2nd Test, Wellington, Dec 10 - 14 2020, West Indies tour of New Zealand
(79.1 ov)(f/o) 131 & 317
New Zealand won by an innings and 12 runs
player of the match
Henry Nicholls
New Zealand

That's all from us at ESPNcricinfo as the team comes together for a group photo. Latham holds the trophy. Catch all the post-match roundup on the homepage soon, and see you soon for more cricket. Up next, NZ v Pakistan in four days.


Tom Latham, NZ stand-in captain: "Looking at the Test championship, its nice to get the full points from this series. We stressed on one game at a time. World rankings are a byproduct of their effort. Pretty special for us to go joint-first. Focus will quickly move to the next Test series against Pakistan after the T20 series. So many guys put their hand up in the series. Henry's innings and Kane's in the first Test, and the effort of the bowlers to put WI back both times and keep coming. They never complain, just do their job. Long may it continue. The wickets in NZ have been pretty green traditionally. We find a way to play in these conditions. When you go around the world you have to adapt to different conditions. Haven't checked my phone but I'm sure Kane would've been watching the last few days.

Jason Holder, WI captain: "Disappointing, but the fight in the second innings was what we were looking for, should've done in in the first game. We created opportunities but let some of them off. Chemar and da Silva were good. We've showed time and time again we can do it, but we are inconsistent. Seems like I repeat this in every post-match. We need to see our technical and mental side of things. Impossible to make inroads when you give them 7 chances. No excuses, just need to find a way."

Kyle Jamieson (11 wickets) is Player of the Series for his allround show. "Cool to be part of this special group. Feel fortunate. Played a small part. Collective effort, not just me, whole bowling unit performed so well. Like to get the most out of myself. Excited to see how high I can go. Want to try and improve each day. At this stage, my bowling will come first but I certainly want to be an allrounder. That's the exciting thing, how to juggle both things. Going outside NZ and playing is exciting part of this. When overseas tours do happen, just try to learn and use my skillset in outside conditions."

Henry Nicholls is the Player of the Match for his highest Test score of 174. "Nice to contribute, and a PB (personal best). Nice to win the Test, the series, two innings victories. Lots of ebbs and flows and luck in the innings. Partnership with lower order was good, what Wagner did at No. 10 went a long way..Knew no Kane would be an absence, good to plug those gaps." He also donates 500 NZD to his local cricket club in Christchurch.

11.51am Two wins in two Tests, both with an innings margin, and that too after being asked to bat at the toss in each occasion. The absence of Kane Williamson wasn't felt either, Tom Latham doing an excellent job in KW's unavailability. West Indies added 73 today, and if Jason Holder did not fall so early in the day, they would've probably forced New Zealand to bat a second time. Joshua da Silva's effort on debut was promising. John Campbell was astute yesterday afternoon too. Those two and Holder got half-centuries in WI's second-innings effort of 317. Three wickets for Boult and Wagner, two each for Jamieson and Southee in this innings. Remember Jamieson and Southee shared five wickets each in the first innings, so all four bowlers had a good outing. Don't forget Wagner's rolling maiden fifty in his 50th Test on day two, and Henry Nicholls' 174.

Wagner to Gabriel, OUT

game over! Yorker on the stumps. Gabriel has a swing. Ball crashes into middle. New Zealand win by an innings

Shannon Gabriel b Wagner 0 (9m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
end of over 7910 runs
WI: 317/9CRR: 4.01 
Shannon Gabriel0 (5)
Chemar Holder13 (15)
Daryl Mitchell4-0-20-0
Neil Wagner17-4-54-2

NZ have lost all three reviews now

Mitchell to Gabriel, 1 leg bye

appeal for lbw turned down, and NZ review This was a full ball on middle and leg, hitting Gabriel flush on the boot in front leg stump. Was it swinging in too much? Yes...missing leg stump

Mitchell to Holder, 1 run

length ball on off, and he opens the bat's face to guide a shot to deep point

Mitchell to Holder, no run

short ball on middle, and he makes room to slap it leg side. Misses

Mitchell to Holder, no run

bouncer on middle, and he swiftly ducks. The keeper has a hard time taking the grab in one take

Mitchell to Holder, FOUR runs

full outside off, and he flat-bats a shot past the bowler's left, and mid off can't stop it either!

Mitchell to Holder, FOUR runs

low full toss and he toe-ends a straight drive over the bowler's head!

Would've been game over had NZ reviewed that first lbw shout.

end of over 781 run • 1 wicket
WI: 307/9CRR: 3.93 
Shannon Gabriel0 (4)
Chemar Holder4 (10)
Neil Wagner17-4-54-2
Daryl Mitchell3-0-11-0
Wagner to Gabriel, no run

pushed to the off side

Wagner to Gabriel, no run

yorker on leg, and it hits his leg, but the lbw appeal is turned down. <

Wagner to Gabriel, no run

full on middle, and he wants to go up and over. Mistimed to midwicket

Wagner to Gabriel, no run

full on leg and he steps forward to defend. Hits the back leg, but probably too high. They appeal but umpire Brown is unmoved. B>Replays show that's hitting the stumps

With that, it's back to Sreshth.

Wagner to Da Silva, OUT

full, beaten on the flick, and Chris Brown upholds the lbw shout without any hesitation. Da Silva has reviewed with even less hesitation. Looks like it might have pitched outside leg... No inside edge there, just straightened past the bat. And it's a cracking decision from Brown, who's had an incredible debut Test. Ends another debut Test, though. It pitched just inside the line of leg stump, and was straightening to hit a good part of leg stump as per ball tracking

Joshua Da Silva lbw b Wagner 57 (135m 84b 6x4 0x6) SR: 67.85
Wagner to Da Silva, no run

length ball on off stump, lets it come and defends to short extra-cover

Wagner to Da Silva, (no ball)

back of a length down leg, can't connect with the flick off the hip. Looks like Wagner's overstepped

Here's Wagner. Left-arm over.

end of over 777 runs
WI: 306/8CRR: 3.97 
Chemar Holder4 (10)
Joshua Da Silva57 (81)
Daryl Mitchell3-0-11-0
Trent Boult21-3-96-3
Mitchell to Holder, no run

full on off stump, driven to the squarer of the two cover fielders

Mitchell to Holder, no run

full again, outside off, driven into the covers

Mitchell to Da Silva, 1 run

floaty full-toss wide of off, driven to the right of deep point

Mitchell to Da Silva, 2 runs

short, wide, slapped to the right of deep point

Mitchell to Da Silva, no run

too full again, outside off, and Latham dives right at short extra-cover to stop a firm da Silva drive

Mitchell to Da Silva, FOUR runs

starts with a full, floaty ball outside off, and da Silva just whacks it down the ground, straight of mid-on. Not a drive, more a big, booming hit

Thanks, Sreshth. Interesting bowling change, here's Daryl Mitchell. New Zealand are waiting for the second new ball to become available.