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2nd T20I (N), Melbourne, January 28, 2013, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
(15/15 ov, T:122) 119/3

Sri Lanka won by 2 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
35* (15) & 1/25
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end of over 1515 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 119/3CRR: 7.93 
Glenn Maxwell8 (3b 2x4)
Shaun Marsh47 (40b 2x4 2x6)
Thisara Perera 3-0-25-1
Lasith Malinga 3-0-26-0

That's about it for our coverage for this cracker of a match. Glad you could be with us. So Sri Lanka finally have something to take away from the tour, even if it was just in the Twenty20s. Until next time, ciao!

Anthony: "Sri Lanka took 33 minutes to bowl the final 5 overs. That's not good enough. We could have fitted in eight overs during that time. I presume the captain will be punished for extemely slow over rates." They certainly did take their time, particularly in that final over - which is what sparked the heated discussion I think. But the players (on both sides) will be lucky if Mathews is the only one who cops a fine methinks. Perera seemed to have given Maxwell a send off after that last ball as well, so he might be docked a percentage of his fees.

In the end, you've got to say Sri Lanka deserved to take it out. The D/L recalculation made things a touch tougher for them, but they gritted it out well, even with a damp ball. A valiant effort from Marsh and Bailey, but Australia just gave away too much ground in the early overs.

Thisara Perera has been adjudged man of the match for his 35 off 15 and 1 for 25 from three overs.

Tempers are really flaring here. Looks like Maxwell is riled up about the extra time that Sri Lanka took before the final ball, and there are about four or five Sri Lankan players who are right in there, arguing animatedly with him. That's about as irate as I have ever seen Mahela, and Dilshan seems pretty worked up as well. Matthew Wade getting some words in, having come onto the field from the dugout. Bailey comes in and plays peacemaker. I suspect we will be hearing more about that.

Perera to Maxwell, 1 bye

swing and a miss! Sri Lanka sneak through! The ball was there for Maxwell. Wide again, and slightly overpitched, but he makes room and misses it this time. Chandimal collects cleanly and runs forward jubilantly.

Perera's under huge pressure here. Sri Lanka deep in a 5-man conference. The vacant area is still behind point.

Perera to Maxwell, FOUR runs

another one. Full toss outside off stump again, and that's carved over point for a second time. The crowd is going nuts at the MCG. What a super hand from Maxwell.

Perera to Maxwell, FOUR runs

full outside off stump, Maxwell gets low and slices it over point for four. Australia are still in it. Great shot first up.

Perera to Marsh, 1 run

yorker on leg stump, Marsh can't get hold of it. Dribbles back to Perera on the pitch. He shies at the stumps, but Australia decide against the overthrow

Perera to Marsh, (no ball) 2 runs

waist-high full toss, and that is hit almost all the way. Kulasekara takes it on the boundary, but has to let it go lest he fall over the boundary. It's a no-ball, so there's still four balls remaining, and an extra run.

Perera to Bailey, OUT

oh dear, Bailey. It was a low full toss on the stumps, but Bailey couldn't get enough on it and it sails to Kushal Perera at deep midwicket. That has swung the match significantly towards Sri Lanka.

George Bailey c MDKJ Perera b NLTC Perera 45 (36b 4x4 0x6 48m) SR: 125
Perera to Bailey, 2 runs

full and outside off stump, hit into a gap on the packed offside field and they just scamper two

Perera to finish here. He needs to restrict Australia to less than 17 in the over to get his side over the line. Australia need 18 to level the series.

end of over 1416 runs
AUS: 104/2CRR: 7.42 RRR: 18.00
Shaun Marsh44 (38b 2x4 2x6)
George Bailey43 (34b 4x4)
Lasith Malinga 3-0-26-0
Nuwan Kulasekara 3-0-18-1
Malinga to Marsh, FOUR runs

what a shot! Best of the day there! Malinga overpitches again, and Marsh backs away to drive that hard to the cover fence. Hit it into the square, and it bounced over the cover fielder. Australia have a sniff here.

Malinga to Bailey, 1 run

Bailey sets himself for another scoop, but Malinga goes really wide this time, almost pitching it off the cut strip. Bailey can only get an inside edge and the scramble one

Malinga to Bailey, 2 runs

full and wide of the off stump, Bailey drives that just wide of the cover sweeper and there is time for two, particularly as the return is no good

Malinga to Bailey, FOUR runs

four more! Malinga misses his length by a foot and a half. Bailey picks that up from deep in the crease and lofts it over square leg for four.

Malinga to Bailey, FOUR runs

beautifully played Bailey. You sensed it was coming. He moves towards the off side and plays the over the shoulder scoop. Absolutely middles it. Pressure on Malinga now.

Malinga to Marsh, 1 run

wide yorker, hit straight to the cover sweeper. Just one there.

34 from 12 balls required. Malinga in to deliver his last here. Make it or break it time.

end of over 139 runs
AUS: 88/2CRR: 6.76 RRR: 17.00
Shaun Marsh39 (36b 1x4 2x6)
George Bailey32 (30b 2x4)
Nuwan Kulasekara 3-0-18-1
Thisara Perera 2-0-11-0
Kulasekara to Marsh, 1 run

yorker again. just outside off stump. Marsh can only dig that out to stump. Kulasekara has recovered well after a poor start.

Kulasekara to Marsh, no run

yorker just outside off stump. Marsh can't connect with a big swing

Kulasekara to Bailey, 1 run

Bailey moves across the stumps again, but it's up near the blockhole and he can only hit it to long on

Kulasekara to Marsh, 1 run

full and on the stumps, drilled to long off

Kulasekara to Bailey, 1 run

full and just outside off, drilled to long on

Kulasekara to Bailey, 1 wide

pushes that wide on the off side

Kulasekara to Bailey, FOUR runs

hey-o. Great strike. Way outside off stump, and it's overpitched. Bailey lofts that back past the bowler for four.

One good over from either side could completely change the complexion of the chase here. Kulasekara gets the 13th.

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