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Cape Town, February 02 - 05, 2012, SuperSport Series
345 & 176/7

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
7/61 & 2/28
Knights 1st Innings
Cape Cobras 1st Innings
Knights 2nd Innings
Match Details
Knights 1st Innings 
Reeza Hendricks c †Boucher b Philander12424532019150.61
Michael Erlank lbw b Duminy2063873031.74
Rilee Rossouw not out 14436750315139.23
Boeta Dippenaar  b Philander217240011.76
Morne van Wyk (c)† b Philander17190014.28
Werner Coetsee  b Philander211110018.18
Ryan McLaren c Puttick b Philander429401013.79
Aubrey Swanepoel lbw b Philander19170011.11
Johan van der Wath c Simetu b van Zyl3266995048.48
Quinton Friend  b Philander01213000.00
Malusi Siboto lbw b Louw12639003.84
Extras(b 3, lb 2, nb 7, w 2)14
TOTAL140.5 Ov (RR: 2.44, 590 Mts)345
Fall of wickets: 1-42 (Michael Erlank, 21.1 ov), 2-220 (Reeza Hendricks, 82.2 ov), 3-229 (Boeta Dippenaar, 86.5 ov), 4-240 (Morne van Wyk, 90.1 ov), 5-246 (Werner Coetsee, 92.3 ov), 6-256 (Ryan McLaren, 102.1 ov), 7-260 (Aubrey Swanepoel, 106.1 ov), 8-328 (Johan van der Wath, 129.3 ov), 9-331 (Quinton Friend, 132.4 ov), 10-345 (Malusi Siboto, 140.5 ov)
Vernon Philander3276171.901688016
82.2 to RR Hendricks, no reprieve this time as the finer edge goes to the keeper and at long last the Cobras taste success.. 220/2
86.5 to HH Dippenaar, no shot offered, the ball snakes back (as you expect of a Cobras bowler) and rattles the timber. The Cobras claim their first bonus point.. 229/3
90.1 to MN van Wyk, another fatal error of judgement as he leaves a ball which just enough to clip the top of off stump. 240/4
92.3 to WL Coetsee, Philander is on fire as he rips through Coetsee's defences and the umpires must fix the furniture again. 246/5
102.1 to R McLaren, edged low to Puttick, he makes no mistake at first slip and Philander has a fifer. 256/6
106.1 to AR Swanepoel, full and straight, rapped on the pads. Umpire Cloete thinks a while and then raises the finger. 260/7
132.4 to Q Friend, playing off the back foot, it kept a bit low and the middle stump disappears. Philander's 7th wicket and unless he gives away a few more runs this will be a career best.. 331/9
Johann Louw27.5125111.831438010
140.5 to MP Siboto, goes round the wicket and hit in front, at last the Cobras have dismissed the visitors. 345/10
Johannes Bothma1628405.256316000
Jean-Paul Duminy32126011.871606000
21.1 to MN Erlank, on the sweep, this time Mr Knights does raise the finger. 42/1
Siya Simetu812503.12342100
Justin Ontong1604402.75713100
Stiaan van Zyl921511.66441001
129.3 to JJ van der Wath, the part-timer makes the breakthrough. Van der Der Wath drives but skies it to mid off, where Simetu has to take a step or two backwards. It hung in the air for a long time, but was safely held. 328/8
Cape Cobras 1st Innings 
Andrew Puttick c †van Wyk b Siboto2475912032.00
Stiaan van Zyl c †van Wyk b Siboto936532025.00
Justin Ontong c †van Wyk b van der Wath2559834042.37
Jean-Paul Duminy lbw b Friend10420224713051.48
Mark Boucher  b Friend13120835617062.98
Dane Vilas c Friend b McLaren44435370102.32
Justin Kemp (c)lbw b McLaren522320022.72
Vernon Philander lbw b McLaren011000.00
Johann Louw not out 10814719413373.46
Johannes Bothma lbw b McLaren231091092021.10
Siya Simetu not out 0717000.00
Extras(b 19, lb 11, nb 22, w 4)56
TOTAL147.5 Ov (RR: 3.57, 622 Mts)529/9d
Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Stiaan van Zyl, 13.1 ov), 2-49 (Andrew Puttick, 21.3 ov), 3-74 (Justin Ontong, 30.6 ov), 4-250 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 81.2 ov), 5-312 (Dane Vilas, 92.4 ov), 6-348 (Justin Kemp, 98.4 ov), 7-348 (Vernon Philander, 98.5 ov), 8-400 (Mark Boucher, 114.2 ov), 9-518 (Johannes Bothma, 144.5 ov)
Johan van der Wath25.387512.9411910000
30.6 to JL Ontong, tempted to play the hook, a little top edge and the keeper reaches up to take the catch. 74/3
Quinton Friend2247523.4010571110
81.2 to JP Duminy, Duminy goes to the first ball he faced after lunch as Friend makes the breakthrough with the new ball.. 250/4
114.2 to MV Boucher, moves in front of his off stump to play to leg, as he has been wont to do, but this one beats him and clips leg stump just three short of matching his career best score. 400/8
Werner Coetsee39511402.9216812100
Ryan McLaren23.218643.6810211012
92.4 to DJ Vilas, short, Vilas never says no the challenge, but this time the top carries to Friend who hardly has to move to complete the catch. 312/5
98.4 to JM Kemp, places a bit square on and hit in front, umpire Cloete raises the finger. 348/6
98.5 to VD Philander, that was full and straight and hit him low on the pads, McLaren on a hat-trick. 348/7
144.5 to JP Bothma, hit on the pad as he looks to play to leg, thought i heard an inside edge and he walks off examining his bet. End of a fantastic partnership, whatever may think of Kemp's ultraconservative tactics.. 518/9
Malusi Siboto1957523.949013025
13.1 to S van Zyl, away swinger and edged to the keeper, he takes it one handed low in front of slip, not a bad loosener for Siboto. 23/1
21.3 to AG Puttick, pushes forward and is cuaght behind. He is not so sure and waits for umpire Knights to make the decision.. 49/2
Michael Erlank1506404.26636104
Aubrey Swanepoel401002.50181001
Knights 2nd Innings 
Reeza Hendricks c Puttick b Ontong8222630212136.28
Michael Erlank st †Vilas b Simetu16871132018.39
Rilee Rossouw lbw b Ontong31721016043.05
Boeta Dippenaar lbw b Ontong01113000.00
Morne van Wyk (c)†c †Vilas b Philander01719000.00
Werner Coetsee lbw b Philander615181040.00
Ryan McLaren not out 2775854036.00
Aubrey Swanepoel  b Duminy01211000.00
Johan van der Wath not out 426381015.38
Extras(b 6, lb 1, nb 1, w 2)10
TOTAL90 Ov (RR: 1.95, 351 Mts)176/7
Fall of wickets: 1-54 (Michael Erlank, 29.1 ov), 2-110 (Rilee Rossouw, 52.6 ov), 3-114 (Boeta Dippenaar, 56.5 ov), 4-122 (Morne van Wyk, 62.2 ov), 5-128 (Werner Coetsee, 66.5 ov), 6-153 (Reeza Hendricks, 76.3 ov), 7-158 (Aubrey Swanepoel, 79.5 ov)
Vernon Philander19102821.471045001
62.2 to MN van Wyk, goes after a wide delivery, edged low towards 2nd slip. Not sure if that would have carried, niether was Vilas, so he dived far to his right to snatch it.. 122/4
66.5 to WL Coetsee, oh dear, put the hex on him! That moved back at him, and although he had got in a good stride, he was bang in front and Mr Knights sends him packing.. 128/5
Johann Louw812302.87393000
Justin Kemp31702.33161000
Jean-Paul Duminy1353412.61665100
79.5 to AR Swanepoel, this time he leaves a bit of a gap and it's timber, Cobras 3 wickets from victory.. 158/7
Johannes Bothma1002702.70494020
Siya Simetu18102511.38964000
29.1 to MN Erlank, drawn out of his crease and beaten, Vilas has the bails off in a flash. 54/1
Justin Ontong19112531.311034000
52.6 to RR Rossouw, turns it back into the left hander, he did not expect that, and this time Mr Knights does agree with the bowler. 110/2
56.5 to HH Dippenaar, goes back and hit on the pad, that's out says Mr Knights. They go off for tea on that note, and there might still be some spice in this game.. 114/3
76.3 to RR Hendricks, Hendricks trudges off after a heroic innings, going tamely as he flicked off his pads to Puttick at a bw short leg. 4 wickets needed now.. 153/6
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Newlands, Cape Town
TossKnights, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Cape Cobras
Vernon Philander
Hours of play (local time)10.00 start, Lunch 12.10-12.50, Tea 15.00-15.20, Close 17.30
Match days2,3,4,5 February 2012 - day (4-day match)
South Africa
Johan Cloete
New Zealand
Wayne Knights
Reserve Umpire
South Africa
Murray Brown
Match Referee
South Africa
Tiffie Barnes
PointsKnights 6.12, Cape Cobras 7.08
Thu, 02 Feb - day 1 - Knights 1st innings 248/5 (Rilee Rossouw 88*, Ryan McLaren 0*, 96 ov)
Fri, 03 Feb - day 2 - Cape Cobras 1st innings 118/3 (Jean-Paul Duminy 26*, Mark Boucher 19*, 48 ov)
Sat, 04 Feb - day 3 - Cape Cobras 1st innings 515/8 (Johann Louw 96*, Johannes Bothma 23*, 144 ov)
Sun, 05 Feb - day 4 - Knights 2nd innings 176/7 (90 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
  • J Louw 100 in 182 min, 139 balls, 12 fours 3 sixes; his second First Class century
  • Knights 2nd innings
  • Keeper change for Cape Cobras on day 4, start of Knights 2nd innings, DJ Vilas kept for MV Boucher.
  • 50 in 20.6 overs, 86 min, 128 balls, 6 fours 1 six
  • 1st wicket partnership: 51 in 86 min, 128 balls, 6 fours 1 six (Hendricks 32, Erlank 15, extras 4)
  • Lunch: 52/0 (Hendricks 32, Erlank 16, 25 overs)
  • RR Hendricks 50 in 175 min, 134 balls, 7 fours 1 six
  • 100 in 47.4 overs, 190 min, 289 balls, 14 fours 1 six
  • 2nd wicket partnership: 52 in 87 min, 123 balls, 9 fours (Hendricks 23, Rossouw 27, extras 2)
  • Tea: 114/3 (Hendricks 61, 56.5 overs)
  • Last hour called at 16h30, after 75 overs.
  • 150 in 76.1 overs, 301 min, 460 balls, 22 fours 1 six
  • New ball taken after 80 overs: 158/7.
Knights Innings
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