7th Match, Nottingham, Jul 26 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(100 balls, target 150)122/7
N S-Chargers won by 27 runs
Player Of The Match
60 (41)
after 100 balls5 runs
TR-W: 122/7
Katherine Brunt43 (36)
Abigail Freeborn2 (4)
Linsey Smith 1/12 (20)

5.50pm: The Northern lasses have started extremely well in this tournament, keeping the Trent Bridge crowd quiet - but Sciver will doubtless be wondering why she didn't review that lbw appeal against Rodrigues in Brunt's opening spell. Anyway, no time to dwell on that, as the Rocketmen are about to take the field, looking for a second win in a row; Ben Stokes' Superchargers are looking for their first points of the comp. Go get some. Bye!

5.40pm: Second impressive win in a row for Northern Superchargers, as home advantage fails Trent Rockets again. They gave themselves too much work to do, failing to take early wickets as Superchargers got away from them on the back of another Jemimah Rodrigues fifty. Nat Sciver looked in the mood for a takedown, but once she fell, the rate began to climb; Katherine Brunt was belligerent to the last but just couldn't find the ropes when needed.

Jemimah Rodrigues is Hero of the Match again: "When you're timing the ball well, make the most of it. I learned that while I was sitting out so just trying to extend the form. In the last game, I didn't get many balls in the Powerplay, today I wasn't timing it initially. The wicket was slow, but I knew if I stayed until the end I could make up for that, and then Laura came in and hit [several] boundaries and that took the pressure off. [Settling in?] Not a new group, because I was with most of them in 2019. It's like family, in the team meetings we discussed going out to have fun. Mumbai wickets have helped me playing spin."

Smith to Brunt, 1 run

fired in straight, Brunt clunks an inside edge into her pads and jogs through forlornly - Superchargers win by 27 runs

Smith to Brunt, 2 runs

clubbed into a gap between long-on and deep midwicket, Armitage slides to cut it off well

Smith to Freeborn, 1 run

floated up very full, Freeborn advances and chips it down to long-on

Smith to Brunt, 1 run

angled in, crack of the bat as she heaves to deep midwicket, just one

Smith to Brunt, no run

dobbed on the stumps and Brunt swipes it impotently into the covers

Smith to bowl the final five. Official attendance for the women's game today is 6,721, by the way

after 95 balls1 run • 1 wicket
TR-W: 117/7Need 33 from 5 balls
Abigail Freeborn1 (3)
Katherine Brunt39 (32)
Katie Levick 2/20 (20)
Levick to Freeborn, 1 run

tossed up and this time Freeborn does get the sweep away for one

Levick to Freeborn, no run

floated up full on the stumps, this time she's hit on the forearm sweeping... Not given but Superchargers review, how close was this? Plenty of dip and bounce and Hawk-Eye has it going over

Levick to Freeborn, no run

floated up full and wide, Freeborn heaves across the line and misses

Abi Freeborn in at No. 9

Levick to Bryce, OUT

flighted and it grips as Bryce clears the front leg... skews a top edge into the covers! She had to swing for the fences, but it goes straight to hand. Big of a celebratory jig from Levick. Superchargers nearly there

Kathryn Bryce c Heath b Levick 1 (5m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Levick to Bryce, no run

lobbed up legbreak, 46mph and is slides through to the keeper as Bryce flails at it

Last 10, Rockets need boundaries. Levick to bowl

after 90 balls6 runs • 1 wicket
TR-W: 116/6Need 34 from 10 balls
Katherine Brunt39 (32)
Kathryn Bryce1 (1)
Alice Davidson-Richards 2/35 (20)
Davidson-Richards to Brunt, FOUR runs

stomps down and mullers four through midwicket! Nearly took the fielder with it... Brunt is not happy! Can she channel that fury?

Davidson-Richards to Brunt, no run

another change-up from ADR and Brunt fails to connect with an almighty yahoo!

"@Amit: half century from Kirk and 4 wickets for Graves set up Lightning to beat Sunrisers recently," reports Edmund Thomas. Surely no need to hide Kirk down in the tail, then?

Davidson-Richards to Bryce, 1 run

shortish outside off, Bryce slaps a cut through the ring

Katherine Bryce is in

Davidson-Richards to Graves, OUT

tries to smash her off a length, ends up skying the ball straight up! Legcutter from Davidson-Richards, she's bowled that well today, flummoxes the batter as she swung across the line and it went nowhere, Winfield-Hill walking up to bag the catch right by the stumps

Teresa Graves c †Winfield-Hill b Davidson-Richards 4 (9m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
Davidson-Richards to Brunt, 1 run

tad short on the stumps, swung behind square for one

Davidson-Richards returns

after 85 balls3 runs
TR-W: 110/5Need 40 from 15 balls
Katherine Brunt34 (29)
Teresa Graves4 (6)
Elizabeth Russell 1/25 (20)
Russell to Brunt, no run

backs away, but Russell isn't falling for it and bowls in the channel... Brunt topples over trying to reach it, and then sits frowning at the umpire. Winfield-Hill broke the stumps as she went down, too. Imagine Brunt's face if she had been stumped there

Russell to Graves, 1 run

Graves attempts to come down, Russell digs it in short, spliced down towards long-on on the bounce

Russell to Graves, no run

length, another cutter, Graves is back and across but picks out cover

Russell to Brunt, 1 run

full toss but Brunt can't get it away, clubbed down to long-on for one

Brunt gets the strike back

Russell to Graves, 1 run

pitched up, pace off the ball and worked through the leg side for one

Last 20, the RRPB up above 2. Russell to deliver her last set