5th Match, Lord's, Jul 25 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(100 balls, target 133)117/7
Invincibles won by 15 runs
Player Of The Match
59 (41)
after 100 balls16 runs
LS-W: 117/7
Danielle Gibson30 (13)
Charlie Dean10 (6)
Mady Villiers 1/24 (20)

1.55pm: Speaking of the men's match-up, Karthik is already in the pilot's seat for that - we should hear news of the toss quite soon. On to the next one! Cheerio

1.50pm: That was fairly comfortable in the end for the Oval women. Everyone did their bit with the ball and it was all on Heather Knight to try and drag Spirit towards the finish line - it was pretty much a lone hand, until Gibson bashed a few at the end. So the Invincibles are two from two, having won on their rivals' patch, and they can now sit back and see if the men can match their high standards

Alex Capsey is Hero of the Match: "It was incredible, to get a win like that was amazing. Trying to block it out but you can hear the noise, the crowd were incredible. [First-ball fours] Like to think it's how I play but probably adrenalin. I'm at school down in Eastbourne and live in Surrey, play for Reigate ladies. Kevin Pietersen, Jos Buttler [were idols growing up]. Couldn't have dreamed to play a better game at Lord's."

Villiers to Gibson, SIX runs

walloped over deep midwicket to finish! Another mighty boosh over the leg side from Gibson, she's played well for 30 off 13, but it's not enough - Invincibles still to be vinced, 15-run winners in the London derby!

Villiers to Dean, 1 run

goes back to cut, Villiers starts to go up for lbw, think Dean just got something on it

Villiers to Gibson, 1 run

tossed up and she pushes this for one through midwicket

Villiers to Gibson, FOUR runs

picks up four more with a slap to leg, racing away to deep backward square

Villiers to Gibson, FOUR runs

starts well by nailing four through long-on! Skips down and pumps it back past the bowler

Villiers to bowl the final set, Gibson the last, vain hope for Spirit, who need sixes and snookers. Did she have her Weetabix this morning?

after 95 balls11 runs
LS-W: 101/7Need 32 from 5 balls
Danielle Gibson15 (9)
Charlie Dean9 (5)
Tash Farrant 2/22 (20)
Farrant to Gibson, 2 runs

tucked into the leg side, fielder has to run in from the deep and they steal two

Farrant to Gibson, 2 runs

length ball, Gibson marches out and clubs leg side again, this time Villiers does terrifically well to get a hand on the bouncing ball and prevent four

Farrant to Dean, 1 run

fired in and tucked to midwicket

Farrant to Dean, FOUR runs

length ball, clouted through midwicket, Villiers muffs her sliding attempt and gives up four!

Farrant to Dean, 2 runs

pitched up and swung away leg side, into a gap at deep midwicket for a couple

Into the last 10 balls, Spirit a massive 43 runs adrift. The cut-off has moved to 1.44pm, so Farrant will want to get through this five

after 90 balls13 runs • 2 wickets
LS-W: 90/7Need 43 from 10 balls
Charlie Dean2 (2)
Danielle Gibson11 (7)
Dane van Niekerk 3/30 (20)
D van Niekerk to Dean, 1 run

slow loopy legbreak outside off, Dean swings a pull from outside off stump

D van Niekerk to Gibson, 1 run

looped up full on middle, whipped away leg side to the boundary rider

D van Niekerk to Gibson, FOUR runs

muscle from Gibson! Skips out, gets to the pitch and rams it in front of deep midwicket

D van Niekerk to Dean, 1 run

looped up very full and Dean is out to swat it safely to long-on

Charlie Dean out to face the hat-trick ball

D van Niekerk to Rowe, OUT

Rowe castled first ball! Tossed up, BIG air on the ball, Rowe made the move but was nowhere near it, skidding through to rattle the stumps and leave van Niekerk on a hat-trick

Susie Rowe b van Niekerk 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

van Niekerk to continue

D van Niekerk to Knight, OUT

Knight goes for the slog-sweep, but is taken in the deep! That's the game, you'd think... van Niekerk gets her opposite number, Knight attempting to hit to the longest part of the ground but she couldn't get enough on it. Gibbs plunges to take a safe catch, and the Invincibles erupt. They know they're nearly home

Heather Knight c Gibbs b van Niekerk 40 (47m 29b 5x4 1x6) SR: 137.93
D van Niekerk to Gibson, 1 run

flat legbeak, Gibson goes back to cut, they pinch a quick single into the covers

D van Niekerk to Gibson, FOUR runs

slugged through point, takes advantage of some width and pounds four down towards the Tavern Stand

D van Niekerk to Gibson, no run

tossed up outside off and Gibson hurls the bat, completely fails to connect

D van Niekerk to Knight, 1 run

tossed up nice and slow, Knight backs away to pull one down to long-on

van Niekerk back on, Invincibles have 11 mins until the cut-off. Spirit need 56 from the last 20