Final (N), Birmingham, Oct 4 2020, Vitality Blast
(16/16 ov)127/7
(13.2/16 ov, target 128)129/4
Notts won by 6 wickets (with 16 balls remaining)
player of the match
Daniel Christian

10.08pm And here endeth the English season. One of the most extraordinary of all times. From furloughs to bio-secure bubbles, to West Indies' heroics bailing out England's men and women, to Black Lives Matter tributes, to the Bob Willis and Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophies... and now to the longest Finals Day weekend of all time, and finishing in early October too. It's been emotional, and more richly rewarding than we could have dared to imagine.

Let's do it all again soon. But with more crowds and fewer pandemics next time, eh? Matt and the Bard Paul Edwards are penning their thoughts as we speak. From Miller, Alan and the rest of the ESPNcricinfo team, good night and see you next time!

The Player of the Match is Dan Christian: "All worth it, it was a tough start to the tournament for me, with the whole isolation, and flight delays. Nice to get a reward like that."

"We knew the new ball would grip, we tried to minimise damage with the bat, and it ended up being a really good wicket when the ball went soft. They ended up 20 short. Our spinners were great, Ball was great, a diferent make-up with no Harry Gurney, a bit different but the boys handled it well. Ben Duckett has been really good all year, as has Joe Clarke. And Tom Moores too, a massive reason why we are here."

"The long batting line-up meant Imad was at 9, it gives freedom to the top order, take the short-side down tonight."

Christian flies home to Australia for a total of four weeks of quarantine ahead of the Big Bash... fun times. But he's got a trophy to show for it. And so now do his team as the trophy is hoisted aloft!

Gareth Batty: "We were a few short with the bat and Notts played very very well. We needed to take wickets throughout, we tried a bit of pace which didn't work so went back to spin. Well played Notts, back to the drawing board for us. Gutting to lose but Notts deserved the win."

As for his career, he concedes: "I'm in the twilight, that's for sure..."

10pm The Notts players have their medals, and some beers. It's closing time already, but I suspect the dressing-room will suffice for tonight's celebrations. Let's have some official presentations.

The Blast Player of the Year is Will Jacks, for his consistent contributions throughout their campaign. "Happy with how I played this summer, shame we couldn't get the job done today. Bowling in the Powerplay is a challenge but something I've enjoyed, and batting with Amla, Roy and the lads."

Ben Duckett: "Great to get over the line, weird not having the fans here, but good for me to get the lads over the line. We were never behind the rate, and Tregs took all the pressure off me, and we got home quite convincingly. Different people have stepped up at different points, not been one person throughout the whole season."

"On the big stage you want your captain to lead from the front, so really happy for him. We were so keen to play some cricket today, just happy to get out there. Finals Day is not Finals Day without the fans. Hopefully they will be back next year."

9.50pm So, it is Ben Duckett with a calmly paced half-century, building on the spectacular death-over efforts of Dan Christian, who was fittingly the man at the other end when the winning runs were struck. Jason Roy and Laurie Evans looked set to post an imposing total, but Surrey lost their way at crucial moments, and their seamers in particular struggled in the damp evening conditions. Their wait for that second T20 title will continue another year.

Peter Smith: "Best wishes to Gareth Barry assuming this is his last match. " I'd assume nothing where Batty is concerned... but yes, he has a coaching contract awaiting him when he is ready, and this might yet be the moment... we shall see... but it's been a remarkable career either way.

Gus: "Fair play to everyone who's put this on but this has been a mess. How can anyone have chance fielding second at nighttime in October. It's not been a fair contest at all. Surely the final could have been played tomorrow or Wednesday or whenever during the day. " I'd blame Covid rather than the administrators for that one. You have to cut your cloth accordingly in such circumstances.

Todd: "Who's going to tell the IPL that we had a T20 final where the winning team only hit one six? Are we playing the same game?" Maybe we should have played it in Sharjah after all!

9.47pm And that is the end of that. After 28 hours of delay, Finals Day is done and dusted in a rampage ... three matches, reduced in length maybe, but wrapped up in some style in the circumstances, and with 15 minutes to make it to last orders too! It's been an extraordinary summer, in so many different ways, but we've been treated to a spectacle that, in spite of everything, provided us with that familiar Finals Day experience.

Batty to Duckett, FOUR runs

swivelled into the leg-side, and a misfield skids for the winning boundary! Duckett is the hero as Nottinghamshire seal the Vitality Blast crown with a six-wicket romp in the October chill!

Batty to Duckett, FOUR runs

outside off, hit down into the leg side, pulled firmly in front of square! Duckett is one short of fifty, Notts are one hit short of victory!

end of over 1318 runs
Notts: 121/4CRR: 9.30 • RRR: 2.33 • Need 7 runs from 18b
Daniel Christian21 (11)
Ben Duckett45 (36)
Reece Topley3-0-25-1
Gareth Batty2-0-13-0
Topley to Christian, FOUR runs

crashed through the gap at midwicket! Back of a length, Christian is waiting for it, and dumps it into the gap! It's nearly done here... as Sweet Caroline starts to ring out...

Topley to Christian, 2 runs

flogged out to cover, Overton skids across the outfield as he slides to gather

Topley to Christian, (no ball) 2 runs

it's all going on ... A loose waist-high full-bunger, so it's a no-ball first up... a fine take at deep midwicket as Christian's flick ends up falling short of the rope... a fine release as he fell over the rope... none of it would have counted, but he does save some runs

Topley to Christian, 2 runs

another wide line, a toe-ended prod into space in the covers, and that's an easy two as the lack of timing plays in Christian's favour

Topley to Christian, 1 wide

wide line again, and this time too wide. Topley's tactics are telegraphed by his round-the-wicket approach

Stuart: "Nighty Night All. Can't help thinking this is all a bit 80s and 90s Natwest Final bowl first and win it. Say what you want but if you've got experience of bowling under lights in October, it's from playing in Shariah or Durban, not Birmingham."

Topley to Christian, no run

shimmies across the crease, Topley responds and aims wider with his back-of-the-hander. No wide, and rightly so

Hamish: "Anyone else see Batty just lick his fingers before he bowled? Is that allowed now?" So long as it isn't actively applied to the ball ... so many grey areas

Topley to Christian, FOUR runs

superb connection, as Christian gives himself room to the leg side, then flings his bat to meet the wide one outside off. Solidly thumped through point

Topley to Duckett, 1 run

slower ball, tailing into the pads, Duckett turns it off his legs for the single

end of over 125 runs
Notts: 103/4CRR: 8.58 • RRR: 6.25 • Need 25 runs from 24b
Daniel Christian7 (5)
Ben Duckett44 (35)
Gareth Batty2-0-13-0
Dan Moriarty3-0-20-1

Here's their likeliest source of wickets. In case of emergency, break glass for Reece Topley

Batty to Christian, no run

very short, but takes all the pace off to confound Christian's wind-up, he ends up flumping a back-cut to cover. Decent over, but Surrey need wickets

Batty to Duckett, 1 run

shimmying at the crease, fenced to the leg side, just the single again

Batty to Duckett, no run

loopy moon ball, dipping very late into the blockhole. Cunning

Batty to Duckett, 2 runs

conventional sweeper to deep square leg, good connection as Topley gathers

Dezz: "Surrey finally paying the price for picking Burns in T20 cricket... a baffling tactic they have had throughout the tournament. "

Batty to Christian, 1 run

rocks back to chop to the cover sweeper. Solid contact as Batty loops it up, tempting him to take on the long boundary

Batty to Duckett, 1 run

reverses the hands, can't pick out the gap at backward point

end of over 118 runs
Notts: 98/4CRR: 8.90 • RRR: 6.00 • Need 30 runs from 30b
Ben Duckett40 (31)
Daniel Christian6 (3)
Dan Moriarty3-0-20-1
Gareth Batty1-0-8-0
Moriarty to Duckett, 1 run

eased out to deep square leg. An unflustered over of accumulation. Surrey need snookers now

Moriarty to Duckett, no run

leg-sided, excellent interception by Batty on the 45. Cuts off a four, and nearly makes a run-out chance. Not bad for a 42-year old

Moriarty to Christian, 1 run

too short, Christian gets on top of a measured cut and picks out the cover sweeper

Moriarty to Christian, FOUR runs

in the arc, and pumped flat through cow corner! Pulled from outside off, one bounce inches inside the rope. Notts are rampant!

Moriarty to Duckett, 1 run

met on the full with a stretching sweep from outside off, picks off the single to deep midwicket

Moriarty to Christian, 1 run

round the wicket, hustled on a full length, driven off an inside edge to the leg side