10th Match, Lord's, July 29, 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(100 balls, T:152) 133/7

Rockets won by 18 runs

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76 (42)
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after 100 balls7 runs
LS-W: 133/7
Danielle Gibson18 (12b 2x4)
Amara Carr4 (10b)
Sammy-Jo Johnson 1/28 (20)

5.36 pm Priest and Sciver's fireworks in the first innings set up the biggest total of the Women's Hundred and despite some incredibly poor fielding in the chase, Trent Rockets had enough runs on the board to not make any of that matter in a comfortable victory. In one of the few moments of good fielding from the Rockets, it was Priest who helped to runout Deandra Dottin in a crucial moment when Dottin was hammering the ball and that snuffed out the last genuine threat from the Spirit. Big credit also goes to Kathryn Bryce, who bowled 10 straight balls in the Powerplay conceding only five and taking the big scalp of Tammy Beaumont in a sequence that built up early pressure and put the Spirit behind the required run rate for the rest of the way. Curiously, Bryce was never brought back into the attack to bowl the remaining 10 balls available in her quota but it didn't matter in the end.

Match Hero is Rachel Priest: "It was nice to finally get some runs under the belt. Hopefully I'm in a bit of form now. But I'm just happy today to come out here and get some runs. We all know we can score runs, it's just getting them under the belt. I just had a clearer head today and it came off for me. We knew coming here would be really tough for us, particularly with the start we've had, but shorter format anything can happen and it came off for us today and what a place for us to get our first win."

Here's Nat Sciver, Trent Rockets captain: "It was brilliant. That's what we want from our top four, a hundred partnership. I don't think there's been one yet in the Hundred so far. They set us up brilliantly and then with the ball we were able to take wickets the whole innings. It was a bit of a tricky one at the toss. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. I guess because we've chased twice [and lost] we wanted to go bat. In terms of our batting order, we haven't quite got it right yet but we backed our batters and they did well today. [On Rachel Priest half-century] That's what she can do. That's usually how she plays the game. When I play against her, she usually whacks me all over the shop so I'm glad she's doing it to someone else now. We're glad to be off the bottom of the table and hopefully we can bring that into the next game. It's very special and I love being back here playing with people filling the stands. It's been a while since 2017 but you still get the same atmosphere. Hopefully some of them who were watching in 2017 are back here or playing and just enjoying the game."

So the Rockets get their first win to dig their way out of the cellar on the points table. They now sit level with the Spirit and Phoenix on two points in a three-way tie for fourth place, though the Phoenix have a match in hand and a vastly superior run rate to the other two. That's all from our coverage of the women's match today in the first half of the doubleheader. Flip over to the men's match feed for more live coverage where Andrew Miller and myself will continue to bring you the ball-by-ball coverage while Alan Gardner covers the scene on the ground at Lord's. I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

Johnson to Gibson, 1 run

full ball on fifth stump, skips down the track and heaves this hard back at Johnson, who sticks her left leg out to deflect this into the ground through mid-off for one to end the match.

Johnson to Gibson, no run

length ball on fifth stump, tries to heave this over midwicket but is beaten.

Johnson to Gibson, 2 runs

shuffles down the track to convert this into a full toss at shin height on fifth stump, skies this over midwicket but well short of the boundary fielder for a pair.

Johnson to Carr, 1 run

another reverse sweep to a full ball on the stumps, dragged along the ground to backward point.

Johnson to Carr, no run

good length ball outside off, another premeditated reverse but can't get this away.

Johnson to Gibson, (no ball) 1 run

premeditated reverse to a chest high full toss on fifth stump, swats this to short third man, diving stop on the ring by the sub fielder to deny a boundary. No ball called on height.

after 95 balls5 runs
LS-W: 126/7Need 26 from 5 balls
Danielle Gibson14 (8b 2x4)
Amara Carr3 (8b)
Katherine Brunt 1/26 (20)
Brunt to Gibson, FOUR runs

slower ball on off stump, slaps this toward Glenn on the ring at mid-off, another sloppy misfield as she slides right and gets hands to it but it squirts through and continues with enough momentum to the rope.

Brunt to Carr, 1 run

short on the legs, this time pulls it crisply but picks out Higham on the deep backward square leg rope.

Brunt to Carr, no run

bouncer at full pace 68 mph from Brunt on leg stump, Carry shuffles across again to pull but is beaten. Fair call from the umpire not to give it as a wide.

Brunt to Carr, no run

slower good length ball on middle, Carr keeps the hands back but is only able to prod this tamely back to Brunt.

Brunt to Carr, no run

shuffles way across her stumps trying to scoop this over the keeper but misses, and somehow the ball barely clears leg stump too.

after 90 balls8 runs
LS-W: 121/7Need 31 from 10 balls
Danielle Gibson10 (7b 1x4)
Amara Carr2 (4b)
Nat Sciver 0/29 (15)
Sciver to Gibson, FOUR runs

short tailing down leg, pulls this fiercely behind square and Windsor can't cut it off at the rope.

Sciver to Carr, 1 run

short on fifth stump, shuffles across to pull to deep midwicket and Brunt does well again to keep it to one.

Sciver to Carr, no run

full and wide on seventh stump, goes to drive and is beaten.

Sciver to Carr, 2 leg byes

Shuffles way outside her stumps to try to sweep a full ball into the leg side. Instead it's a thin deflection off the glove into the helmet of Priest before bouncing away. Can't call that a drop as it never went to Priest's gloves, but at least she's been saved a trip to the dentist.

Sciver to Gibson, 1 run

full outside off, slogs this flat along the ground to deep midwicket for one.

after 85 balls8 runs • 1 wicket
LS-W: 113/7Need 39 from 15 balls
Amara Carr1 (1b)
Danielle Gibson5 (5b)
Sammy-Jo Johnson 1/21 (15)
Johnson to Carr, 1 run

full on middle, Carr shuffles across and then shovels this high in the air over midwicket falling short of Brunt charging to her right along the rope but Brunt does well with a relay to keep it to a long single.

Johnson to Dean, OUT

partial redemption after a drop off her own bowling earlier in the over. Pitches this one full on off stump, Dean backs away from the stumps trying to create room for a lofted drive but misses and the stumps are rattled.

Charlie Dean b Johnson 16 (9b 2x4 0x6 11m) SR: 177.77
Johnson to Dean, 2 runs

skier falls into no man's land at midwicket on the ring. Full ball on seventh stump, shuffles across to heave this over cow corner again but doesn't come close to middling it on this occasion. It balloons up well short of Brunt charging in from the boundary and they scamper back to beat the relay for the second run.

Johnson to Dean, FOUR runs

shin height full toss on fifth stump, heaves this across the line and splits long-on and deep midwicket to the rope teasing Brunt into a dive in vain.

Rockets fielding overall has been dreadful.

Johnson to Gibson, 1 run

dropped! Floaty full delivery on fourth stump, slams a drive back to Johnson at chest height. Right to her but she shells it and it caroms wide of mid-on. It was coming firmly but not at blazing speed. Should've been taken.

Johnson back.

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