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Australia vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test at Melbourne, , Dec 26 2012 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test, Melbourne, December 26 - 28, 2012, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
156 & 103

Australia won by an innings and 201 runs

Player Of The Match
4/63, 92* & 2/16
SL 2nd Innings
Full commentary

Presentation: Mitchell Johnson is the Man of the Match: "I was seeing the ball well out there and really enjoying my batting. I just focused on playing each ball on its merits. My bowling is coming together as well and the short ball is going well. The time that I've had out of the game has been really good for me, and now that I'm back playing, I'm just trying to be as consistent as possible."

Mahela: "This is the most disappointing day of the tour for us. Winning the toss and batting first you expect to put a big total on the board, but we lost wickets up front and were behind from day one. We had chances to get back in the game in the field as well and didn't take them."

Unfortunately we cannot get you Clarke's quotes. Of course, we will have videos of the press conferences over the next couple of hours. There's lots yet to read about this match from our team at MCG.

Kasun Anuradha picks his replacements: "Only positive came through this defeat is we could see young men playing the next test. Perera,Chandimal and hopefully Lahiru or Angelo Perera will play."

That's it from us here. Painful Friday morning for Sri Lankan supporters. Hopefully the new year will bring better luck. Thanks for your company. Cheers!

End of match: Australia have been clinical in this Test and hats off to them. Shrugged off the series loss against SA and they are all smiling again. The fast bowler rotation didn't bite them in the back with Johnson taking 6 and nearly scoring a century. Watson made runs too and Bird had an impressive debut. When Johnson's hurting them, he's deadlier than ever.

SL have at least three injured men who may not take part at the SCG. This reminds us of the 1975 World Cup when Jeff Thomson sent five Sri Lankans to hospital. What's worse is that even Sangakkara is injured. Wholesale changes for the next Test.

I think Sri Lanka's best chance of winning is if they can somehow simulate Galle at the SCG - model fort ramparts and ocean noises in the background. Can't think of anything else.

Siddle to Eranga, OUT

and it's all over! The injured men won't come out to bat. Australia have claimed the series with one dead rubber to play. This was short on the body, Eranga couldn't fend it off properly, lobs off the handle to Cowan at short leg. Two men are absent hurt, Sanga won't bat, and Australia have wrapped this up in two and a half days.

Shaminda Eranga c Cowan b Siddle 0 (4b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 0
Siddle to Herath, 1 run

short ball outside off and he jabs it to the off side

end of over 2412 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 102/6CRR: 4.25 
Shaminda Eranga0 (3b)
Rangana Herath10 (16b 1x4)
Nathan Lyon 2-0-16-1
Peter Siddle 5-0-31-0

Uzair: "Thisarra Perera should be one of the replacements. He is already in Australia playing Big Bash."

Lyon to Eranga, no run

spins back in and he defends

Lyon to Eranga, no run

comes well forward and defends

Lyon to Eranga, no run

tossed up and he comes forward and defends

Adrian Meredith thinks out of the box, regarding replacements: "Chaminda Vaas, Sanath Jayasuriya and Hashan Tillekeratne I reckon. Oh sure they are old but they aren't doing anything."

Lyon to Prasad, OUT

goes for the hat-trick of sixes and it doesn't come off! Anything but. Tossed up and he goes down the track and gets a top edge that lands down Warner's throat at cover

Dhammika Prasad c Hughes b Lyon 17 (17b 0x4 2x6 37m) SR: 100
Lyon to Prasad, SIX runs

make that two in two! Tossed up and he charges down the track and clears long-off this time, clean!

Lyon to Prasad, SIX runs

Prasad has some fun against the off spinner, tossed up and he gives the charge and lofts cleanly over wide long-on

end of over 236 runs
SL: 90/5CRR: 3.91 
Rangana Herath10 (16b 1x4)
Dhammika Prasad5 (14b)
Peter Siddle 5-0-31-0
Nathan Lyon 1-0-4-0
Siddle to Herath, no run
Siddle to Herath, no run

goes for another pull, he fails to make contact

Siddle to Herath, 2 runs

little short again and he swivels and pulls to the deep in front of square this time

Siddle to Herath, FOUR runs

gets some wood on it this time! Short again and down the leg side and he swivels and hooks to fine leg

Siddle to Herath, no run

tries to play a short arm pull, not in control of it, ends up dragging it to short leg

Siddle to Herath, no run

short of a length outside off and he chooses to leave it alone

end of over 224 runs
SL: 84/5CRR: 3.81 
Dhammika Prasad5 (14b)
Rangana Herath4 (10b)
Nathan Lyon 1-0-4-0
Mitchell Johnson 8-0-16-2

Sri: "Looks like what many Sri Lankans have been clamoring for will come true: Dinesh Chandimal should play in the next test as keeper-batsman."

Lyon to Prasad, no run

tossed up and he stays back and defends

Lyon to Prasad, 2 runs

chips down the track and tries to launch him straight and ends up getting an outside edge that drops safely at short third man

Lyon to Prasad, no run

stays back and defends with soft hands

Lyon to Herath, 1 run

tucks it away down to square leg for a single

Lyon to Herath, no run

flatter delivery and he defends

Lyon to Prasad, 1 run

chips down the track and he heaves him wide of midwicket

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