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England vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test at Nottingham, , Jun 02 2006 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd Test, Nottingham, June 02 - 05, 2006, Sri Lanka tour of England
231 & 322
(T:325) 229 & 190

Sri Lanka won by 134 runs

ENG 2nd Innings
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What an effort from Sri Lanka and Muralitharan, at the start of the day they would thought that they were in with a chance, but quick wickets and an 84-run partnership at the top of the innings may have raised some doubts. That was until Murali struck. 8 for 70 he finished with, and was the hero of the final innings. A shared series when all seemed to be lost, a great come back and shows a team of a lot of courage. Well played Sri Lanka!

We thank you for your attendance and hope that you will be back for future Tests.

Arun will be with you in a few moments with some facts and figures about this Test match.

From Keith and Gautham, thanks and goodnight!

Thanks Keith, its time for some statistics again - and what better than some numbers about Muralitharan. 8 for 70 - that was Murali's return in England's second innings - at one point of time, before Kapugedera scored a direct hit to run out Hoggard, Muralitharan had a chance of getting a perfect 10 - a feat only Jim Laker and Anil Kumble have achieved in test history previously.

Cricinfo Stat fact: Muralitharan's 8 for 70 is the best ever bowling performance at the Trent Bridge, Nottingham. He betters the performance of .... surprise.. surprise .. another spinner .. the legendary Bernard Bosanquet .. who used his leg breaks and googlies to good effect - they fetched him 8 wickets for 107 runs against Australia in 1905.

Murali's performance today, apart from being the best bowling performance by any kind of bowler at Trent Bridge, also wins him the Man-of-the-Match award.

We hope you have enjoyed following this test match, and indeed the entire series here on

We look forward to your company in times to come.

A word before we wind up, Kevin Pietersen and Muthiah Muralitharan have been chosen as the Players of the Series by Tom Moody and Duncan Fletcher respectively.

Have a good day, Cheers and see you soon!

Jayasuriya to Panesar, OUT

ALL OVER, flighted again, on line, Monty goes down on the one knee to play the sweep, beats the bat, not the pad, appeals all round, Hair agrees, and that is that.

Monty Panesar lbw b Jayasuriya 26 (28b 3x4 1x6 27m) SR: 92.85
Jayasuriya to Panesar, no run

flighted up on the off, gets well forward and defends well down the pitch

Jayasuriya to Panesar, no run

arm ball, pitches outside off, holds the line, left alone

Jayasuriya to Panesar, no run

flighted outside off, big swing and a miss, some turn, but wide of the off stump

Jayasuriya to Plunkett, 1 run

Sanath back on, touch short, back, in the air but played safely to wide mid-on

end of over 6814 runs
ENG: 189/9CRR: 2.77 
Liam Plunkett21 (46b 3x4)
Monty Panesar26 (24b 3x4 1x6)
Muthiah Muralidaran 30-10-70-8
Lasith Malinga 7-0-24-0
Murali to Plunkett, 1 run

driven to long-on

Murali to Panesar, 1 run

swept away to deep square leg

Murali to Panesar, SIX runs

Max! What a shot! tossed up on the leg stump, Panesar goes down on one knee and sweeps superbly high and over square leg fence, crowd going mad here!

Murali to Panesar, no run
Murali to Panesar, 2 byes

tossed up outside off stump, batsman tries to heave it across, misses and Sangakkara fails to collect, 2 runs taken

Murali to Panesar, FOUR runs

flighted and fuller in length on the leg stump, batsman goes down on one knee and sweeps it over square leg, one bounce into the fence

end of over 674 runs
ENG: 175/9CRR: 2.61 
Liam Plunkett20 (45b 3x4)
Monty Panesar15 (19b 2x4)
Lasith Malinga 7-0-24-0
Muthiah Muralidaran 29-10-58-8
Malinga to Plunkett, no run

short ball on the off stump, batsman looks to pull and gets on the body

Malinga to Panesar, 3 runs

on the pads, Panesar moves back and flicks it away beautifully through mid-wicket, ball doesnt take it to the fence and they complete 3 runs

over the wicket

Malinga to Panesar, no run

one more yorker outside off stump, batsman defends it away to point

Malinga to Panesar, no run

yorker length ball on the stumps, batsman keeps it out

Malinga to Panesar, no run

defended to offside

round the wicket

Malinga to Plunkett, 1 run

fuller length ball on the off stump, pushed back to the bowler, Malinga tries to glide onto the stumps and they take a single

end of over 662 runs
ENG: 171/9CRR: 2.59 
Monty Panesar12 (15b 2x4)
Liam Plunkett19 (43b 3x4)
Muthiah Muralidaran 29-10-58-8
Lasith Malinga 6-0-20-0
Murali to Panesar, no run

tossed up around the off stump, batsman beaten again

Murali to Panesar, no run

flighted ball outside off stump, batsman tries to heave over mid-wicket and gets beaten

Murali to Panesar, no run
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