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10th Match, Lord's, July 29, 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(100 balls, T:152) 133/7

Rockets won by 18 runs

Player Of The Match
76 (42)
Trent Rockets (Women) INNINGS (100 ball maximum)
Rachel Priest c Beaumont b Gibson764242104180.95
Sammy-Jo Johnson c Gibson b Sharma2534561173.52
Nat Sciver (c)c Gibson b Davies32162232200.00
Katherine Brunt run out (Gibson/†Carr)881310100.00
Heather Graham not out 11400100.00
Extras(lb 5, nb 2, w 2)9
TOTAL100 balls (RPB: 1.51)151/4
Fall of wickets: 1-101 (Rachel Priest, 67b), 2-132 (Sammy-Jo Johnson, 86b), 3-145 (Nat Sciver, 97b), 4-151 (Katherine Brunt, 100b)
Freya Davies20101910.953000
97b to NR Sciver, excellent low grab by Gibson at deep midwicket! Belted off the full length, aiming for the long leg-side boundary but doesn't quite get the elevation. A timely wicket, as Spirit just tighten things up at the right moment. 145/3
Naomi Dattani1042202.202200
Deepti Sharma2062411.203010
86b to SJ Johnson, smashed on one knee, but straight at cow corner! Picked up from outside off, Gibson swallows the catch in a reverse-cup. Right idea from Johnson, she'd done her job as the anchor, time to go loco..... 132/2
Chloe Tryon531603.202101
Charlie Dean2091900.951100
Heather Knight53701.400100
Danielle Gibson2043911.954210
67b to RH Priest, Beaumont makes amends with a blinder! Another slam out through the leg side, lots of power, but not quite the elevation. Tammy slides in from the deep and clings on brilliantly, low to the turf. The end of a magnificent knock. 101/1
London Spirit (Women) INNINGS (Target: 152 runs from 100 balls)
Naomi Dattani c Johnson b Brunt971720128.57
Tammy Beaumont c Glenn b Bryce13121430108.33
Deandra Dottin run out (†Priest/Glenn)29192632152.63
Heather Knight (c)c Glenn b Higham31254230124.00
Deepti Sharma c Bryce b Higham1250050.00
Chloe Tryon c Windsor b Graham651010120.00
Charlie Dean  b Johnson1691120177.77
Danielle Gibson not out 18121620150.00
Amara Carr not out 410100040.00
Extras(lb 3, nb 2, w 1)6
TOTAL100 balls (RPB: 1.33)133/7
Did not bat: Freya Davies, Alice Monaghan 
Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Tammy Beaumont, 18b), 2-25 (Naomi Dattani, 22b), 3-70 (Deandra Dottin, 51b), 4-77 (Deepti Sharma, 56b), 5-88 (Chloe Tryon, 66b), 6-100 (Heather Knight, 75b), 7-112 (Charlie Dean, 84b)
Katherine Brunt20112611.304100
22b to ND Dattani, good bowling from Brunt to cramp Dattani with an assist to Bryce building up pressure at the opposite end. Dattani was in a good rhythm for the first 10 balls but then went cold while starved of the strike during Beaumont's struggles against Bryce's 10 straight deliveries. Brunt sends a length ball on the legs as Dattani premeditates a charge, doesn't get to the pitch and skies a heave over the leg side. Johnson backpedals from mid-on and completes a sharp take over the shoulder.. 25/2
Sammy-Jo Johnson2072811.403011
84b to CE Dean, partial redemption after a drop off her own bowling earlier in the over. Pitches this one full on off stump, Dean backs away from the stumps trying to create room for a lofted drive but misses and the stumps are rattled.. 112/7
Kathryn Bryce108510.501000
18b to TT Beaumont, Bryce vindicates the decision to keep her going for 10 straight with the pressure mounting on Beaumont! A solid feather in the cap for the Scottish international! Good length ball again but more width this time on fifth stump, Beaumont tries to shovel this over mid-on to release the pressure but winds up slapping this nearer to the toe of the bat straight to mid-on. Simple catch at rib height.. 23/1
Nat Sciver1542901.934100
Sarah Glenn1021701.703000
Heather Graham1021311.301000
66b to CL Tryon, excellent catch at deep backward square! Emily Windsor compensates for some poor fielding by her teammates taking a superb catch charging in 15 yards from the rope. It was another poor ball, half-volley pitching well outside leg, Tryon goes to flick this over the leg side but mistimes it a bit too square and it sails enough to bring Windsor into play and she dives forward after covering the ground to pouch an excellent take at knee height laying out full extension. Tryon is fuming, perhaps because she feels she could've let that go down her legs for a wide rather than playing at it.. 88/5
Lucy Higham1561220.800000
56b to DB Sharma, Poor ball but Higham lucks out! Floats a shin height full toss well outside leg, would possibly have beaten Priest for five extras had she let it go but sweeps this off a top edge that balloons to short fine leg where a head height catch is taken.. 77/4
75b to HC Knight, uses her feet to a full ball on middle, tries to drive over mid-off but doesn't get to the pitch and skies this over extra cover. Easy catch taken by Glenn on the ring at rib height with palms facing into her chest.. 100/6
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Lord's, London
TossTrent Rockets (Women), elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Rachel Priest
Match days29 July 2021 - day (100-ball match)
Neil Mallender
Sue Redfern
TV Umpire
Paul Baldwin
Reserve Umpire
Sarah Bartlett
Balls per over5
Match Referee
Peter Such
PointsTrent Rockets (Women) 2, London Spirit (Women) 0
  • Trent Rockets (Women) innings
  • Powerplay 1: Balls 1 - 25 (Mandatory - 26 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Trent Rockets (Women): 50 runs in 39 balls, Extras 5
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 39 balls (RH Priest 38, SJ Johnson 8, Ex 5)
  • RH Priest: 50 off 29 balls (7 x 4, 3 x 6)
  • Trent Rockets (Women): 100 runs in 66 balls, Extras 6
  • 1st Wicket: 100 runs in 66 balls (RH Priest 76, SJ Johnson 19, Ex 6)
  • Trent Rockets (Women): 150 runs in 100 balls, Extras 9
  • Innings Break: Trent Rockets (Women) - 151/4 in 100 balls (H Graham 1)
  • London Spirit (Women) innings
  • Powerplay 1: Balls 1 - 25 (Mandatory - 28 runs, 2 wickets)
  • London Spirit (Women): 50 runs in 35 balls, Extras 2
  • Balls 41: Review by Trent Rockets (Women) (Bowling), Umpire - S Redfern, Batter - DJS Dottin (Struck down)
  • London Spirit (Women): 100 runs in 74 balls, Extras 2
Spirit Innings
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The Hundred Women's Competition