilruwan Perera off what turned out to be the last ball of the day from Naseem Shah. Naseem was the pick of the bowlers with three, the other two seamers picked up a wicket each and Yasir Shah and Haris Sohail also chipped in with one wicket each. Pakistan are just three wickets away from taking this Test and the series. That's all from us today, folks. Hope you enjoyed our coverage and hope to see tomorrow.

Naseem Shah to Perera, OUT

what an end to the day for Pakistan! It was full and fast outside off, Perera went for an airy-fairy drive and nicked it to the keeper Rizwan who has taken much tougher catches than this dolly through this innings, forgettable end to the day for Sri Lanka, Pakistan are cock-a-hoop

Dilruwan Perera c †Mohammad Rizwan b Naseem Shah 5 (8b 1x4 0x6 16m) SR: 62.5
end of over 606 runs
SL: 212/6CRR: 3.53 
Oshada Fernando102 (175b 13x4)
Dilruwan Perera5 (7b 1x4)
Shaheen Shah Afridi 14-3-51-1
Naseem Shah 11-3-31-2
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Fernando, no run

has a little flirt and is beaten outside off! It was angled in from around the wicket and shaped away as he pressed forward to defend

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Fernando, no run

length outside off, left alone

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Fernando, 2 runs

length on the pads, tucked away through square leg for two

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
Abid Ali
174 runs (281)
21 fours1 six
Productive shot
cover drive
48 runs
6 fours0 six
Shan Masood
135 runs (198)
7 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
44 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
Naseem Shah
Shaheen Shah Afridi
Match details
National Stadium, Karachi
TossPakistan, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultPakistan won the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 2375
Hours of play (local time)10.00 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days19,20,21,22,23 December 2019 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsPakistan 60, Sri Lanka 0
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