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2nd Match (N), The Oval, August 04, 2022, The Hundred Men's Competition
(100 balls, T:172) 168/7

Spirit won by 3 runs

Player Of The Match
Spirit Innings
Invincibles Innings
Match Flow
London Spirit (Men)  (100 balls maximum)
c †Billings b Mohammad Hasnain2111-40190.90
c Cartwright b Mohammad Hasnain148-02175.00
c Cox b Narine1816-30112.50
b Narine2720-21135.00
c Cartwright b Topley4729-53162.06
not out 1913-11146.15
c Cox b SM Curran97-01128.57
not out 21-00200.00
Extras(b 1, nb 10, w 3)14
TOTAL100 balls (RPB: 1.71)171/6
Fall of wickets: 1-32 (Adam Rossington, 15b), 2-50 (Zak Crawley, 31b), 3-55 (Glenn Maxwell, 36b), 4-127 (Dan Lawrence, 75b), 5-147 (Eoin Morgan, 88b), 6-169 (Jordan Thompson, 99b)
88b to EJG Morgan, a full toss on the stumps, Morgan looks to clear deep midwicket but didn't get hold of it. A regulation catch there for the fielder. 147/5
15b to AM Rossington, length ball, on the stumps. Rossington looks to whip over square leg, but picks out the man on the rope running round to his left. 32/1
31b to Z Crawley, an appeal for caught behind, the umpire takes his time and eventually raises his finger. Rushes the batter with pace, hitting Crawley on the thigh as he looks to pull it. The ball rebounds and hits the back of the bat and lobs towards the keeper for a simple catch. 50/2
99b to JA Thompson, a length ball outside off, goes for the pull but is cramped. The long-on moves to his left and pouches it. 169/6
36b to GJ Maxwell, fuller length outside off, Maxwell creates room and looks to go over extra cover. Instead, he ends up slicing it to deep point, where the fielder comes in and pouches it. 55/3
75b to DW Lawrence, Narine gets his man! Lawrence looks to repeat the shot - down the ground and a big swing but misses and the ball clatters into the stumps. 127/4
Oval Invincibles (Men)  (T: 172 runs from 100 balls)
c Crane b Ellis01-000.00
c Ellis b Thompson15-0020.00
c Maxwell b Thompson87-10114.28
c Lawrence b Ellis12-0050.00
b Ellis3930-41130.00
c †Rossington b Crane4223-32182.60
c Maxwell b Dawson2715-22180.00
not out 97-01128.57
not out 2911-41263.63
Extras(lb 3, nb 2, w 7)12
TOTAL100 balls (RPB: 1.68)168/7
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Jason Roy, 1b), 2-10 (Sam Curran, 12b), 3-11 (Will Jacks, 14b), 4-12 (Sam Billings, 17b), 5-86 (Hilton Cartwright, 65b), 6-116 (Jordan Cox, 80b), 7-123 (Tom Curran, 84b)
1b to JJ Roy, Edged and taken at short third! Roy smiles on his way back, having been a recipient of a bit of rotten luck. It was a shortish ball outside off, Roy reached at it tentatively and got a thickish edge. Crane leapt to his left and took it low down. Jubilant celebrations followed.. 0/1
17b to SW Billings, Has the catch carried to cover? The fielder isn't fully sure, he claims it and they go upstairs. Soft-signal is out. This was another back of length ball outside off, Biillings drove it off the backfoot, it lobbed off the sticker and went low to Lawrence. The third umpire says the fingers were under the ball. So Billing, who is ticking, has to leave.. 12/4
80b to JM Cox, Full, straight. The quicker one knocks over the stumps! Cox looked to have been setting up for the slower one and tried to swing it across the line but that zipped through to send the bails flying.. 116/6
12b to SM Curran, Holes out to mid-on this time! This was back of length, outside off. Curran tried to pull it but it ballooned flat, off the edge for a comfy, breadbasket catch.. 10/2
14b to WG Jacks, Holes out to deep square leg! This was close to a length, around off. Jacks tried to club an aerial flick to the leg side, bat turned and the connection wasn't fully there, and thus went to Jacks' left who took it.. 11/3
84b to TK Curran, Curran finds long-on! It was on a length outside off, Curran pulled it and it went flat and low to Maxwell at long-on who took it.. 123/7
65b to HWR Cartwright, Outside edge found, taken by the keeper! This was on the cusp between good and full lengths. Cartwright tried to push it to cover but got a thin edge. Crane goes up in celebration.. 86/5
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  • London Spirit (Men) innings
  • Powerplay 1: Balls 1 - 25 (Mandatory - 41 runs, 1 wicket)
  • London Spirit (Men): 50 runs in 30 balls, Extras 1
  • London Spirit (Men): 100 runs in 68 balls, Extras 4
  • Balls 67: Review by Oval Invincibles (Men) (Bowling), Umpire - DJ Millns, Batter - EJG Morgan (Struck down)
  • 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 34 balls (DW Lawrence 20, EJG Morgan 28, Ex 5)
  • London Spirit (Men): 150 runs in 95 balls, Extras 11
  • Balls 92: Review by London Spirit (Men) (Batting), Umpire - NGB Cook, Batter - LA Dawson (Upheld)
  • Innings Break: London Spirit (Men) - 171/6 in 100 balls (KA Pollard 19, LA Dawson 2)
  • Oval Invincibles (Men) innings
  • Powerplay 1: Balls 1 - 25 (Mandatory - 20 runs, 4 wickets)
  • Oval Invincibles (Men): 50 runs in 48 balls, Extras 2
  • 5th Wicket: 50 runs in 42 balls (JM Cox 22, HWR Cartwright 32, Ex 1)
  • Oval Invincibles (Men): 100 runs in 71 balls, Extras 2
  • One fielder brought in at 18.4 because they failed to bowl 19 overs within cut off time
  • Oval Invincibles (Men): 150 runs in 95 balls, Extras 10
Kennington Oval, London
TossOval Invincibles (Men), elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Match days4 August 2022 - night (100-ball match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsLondon Spirit (Men) 2, Oval Invincibles (Men) 0
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