Challenger (N), Adelaide, November 24, 2022, Women's Big Bash League
(19.4/20 ov, T:155) 156/4

Strikers won by 6 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
45* (26)
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9:55pm: What a match! Strikers did not get off to the most fluent of starts to their 155-run chase. But Wolvaardt played the perfect anchor's role even as Dottin's explosion in the middle allowed them to get back on track. After she fell, Heat had their noses in front but couldn't hang on to their chances. They offered five reprieves to the Strikers batters, four of those to Wolvaardt, who fell short of fifty. Patterson and Penna then struck crucial blows which helped Strikers set finals date with Sixers.

Well, that's all from us for tonight. Do join us for the coverage of the WBBL final on Saturday. Till then, take care aficionados! Good night.

Bridget Patterson, player of the match: "Really good effort. OUr bowling was outstanding throughout the competition. Happy to contribute finally. To just scrape it in by run-rate, we managed to get huge crowd. Thanks everyone. I was shooting myself a little bit. I knew Maddie was at the other end and she has been outstanding. It's nice to make the finals two years in a row. Should be an even game in Sydney in the weekend. [Can she believe it] No! I am literally lost for words."

9:46pm Magnificent game of cricket and Strikers manage to overcome Heat. Clearly fielding a major culprit for the Jonassen-led side tonight. Elation, celebrations galore for Strikers, who were almost out of it before the Power Surge was taken. Penna and Patterson are hugged by their team-mates as the photographers do their thing. Lots of emotions and more so given the fiery build-up between the two sides.

Amelia Kerr to Penna, FOUR runs

It goes through covers. REDEMPTION FOR MADELINE PENNA! She was in the middle, heartbroken last year when Strikers went down in the final. She couldn't get going soon tonight but hits the runs that matter. Sees the tossed up ball, smashes it through covers to beat the fielder in the ring as well as in the deep to help them make the title-clash this season!

Run-a-ball three needed.

Amelia Kerr to Penna, FOUR runs

Slashes and Penna finds the gap and the boundary on the off side. Fires it on a length outside off, Penna manages to make good contact on the cut and beats backward point to her left.

Two singles in two balls... Heat would be happy.

Amelia Kerr to Patterson, 1 run

Flatter and quicker outside off, slapped towards covers for one.

Importantly for Strikers, Patterson on strike.

Amelia Kerr to Penna, 1 run

Tossed up full outside off, Penna manages to reach that and gets it via the outside edge towards short third.

Big, big call. Amelia Kerr has the ball with Strikers needing 9 off 6.

end of over 1914 runs
AS-W: 146/4CRR: 7.68 RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
Bridget Patterson44 (25b 5x4 1x6)
Madeline Penna2 (7b)
Courtney Grace Sippel 3-0-30-1
Jess Jonassen 4-0-29-1
Sippel to Patterson, SIX runs

Whacked away and all the way over deep square leg. The crowd goes bonkers! Once again she walks across and stands outside off. She was deep in her crease as well. As as result, she managed to get under the good length ball outside off and pump it for a maximum.

A longish chat between the bowler and the captain.

Sippel to Penna, 1 run

Walks down to the length ball, it was the legcutter again. Miscues it to deep midwicket. Will get just one.

Sippel to Patterson, 1 run

Once again looks to walk across and go over square leg. But this time Sippel bowls it on a pace and on a length. Only gets it to the fielder in the ring.

Sippel to Patterson, FOUR runs

Patterson makes excellent contact on the heave across the line! Another legcutter, on a length just outside off this time. She moves across and exploits the deep square leg region. Clears the fielder in the ring and it is four for the taking.

Sippel to Penna, 1 leg bye

Slower one outside off, full in length as well. Penna moves across to whip it away. Misses and they cross over for a leg bye.

Sippel to Penna, no run

Slower one on a fullish length just outside off, Penna fails to get bat on that.

Long-on and deep midwicket on the fence.

Sippel to Penna, 1 wide

Slow and well outside off, again wide outside the line.

Sippel to bowl the penultimate over, the second of the Power Surge

Ntate Sam: "AS may have left the power surge a bit too late"

end of over 1810 runs
AS-W: 132/4CRR: 7.33 RRR: 11.50 • Need 23 runs from 12b
Bridget Patterson33 (22b 4x4)
Madeline Penna1 (4b)
Jess Jonassen 4-0-29-1
Courtney Grace Sippel 2-0-17-1
Jonassen to Patterson, FOUR runs

Starts the over with a four, ends with another! Full and around off and middle, she slinks down and hits it well over mid-off now. One-bounce four.

Back over the wicket.

Jonassen to Penna, 1 run

Tossed up outside off again, driven towards cover where a misfield allows the run.

Jonassen to Penna, no run

Floated full outside off, she hits it twice and ends up getting it back to our bowler.

Around the stumps.

Jonassen to Patterson, 1 run

Quicker and flatter around off, taps it to the off side for a quick one.

Aborts the run-up and warns the non-striker for run-out. She actually backed off seeing the striker move across early.

Jonassen to Patterson, no run

Darts it full on off, thrashed to cover.

Jonassen to Patterson, FOUR runs

Patterson at it, starts with a four! Fires it full around leg, she makes room and hits it well over mid-on.

Power Surge activated! JJ to bowl the first of those. From over the wicket. 33 needed off 18...

end of over 173 runs • 1 wicket
AS-W: 122/4CRR: 7.17 RRR: 11.00 • Need 33 runs from 18b
Madeline Penna0 (2b)
Bridget Patterson24 (18b 2x4)
Courtney Grace Sippel 2-0-17-1
Charli Knott 3-0-27-1
Sippel to Penna, no run

Full and wide cuit straight to Knott at backward point.

Sippel to Penna, no run

Full and slow just outside off, pushed back.

Madeline Penna.

Sippel to Wolvaardt, OUT

Terrific catch. Jess Kerr holds on to a tough one and what a time to get the set batter out! Another legcutter, again on a length around off and middle. Wolvaardt looks to heave it over the on side and ends up getting a top edge towards the off side. Kerr runs along - a bit back and a bit sideways - from short third and pouches it safely.

Laura Wolvaardt c JM Kerr b Sippel 47 (45b 4x4 0x6 71m) SR: 104.44
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