2nd Test, Hamilton, December 18 - 21, 2015, Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand
292 & 133
(T:189) 237 & 189/5

New Zealand won by 5 wickets

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So New Zealand collect the Trophy and extend their unbeaten streak to 13 Tests, equalling their longest in Test cricket. That's all we have for you. Thanks for your company, On behalf of Vishal Dikshit and Sanjay Murari, this is Alagappan Muthu saying get off the computer and go have a ball!

"Hard fought, the improvement from Sri Lanka was pretty obvious. We said they had an underrated bowling line up and this Test showed that. Thankfully for us we were able to withstand it from an innings of sheer quality from the king," Brendon McCullum says. "Really good achievement for us, from the bowlers as well. Bizzare day yesterday. Short pitched bowling became a weapon on a pitch with plenty of pace and bounce. At times some of the shots weren't good, but it was the result of the pressure put on by both bowling line-ups. I think the guys have got better and better as the season got on. We were short of a gallop in Australia, but our bowling group is world class. Just about making sure we can bowl in partnerships and do well. Tim's great, Doug has done really well, Trent and Wags have combined really well as well"

"I thought we had a chance, we made a mockery out of our batting in the second innings," Angelo Mathews says. "The character the boys showed, specially Dushmatha Chameera was simply amazing. When you travel overseas and play in different conditions, you have to learn quickly. Credit to Black Caps, we put them under a lot of pressure on the first two days. There is talent in our side, its a young side"

Williamson is Man of the Match, of course. "Was an interesting surface, Sri Lanka bowlers put us under a lot of pressure and we learned from them. Its important to come up with a clear gameplan that you can stick to. Slightly different style of day. Lot of credit to our bowlers, specially taking 20 wickets in Dunedin. Credit to Sri Lanka as well for bouncing back. It is always a little green here, it's needed to last the duration of five days. It was unique in that it had a little more bounce, steepling bounce which is why the short-ball theory was used by both teams. But if you looked to play yourself in, it's good as well. I think I speak on behalf of most international cricketers that you don't really look at years. You just look at the next tour, adapt and contribute to the team performance. Very difficult to look at those things"

Handshakes all around after four wildly eventful match. The New Zealand team pile out onto the field to hug their little master. Had some trouble with his right knee during this Test, but that did not trouble him at all. The most assured innings in a match that batsmen saw the short ball like it was the grim reaper. So, most runs for a NZer in a Test year, and most centuries for a NZer in a calendar year. More to the point, he might well break Martin Crowe's record next year. Kane Williamson, 25, World beater.

Gus: "espncricinfo has KW averaging 103.63 for tests in 2015? Even better... " ---- Nooooot quite, but it is still an astounding figure.

But spare a thought for Sri Lanka. They had claimed a sizeable first innings lead. Then their opening stand made it better, but the nail in their coffin happened immediately after that. Ten wickets lost for 62 runs in 13.5 overs. Not even the fast, slingy and hugely impressive Dushmantha Chameera - nine wickets in the match - could help compensate for that. So it is that Sri Lanka have only two wins in New Zealand since 1983. Chaminda Vaas' heroics way back when, Kumar Sangakkara's double-century at the start of the year, and yet every Test nation other than Zimbabwe and Bangladesh have fated better than them in this country.

Cookie Monster: "Bowled his heart out and almost, single-handedly, won the match for SL. Only 23 - can only get better. #PoorChameera #NZvSL"

Siriwardana to Watling, 1 run

that's it! BJ gets the winning runs off a sweep and Williamson keeps his average above 90, how's that for a Christmas present.

Siriwardana to Watling, no run

tossed up on off stump, defended

Siriwardana to Williamson, 1 run

is that it? Will Williamson get the winning runs? Little lap sweep to long leg and the fielder is too quick

end of over 545 runs
NZ: 187/5CRR: 3.46 
BJ Watling12 (34)
Kane Williamson107 (163)
Rangana Herath 11-0-48-0
Milinda Siriwardana 1-0-3-0
Herath to Watling, no run

that's the slider. Watling went back for a cut, could have been dicey, but he manages to push it to cover

Herath to Watling, FOUR runs

thumped to the deep square leg boundary! New Zealand need only two more! Saw the flight, took advantage of it and hit the ball miles in front of square

Herath to Watling, no run

another quicker, flatter ball on middle, easily handled

Herath to Watling, no run

keeps a good length ball on the stumps out

Herath to Williamson, 1 run

goes back and pats the ball through the covers

Herath to Williamson, no run

pushed to mid-on

end of over 533 runs
NZ: 182/5CRR: 3.43 
BJ Watling8 (30)
Kane Williamson106 (161)
Milinda Siriwardana 1-0-3-0
Rangana Herath 10-0-43-0
Siriwardana to Watling, no run

how was that? Nope, just turned all its way to first slip! Watling was sucked into an expansive cover drive, but the ball dips, hits the footmarks and turns wildly past the wicketkeeper and to Mathews at first slip!

Siriwardana to Watling, 2 runs

fired in down leg, Watling jumps back and outside off and pulls it to long leg. Couple of runs nicely constructed

Siriwardana to Watling, no run

goes back to a flatter delivery outside off, defended

Siriwardana to Williamson, 1 run

swept away to long leg, nice, strong stride again

Siriwardana to Williamson, no run

that time he lunges forward and smothered the spin on off stump

Siriwardana to Williamson, no run

a hint of turn, as he slows it up and gets the length right. Does not allow Williamson to reach it on the half-volley and that is why he has to adjust and play with an open face

end of over 524 runs
NZ: 179/5CRR: 3.44 
BJ Watling6 (27)
Kane Williamson105 (158)
Rangana Herath 10-0-43-0
Nuwan Pradeep 12-1-43-0

Nathan: "Kane might be rested from the start of the ODIs if his knee is bad enough" ---- He's not looked in any discomfort today though. Yesterday he was hobbling all over the place. Not that it affected him from looking so solid

Herath to Watling, no run

flighted on off stump, defended

Herath to Watling, no run

pushed through on off stump, tapped to short cover

Herath to Watling, FOUR runs

leaps outside his crease and hacks his way to his first boundary. Looked towards long-on, ends up with a four over midwicket. Off the inside half of the bat

Herath to Watling, no run

flighted outside off, Watling reaches out to block it

Herath to Watling, no run

fuller and angled into the pads, clipped to midwicket

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