Originals vs Phoenix, 20th Match at Birmingham, Women's Hundred, Aug 28 2022 - Full Scorecard

20th Match, Birmingham, August 28, 2022, The Hundred Women's Competition
(100 balls, T:123) 104

Originals won by 18 runs

Player Of The Match
20 (14) & 3/8
Originals Innings
Phoenix Innings
Match Flow
Manchester Originals (Women)  (100 balls maximum)
c Elwiss b Arlott3021-50142.85
lbw b Wong2016-40125.00
b Gordon1312-20108.33
c Franklin b Gordon2825-50112.00
run out (Molineux/†AE Jones)05-000.00
b Arlott2014-11142.85
not out 48-0050.00
not out 11-00100.00
Extras(b 1, nb 4, w 1)6
TOTAL100 balls (RPB: 1.22)122/6
Fall of wickets: 1-53 (Lizelle Lee, 35b), 2-54 (Emma Lamb, 38b), 3-86 (Amy Satterthwaite, 62b), 4-86 (Ami Campbell, 67b), 5-103 (Erin Burns, 84b), 6-121 (Sophie Ecclestone, 99b)
62b to AE Satterthwaite, pays the price for trying the reverse! Full on leg stump. She tries the reverse sweep, but can't connect. Ball goes under the bat and hits leg stump. 86/3
84b to EA Burns, full on middle and leg. Still head, big shot attempted over the non-striker, but straight down long on's throat!. 103/5
38b to EL Lamb, Taken at mid-off! Lamb looked to clear Elwiss as she looked to smash a fullish ball outside off but it went low and the fielder lunged forward and took it.. 54/2
99b to S Ecclestone, rattles the stumps! Dipping yorker/low full toss, with pace taken off. Aimed at the base of middle and after Ecclestone missed the leg-side swipe, there was only one result possible. 121/6
35b to L Lee, Struck in front, given LBW right away! Lee walks off knowing she's in front of all three. It was a length ball on middle and leg, Lee was standing with her feet diagonally placed in front (front leg on off) and missed the flick. May have kept a bit low. Smashed the pads and it was plumb.. 53/1
Birmingham Phoenix (Women)  (T: 123 runs from 100 balls)
c Lee b Cross02-000.00
lbw b Cross47-0057.14
b Jones67-1085.71
c †Threlkeld b Graham58-1062.50
lbw b Ecclestone36-0050.00
c Ecclestone b Burns3225-50128.00
st †Threlkeld b Jones2426-1092.30
not out 1410-01140.00
b Ecclestone77-00100.00
b Ecclestone01-000.00
run out (Potts/Ecclestone)02-000.00
Extras(nb 2, w 7)9
TOTAL100 balls (RPB: 1.04)104
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Eve Jones, 2b), 2-10 (Amy Jones, 13b), 3-12 (Sophie Devine, 21b), 4-20 (Ellyse Perry, 28b), 5-22 (Sophie Molineux, 34b), 6-68 (Issy Wong, 76b), 7-91 (Georgia Elwiss, 85b), 8-104 (Phoebe Franklin, 97b), 9-104 (Kirstie Gordon, 98b), 10-104 (Abtaha Maqsood, 100b)
2b to E Jones, Cut well but it's straight to Lee at point! It was close to the back of length around fifth, it was a a little close but the shot was. Eve Jones hit it flat and Lee took it in front with fingers pointing upwardss.. 1/1
21b to SFM Devine, Devine's given LBW and reviews. She shuffled across, just outside off, got a full ball on leg. She looked to help it fine, missed it and it hit her mid-knee-roll in front of leg. No edge, Hawk-Eye says clipping leg. Devine goes. Her guard on off, combined by a step across, gave Cross a good aim at middle and leg and she managed to trap the opposition skipper.. 12/3
13b to AE Jones, Beats the cut, knocks middle! That was on a length, coming in on the stumps, Amy made room and looked to chop it towards point but it beat the bat and clipped the bails. Hannah wins the battle of the Jones.. 10/2
76b to IECM Wong, drags her out, and stumped! Full just outside off. Turning away. Wong got out of her crease to meet the ball, but she's been done by the turn.. 68/6
34b to S Molineux, Big LBW shout, it's given and Molineux has a chat. Review? No, she's walking off. Ecclestone went back over, landed it slow on a length around fifth and spun it in sharply. Molineux was across and looked to pull it fine and into the ground. Missed, Ecclestone ran across diagonally, celebrappealing until the dreaded finger inevitably went up.. 22/5
97b to PA Franklin, length ball on off. Tries the reverse paddle, but misses, and looks like that has clipped off stump!. 104/8
98b to KL Gordon, on a hat-trick! Full on leg, and turning across the batter after she backed away slightly. Leg stump pegged back!. 104/9
28b to EA Perry, Threlkeld coming up pays off immediately! It was a back of length ball wide outside off, Perry looked to cut it, it went right off the bottom of the bat. It deflected just a bit to Threlkeld's right, her hands were close and reflexes quick enough to take it.. 20/4
85b to GA Elwiss, straight to deep midwicket! Ecclestone on the boundary line takes the catch. Another tossed up ball that ends up as a full toss due to the batter's charge. Swiped across the line, but to the fielder. 91/7
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  • Manchester Originals (Women) innings
  • Powerplay 1: Balls 1 - 25 (Mandatory - 41 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Manchester Originals (Women): 50 runs in 33 balls, Extras 1
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 33 balls (EL Lamb 29, L Lee 20, Ex 1)
  • Strategic Timeout: Manchester Originals (Women) - 82/2 in 60 balls (AE Satterthwaite 9, EA Burns 17)
  • Manchester Originals (Women): 100 runs in 81 balls, Extras 6
  • Balls 86: Review by Manchester Originals (Women) (Batting), Umpire - J Naeem, Batter - E Threlkeld (Upheld)
  • Innings Break: Manchester Originals (Women) - 122/6 in 100 balls (E Threlkeld 4, KL Cross 1)
  • Birmingham Phoenix (Women) innings
  • Powerplay 1: Balls 1 - 25 (Mandatory - 15 runs, 3 wickets)
  • Balls 21: Review by Birmingham Phoenix (Women) (Batting), Umpire - CM Watts, Batter - SFM Devine (Struck down - Umpires Call)
  • Birmingham Phoenix (Women): 50 runs in 59 balls, Extras 2
  • Birmingham Phoenix (Women): 100 runs in 93 balls, Extras 9
Edgbaston, Birmingham
TossBirmingham Phoenix (Women), elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Match days28 August 2022 - day (100-ball match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsManchester Originals (Women) 2, Birmingham Phoenix (Women) 0
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