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England vs Australia, 5th Test at London, The Ashes, Jul 27 2023 - Match Result

5th Test, The Oval, July 27 - 31, 2023, The Ashes
283 & 395
(T:384) 295 & 334

England won by 49 runs

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Scores: @Thilak_Rama | Comms: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
England 283/10(54.4 overs)
85 (91)
4/82 (14.4)
41 (41)
2/22 (6)
Australia 295/10(103.1 overs)
71 (123)
3/61 (25)
47 (157)
2/49 (20)
England 395/10(81.5 overs)
91 (106)
4/110 (22.5)
4/100 (20)
Australia 334/10(94.4 overs)
72 (145)
4/50 (19)
60 (106)
3/76 (23)

7.10pm: Joint presentation for the captains, followed by a low-key celebration with the urn for Australia, and the curtain comes down. Hot diggidy damn, what a series it's been. The Bazball Ashes didn't go the way of Baz's ballers, but you can't argue with what both teams served up. It was a clash of styles that will live long in the memory, the only regret being that we didn't get the ultimate decider to finish off. Anyway, it should keep the pot boiling for another two-and-a-half years... time to turn to our attention to [checks notes] the Hundred. Woot! That's us done, thanks for all your comments as ever. From myself, Alex and Miller, Thilak and the scorers, the team at the ground and everyone else who has contributed, it's cheerio for now. Go get on a headband and finish the day off in style. Bye!

6.45pm: Time for the presentations at T'Oval. The Bashes have delivered on multiple levels, and a 2-2 scoreline seems pretty fair all told (with an English fist brandished at the Manchester weather). The Moral Ashes don't exist, of course, but you might not have heard the last of them... Anyway, time to hand out the gongs. Joe Root is named England's Player of the Summer, which is not one I've heard of before

Australia's Player of the Series is Mitchell Starc: "Been incredible fived Tests, sure it was a treat to watch. Exciting, ebbs and blow throughout. The way it finished today spoke to the quality of the cricket and the emotions involved. [Final session] Happened quickly, much like the whole series. It's come right down to the last session on day 25. Congrats to Stuart, he probably couldn't have written that any better. [Personal success] Been a fantastic tour to come and express myself, had the backing from the group. Fantastic group to be a part of for a long time. Been a successful tour, from the six matches we played including the WTC final. We've got a great support staff, resilient group. A busy eight weeks for both teams but the quality of cricket has been fantastic. [Bazball] We saw two different brands, both teams stuck to it and ultimately we sit here at 2-2. Great that Test cricket is thriving the way it is. We felt at different stages it looked different to traditional Test cricket. It's been enthralling and I'm sure both teams have enjoyed the whole experience."

"The Wizard" Chris Woakes is England's Player of the Series and awarded the Compton-Miller medal: "It's been an amazing few games. Nice to come into the side and contribute. The belief was there at 2-0 down that we could still in the series. Great experience in the dressing room. I think 2-2 is quite fitting. Absolutely, not been a part of the team for over 12 months, so excited to get back in. You want to perform and contribute, couldn't have asked for it to go much batter. Five Tests with the schedule it is, felt I might get an opportunity. Tried to be ready, didn't feel in great rhythm but to perform at Headingley was the most pleasing part. Got an early wicket and that settled the nerves. Found a bit of rhythm, need a bit of luck, too, and it went all right. [Best moment] That today is up there, up there with my best moments in Test cricket. For Broady to go out that way is fitting. Incredible for him, delighted to get it all square like that. They're pretty good, aren't they. The most pleasing thing is I've managed to get big players out. This is the pinnacle of cricket, so amazing. [Ball change] We were happy, not sure the Aussies were. We made the most of the conditions, when you get a ball change you hope it works for you and it did. [Tests overseas?] We'll see, leave that to Stokesy and Baz. I'll enjoy what I've done this series, I know what I can do at home. Want to play as much cricket for England as possible, that's the main aim. You don't get this feeling anywhere else in the world."

England's Ben Stokes "Actually [feeling] really good, 2-2 I think it a fair reflection of two teams going toe to toe. Australia, WTC champions, quality team. But going 2-0 down, I don't think many teams would have responded the way we did. Standing here pretty content with what we've achieved. Having played a lot of cricket, we know what it's like in a fourth-innings chase. Usman and Warner, they played incredible well to walk off with the runs they did [yesterday], but turning up with 250 needed, you should never underestimate how hard that is. Wickets came in clusters, it was do or die, but it's been that way since the second Test. [Woakes and Wood impact] The way Woakesy has come in and operated and added runs down the order has been really good. Woody has been brilliant, but yesterday and today, he could hardly walk. Huge amount of effort to get out there. To have people like that, who run in and run in, it's great to have. [Broad and Moeen] I've played with Broady for a long, long time. He's been unbelievable. To watch him come in and bowl the way he did, it was written in the stars that he would take the final wicket. Mo came in for Jack Leach, a few things were said about him. I chose him because I knew what he could do on his best days. To come out of retirement and perform, he's a great servant for England. [India tour?] We'll let him reflect on the last six weeks and make that decision. [Regrets?] Hindsight never loses, does it. Coming into this series, to bounce back from 2-0 down, it would have been tough for any team. I said to Pat, what a series to be a part of. I think it's what Test cricket needed. We've been very vocal about our objectives, and I think this series has done that, it's attracted a new audience. Test cricket is the purest form of the game. [Ashes in 2025-26?] Hard to lose that appetite when you love it as much as I do."

Australia captain Pat Cummins: [Fair result?] "Think so, two really high-quality teams, every session was shared so I think 2-2 was fair, wonderful series to be part of. [Going for win] Of course, it didn't enter the conversation. We said we were over here to win the Ashes. Unfortunately not to be, but a great day. [Sadness at not winning series] We can be hugely proud of retaining the Ashes, but of course we wanted to come over here and win. Similar group to 2019 and it felt a little bit more. Not to be but a great series. [Felt pressure as captain?] So many moments throughout this series, that's what makes playing an away Ashes so difficult. The crowd, the media, you get everything thrown at you. Proud of how consistent we've been. There's no point in looking back, 2-2 is the score. [Broad] Great competitor, always seemed to save his best for Australia. I've played a third of the amount of matches he's played, can't fathom it. Great player, competitor, wish him all the best."

6.34pm: Oh my Broad... It's been an epic series, hasn't it? Let's hear from the man himself it: "It was absolutely wonderful, Woakes and Moeen set the tone unbelievably after the rain break. Once we got a couple we really began to believe. The crowd was so loud, we really jumped on the back of it. To take a couple of wickets to contribute to the team and win the Test match, it's really special. [Six to finish with bat, wicket with final delivery] It's the only ball I've middled all year. Enjoyed bowling to left-handers, so for my last spell to be moving it away, the ball zipped through for us after rain. A word for Moeen as well, he's not officially announced he's moving on but to put in that performance and help England win will be a dream come true for him. I like data and facts, when I decided to come around the wicket in 2015, it was because my stats weren't very good. I did a lot of research into bowling to David Warner. When you get to the top level it's about knowing your weaknesses but also knowing your strengths and sticking to them. [Bail switch] If I'd learnt that ten years ago I'd have been away. The Marnus one really made me smile. I had a couple of play and misses [this time], was get frustrating, so thought I'd change them, not the batter's ones, and it worked. [Regrets for series?] Probably wouldn't have taken the second new ball at Edgbaston. Hard to bowl with all series. Once we took it, the ball skidded on and made it easier for them to find the boundary. When you lose to a great team like Australia, you hold your head up high. [Headbands] When I looked around I saw them in the crowd, it's a nice gesture. It ended up being a superstition, I wore it in Covid and then took it off, then didn't take a wicket. So stuck with it to the end, made me smile to see people wearing them."

6.26pm England win by 49 runs. Broad finishes with a win. So too does Moeen Ali. They are arm-in-arm as they walk off to a standing ovation. That might be Moeen's final Test as well. He was sensational today. England level the series 2-2. An amazing series finishes drawn.

Richard : "Scenes! Tho expect some ppl may be a bit too misty eyed to really see them. Thrilled for broad!!"

Stefan Stern: "Tortoise 2, Hare 2 - it's a tie between Bruceball and Bazball. Honour(s) even. Fair."

Oishik : "As a neutral fan, who's been a die hard fan of the game since 2010. This is one of the best series I've seen. Period. Two goat teams. Thank you England and Australia. Neither deserved to lose the series."

Alan will step in for the presentation.

Broad to Carey, OUT

Caught behind! Broad gets the final fairytale! England win. Good length fourth stump, hint of wobble away, he pushes forward and nicks it to Bairstow and Broad wheels away to cover and celebrates his final Test wicket as the Oval roars!

Alex Carey c †Bairstow b Broad 28 (50b 1x4 1x6 83m) SR: 56

Aquib Mohammed : "Alex Carey crossed 1000 test runs!"

Broad to Carey, no run

bouncer, over middle, well bowled, he ducks under it

Two slips still and everyone else back

Broad to Carey, no run

shorter on the hip, he tucks it behind square but they don't run

Khan: "Wood would be a better option than Moeen, having Hazlewood to face full over."

Broad to Carey, no run

good length, fifth stump line, he defends to cover-point and thinks about two but decides it isn't there

end of over 944 runs
AUS: 334/9CRR: 3.55 
Josh Hazlewood4 (8b 1x4)
Alex Carey28 (46b 1x4 1x6)
Moeen Ali 23-2-76-3
Stuart Broad 20-4-62-1

Hazlewood not only survives but he gets the target down to an even 50.

Moeen Ali to Hazlewood, no run

tossed up, drifting into off, he defends on the front foot

Moeen Ali to Hazlewood, no run

drifting into off, he leans out to defend

Moeen Ali to Hazlewood, FOUR runs

punched off the back foot through cover! Good shot, short and fractionally wide, he's back to punch it through the vacant covers. No one in the deep and it is four

Moeen Ali to Hazlewood, no run

flighted on off, he leans out to defend

Moeen Ali to Hazlewood, no run

drifting into leg, he defends on the front foot

Moeen Ali to Hazlewood, no run

nearly a drag on! Short and wide, he tries to hammer a cut, gets a bottom edge onto his foot

end of over 93Maiden
AUS: 330/9CRR: 3.54 
Alex Carey28 (46b 1x4 1x6)
Josh Hazlewood0 (2b)
Stuart Broad 20-4-62-1
Moeen Ali 22-2-72-3

We don't know how old this ball actually is but it is still swinging miles

Broad to Carey, no run

beaten! Extraordinary bowling. Another ball angled in and it zips away late and beats the edge

Broad to Carey, no run

dropped by Crawley at second! Good length, angled in, nipping away, he edges it low to Crawley's right, he sticks the right hand down only but it hits his wrist and hits the deck!

David : "Can Carey find his inner Ben Stokes??" Every man comes up on one.

Broad to Carey, no run

play and miss. Some extra bounce and shape away wide of off as he tries to poke it square

Khurram Ayaz : "U can feel for Murphy, anyone could have fallen to that delivery."

Broad to Carey, no run

good length, shaping into leg, it hits the thigh pad and drops down

Broad to Carey, no run

full, angled into off, he defends to mid on, long on is back but they don't run

Broad to Carey, no run

he walks down and works across the line to mid on, he thinks about trying for two but decides it's not there so they don't run at all

end of over 921 run
AUS: 330/9CRR: 3.58 
Josh Hazlewood0 (2b)
Alex Carey28 (40b 1x4 1x6)
Moeen Ali 22-2-72-3
Stuart Broad 19-3-62-1
Moeen Ali to Hazlewood, no run

tossed up on off, very full, he smothers the spin in defence

Moeen Ali to Hazlewood, no run

darted into off, he defends from the crease

Hazlewood has five men around the bat

Josh: "Bail Mary from Broad!"

Moeen Ali to Carey, 1 run

good length, on off, he's back to punch to cover and takes a run

Moeen Ali to Carey, no run

shorter length, he's back to defend

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
JE Root
91 runs (106)
11 fours1 six
Productive shot
25 runs
3 fours0 six
HC Brook
85 runs (91)
11 fours2 sixes
Productive shot
cover drive
23 runs
4 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
CR Woakes
T Murphy
Match details
Kennington Oval, London
TossAustralia, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series result5-match series drawn 2-2
Match numberTest no. 2515
Hours of play (local time)11.00 start, Lunch 13.15-13.55, Tea 14.10-16.30, Close 18.30
Match days27,28,29,30,31 July 2023 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsEngland 7, Australia 0
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