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ENG Women vs SL Women, 2nd T20I at Chelmsford, ENG-W v SL-W, Sep 02 2023 - Match Result

2nd T20I, Chelmsford, September 02, 2023, Sri Lanka Women tour of England
(13.2/20 ov, T:105) 110/2

SL Women won by 8 wickets (with 40 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
55 (31) & 1/11
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Comms: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
England Women 104/10(18 overs)
Sri Lanka Women 110/2(13.2 overs)

5.15pm: Fortress Chelmsford has been breached - and it's nice to see some Lankan fans in the ground to celebrate with their team. Athapaththu has gone to pose for selfies and signs autographs - her stock is high ahead of tomorrow's WBBL draft - while England will retreat to the dressing room to lick their wounds, before regrouping for the T20I series decider in Derby on Wednesday. We'll be back for that, of course. Thanks for your company today, head over for the full story in Andrew Miller's report and then why not go and see whether it's still raining in Pallekele? Bye!

5.05pm: Time for the presentations, starting with England captain Heather Knight: "I think SL were outstanding, they came out and bowled much better than the other day, and Chamari came out and does what she does, be aggressive and take the game on. We're an inexperienced side and that showed a bit today, shows when you're off in international cricket you're going to get humbled. Lots to learn, but credit to SL. [Pitch] Bit two-paced, but still a good deck. Kept losing wickets and didn't find partnerships. Charlie Dean played an outstanding knock at the end and showed us how to play. Sometimes that's going to happen, we want girls to keep taking the game on. Some dismissals were a bit soft, mine included, so we need to be better at execution. [Defending small total?] Fight for every run, there was a bit in the wicket, cross-seam could potentially work but they played well, Chamari put the pressure on the bowlers and we missed a few. Disappointing but a lot to learn. [Wong] Been struggling for rhythm but she's had a few good sessions. Still has some work to do but she's got something we want to invest in for the future."

And Sri Lanka captain Chamari Athapaththu is unsurprisingly the Player of the Match: "Actually really happy with the team performance, I can mention my bowling unit, they did a really good job today because England is the No. 1 team in the world [but] we restricted them to 104 runs. It's not easy, so I'm really happy for the bowling performance and the batters did a really good job. Happy with my performance, want to continue for the next couple of games. [Improvement] We planned two things, we always trust our potential and skill. The dressing room talks about positive things, we never talk about negatives. We learned a lot from the last game and execute the right plan today. [Spin] First game was a bit hard, first time playing in that weather. Today was really good for us, we executed the right plans and especially the spinners were really good. The wicket was helpful, so finally we won [against England], that's really good for us. For myself and my team, this is a huge moment for women's cricket in Sri Lanka."

5pm: Sensational! Down and out in Hove, Sri Lanka have rebounded off the ropes to clothesline England at Chelmsford - handing them only their second defeat in 13 T20Is on the ground. Chamari Athapaththu won the toss, and asked for a better showing from her bowlers, and they duly delivered as England were skittled for 104, only squeezing past their lowest total in the format thanks to Charlie Dean's 34 off 26 balls. Athapaththu then set the tone with the bat, crunching a 26-ball fifty to ensure there would be no wobbles in the chase. A first bilateral ODI series win against NZ in July, a first T20I win, too, and now victory over England at one of their strongholds

Cross to Harshitha, SIX runs

clobbered over deep midwicket, what a way to seal it! Harshitha heaves across the line and then raises her arms. SL have demolished England here, beating them for the first time in T20Is

Cross to Harshitha, no run

keeper up, full outside off, punched into the covers

Cross returns, SL on the brink of a famous win

Qhubokuhle: "I would also argue that sticking with Issy at this point is more damaging to her confidence, since she is not finding her rhythm at all and at the end of it all she ends up not finishing her quota, which signifies a lack of confidence in her"

end of over 1312 runs
SL-W: 104/2CRR: 8.00 RRR: 0.14 • Need 1 from 42b
Vishmi Gunaratne18 (15b 4x4)
Harshitha Samarawickrama24 (33b 3x4)
Issy Wong 2-0-24-0
Alice Capsey 3-0-14-1
Wong to Gunaratne, no run

pitched up and driven to Bouchier patrolling in the covers

SL need just one to win

Wong to Gunaratne, FOUR runs

full and pinged down the ground! Lovely straight drive, textbook hitting in the V, beats mid-off and skitters away

Wong to Gunaratne, no run

driven into the covers, Harshitha wanted one but is sent back. Bouchier's throw ends up hitting the umpire...!

Wong to Gunaratne, no run

better line, 70mph/113kph and full on fifth stump, bunted into the off side

Wong to Gunaratne, FOUR runs

width again, carved to deep backward point! This one is short and slapped off the back foot

Wong to Gunaratne, FOUR runs

wide full toss, splatted through cover! Still not coming out right, she screams after release, as Gunaratne steps into a crisp drive

Wong is going to have another crack

end of over 126 runs
SL-W: 92/2CRR: 7.66 RRR: 1.62 • Need 13 from 48b
Harshitha Samarawickrama24 (33b 3x4)
Vishmi Gunaratne6 (9b 1x4)
Alice Capsey 3-0-14-1
Sarah Glenn 3-0-11-0
Capsey to Harshitha, no run

loopy full toss, Harshitha steps out find her drive finds a fielder

Capsey to Gunaratne, 1 run

nudged into the leg side

Capsey to Harshitha, 1 run

pushed through wide of the stumps, slapped to backward point where Glenn gets something on it

Capsey to Harshitha, no run

lobbed up and worked through mid-on

Capsey to Harshitha, FOUR runs

flat and wide of off, Harshitha opens her stance, slices a thick edge to the boundary at deep third! They all count

Capsey to Harshitha, no run

fired in straight, Harshitha pushes into the covers

Capsey for a third

end of over 115 runs
SL-W: 86/2CRR: 7.81 RRR: 2.11 • Need 19 from 54b
Vishmi Gunaratne5 (8b 1x4)
Harshitha Samarawickrama19 (28b 2x4)
Sarah Glenn 3-0-11-0
Alice Capsey 2-0-8-1
Glenn to Gunaratne, no run

skidding on outside off, chopped behind square

Glenn to Gunaratne, no run

tossed up and nudged to leg going back

Glenn to Gunaratne, no run

flighted leggie wide off, cut firmly but Wyatt intercepts at backward point

Glenn to Gunaratne, FOUR runs

beautifully done, lapped for four! Full on off and she gets across and stays low to paddle the ball away to fine leg

Glenn to Gunaratne, no run

over the wicket, tucked to leg

Glenn to Harshitha, 1 run

looped up from round the wicket, pulled with the spin through backward square leg

At the halfway stage of their chase, SL need... 24 off 60. So very doable!

Match details
County Ground, Chelmsford
TossSri Lanka Women, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series result3-match series level 1-1
Match numberWT20I no. 1582
Match days2 September 2023 - day (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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