1st Semi-Final (N), Sydney, Nov 25 2020, Women's Big Bash League
(16.2/20 ov, target 126)127/3
Stars Wmn won by 7 wickets (with 22 balls remaining)
player of the match
Alana King
Melbourne Stars Women

10.01pm Hugs among the Stars players, wide grins everywhere. The Scorchers are fairly dejected as expected. That's all from us tonight. Catch us for semi two tomorrow!

Alana King is the Player of the Match. for her wickets of Devine, Mooney and Jones. "Unbelievable performance. Been rough past few years. Unbelievable. You can't wipe the smile off my face. Happy to play my part and rolling with the punches. Chuffed to be in the team of the tournament too. We won't be bothered on who makes it tomorrow...both are good. Will focus on Saturday."

9.59pm The Stars win by seven wickets and 22 balls to spare. That was a breezy finish after a bit of nervousness after Lanning's dismissal. Sciver misses out on her fifty but she won't mind. Sutherland showed why she's so highly rated too. And remember King's three-wicket haul in the first innings. Villani's 10-ball 19 at the top was key too. The Stars completed their third win over the Scorchers this season, by the way, and reminded us all why they finished at the top of the points table in the league stage.

Spare a thought for Perth Scorchers too. Put in to bat under tricky batting conditions early on. They were so entertaining this season, especially Mooney and Devine. They'll come back strong next year though.

Devine to Sutherland, FOUR runs

clobbered over mid off, and Melbourne Stars are in the WBBL final for the first time!

Devinedivine: "Melbourne Stars bat more deeply. They have a world class spinner. Scorchers rely on Devine and Mooney and unfortunately not too many others step up. That is the difference and the reason why the Stars will win tonight and probably the final too. "

Devine to Sciver, 1 run

full toss, on middle. Flicked to deep midwicket

Four to win. Sciver needs four for her fifty. Can she seal both those targets?

end of over 169 runs
MS-W: 122/3CRR: 7.62 • RRR: 1.00 • Need 4 runs from 24b
Annabel Sutherland26 (25)
Natalie Sciver46 (44)
Heather Graham4-0-27-1
Samantha Betts3-0-19-0
Graham to Sutherland, no run

full, on leg. Offers the bat's full face, and hits it towards mid off

Graham to Sutherland, 2 runs

this has been squirted away to deep point, giving Sutherland another two

Graham to Sciver, 1 run

straight down the ground for a single

Graham to Sciver, no run

mistimes it, finds midwicket

Graham to Sciver, 2 runs

guided to the gap behind square, past the square-leg umpire for two more

Graham to Sciver, FOUR runs

target within single digits now! Giving the full toss the treatment it deserves. Hammered through cow corner

The Stars need another 13 to seal their first WBBL final spot

end of over 1513 runs
MS-W: 113/3CRR: 7.53 • RRR: 2.60 • Need 13 runs from 30b
Natalie Sciver39 (40)
Annabel Sutherland24 (23)
Samantha Betts3-0-19-0
Sarah Glenn3-0-29-1
Betts to Sciver, 1 run

Sciver keeps the strike as this is hit down to long on

Betts to Sutherland, 1 run

full, on her toes, and driven to long off

Betts to Sutherland, FOUR runs

hello there! Sutherland reminding everyone why she's so highly rated. On her pads, and put away on the leg side. Fifty partnership too,,, that Lanning dismissal seems so far back now

Hari: "It's (un) officially over for Scorchers! Nice tournament and enjoyed the way they played. "

Betts to Sutherland, SIX runs

pressure releaser! Full, just outside off, giant stride forward, and hammered over the bowler's head. That's into the grassbanks

Betts to Sutherland, no run

just past the edge as she misses the straight drive. Full just outside off, and a bit of seam in, together with extra bounce

Betts to Sciver, 1 run

full just outside off, and driven with the straight bat to long on