3rd Test, Manchester, June 07 - 11, 2007, West Indies tour of England and Ireland
370 & 313
(T:455) 229 & 394

England won by 60 runs

Player Of The Match
4/50 & 6/137
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Presentations Polite applause for the officials ... and then it's Daren Ganga. "I must commend the guys and everyone contributed ... it's been a massive improvement and we're looking forward to the last Test." And then it's Michael Vaughan, cheered as he comes up. Fredalo all forgiven. "We had to fight hard and we're delighted with the victory ... they really dug in and batted well and we knew it would be tough." Special praise for Harmison who showed "tremendous character" in the way he bowled in the second innings.

And the Man of the Match is Monty Panesar for his 10 for 187. There's a surprise. "I'm delighted to get my first ten-for ... it was all about not getting carried away."

And that's all from us at Old Trafford. From Martin Williamson and Jenny Thompson it's goodbye and join us again on Friday for the fourth and final Test at Chester-le-Street.

England win by 60 runs Monty Panesar has his ten-for in the match - the first by an England spinner in almost a decade - and its hugs all round as Chanderpaul heads off to deserved applause. England have retained the Wisden Trophy and Michael Vaughan sets a new record by leading England to 21 wins.

Panesar to Collymore, OUT

and that's two balls too many ... full, clipped off bat and pad and Bell holds on to a brilliant one-handed reaction catch to his right at short leg. Collymore stands his ground, the umpires confer and refer ... the PA announces and England celebrate prematurely. England start high-fiving and hugging before the announcement as they get the thumbs-up from the dressing-room. It takes two minutes and endless replays before the third umpire gives his decision ... it's out

Corey Collymore c Bell b Panesar 0 (8b 0x4 0x6 13m) SR: 0
Panesar to Chanderpaul, 1 run

pushed into the leg side and Chanderpaul happy to expose Collymore for two balls

Panesar to Chanderpaul, no run

shapes to crack the ball through the covers but mistimes it into the ground

Panesar to Chanderpaul, no run

floated up, Chanderpaul back to block

Slip comes out into the covers.

Panesar to Chanderpaul, 2 runs

driven crisply through the covers, it's chased and cut off a yard inside the rope and they settle for two

Panesar starts his 52nd over

end of over 1321 run
WI: 391/9CRR: 2.96 
Corey Collymore0 (7b)
Shivnarine Chanderpaul113 (253b 12x4)
Steve Harmison 33-8-95-4
Monty Panesar 51-13-134-5
Harmison to Collymore, no run

straighter but Collymore digs it out

Four balls at Collymore, not one near the target (unless he's aiming for his head)

Harmison to Collymore, no run

outside off again and left

Harmison to Collymore, no run

fuller but still short of a length, Collymore deliberately plays inside the line

Harmison to Collymore, no run

and again Collymore ducks as well he might because that was dug in

Harmison to Collymore, no run

short, Collymore ducks early as if expecting it

Chanderpaul not happy with himself at being stranded at the non-striker's end

Harmison to Chanderpaul, 1 run

short, pulled hard but right to Panesar at long leg who fumbles but does well enough to prevent the second

end of over 1315 runs
WI: 390/9CRR: 2.97 
Corey Collymore0 (2b)
Shivnarine Chanderpaul112 (252b 12x4)
Monty Panesar 51-13-134-5
Steve Harmison 32-8-94-4
Panesar to Collymore, no run

a rasping appeal for leg before, Collymore all at sea, but the ball heading down leg

Panesar to Chanderpaul, 1 run

pushed to deep mid-on and the batsmen accept the gifted single to leave Corey Collymore one ball to face

Panesar to Chanderpaul, no run

back and defends, dropping the ball into the ground at his feet

Panesar to Chanderpaul, 2 leg byes

swept fine with a cry of anguish from Panesar, another two

Panesar to Chanderpaul, 2 runs

driven deep into the covers, well placed to allow two runs

Panesar to Chanderpaul, no run

England giving the single and at last Chanderpaul turns it down

end of over 1301 run • 2 wickets
WI: 385/9CRR: 2.96 
Corey Collymore0 (1b)
Shivnarine Chanderpaul109 (247b 12x4)
Steve Harmison 32-8-94-4
Monty Panesar 50-13-131-5
Harmison to Collymore, no run

fired into Collymore's pads and into the leg side

Two wickets in four balls ... more questions about Chanderpaul's tactics in exposing the tail.

Harmison to Edwards, OUT

another ripper from Harmison at Edwards' chest, he is turned square as he tries to get into line and the ball loops off the edge to gully where Bell runs to his left to hold the catch

Fidel Edwards c Bell b Harmison 0 (3b 0x4 0x6 3m) SR: 0

Edwards peppered Harmison in both innings, so he had to expect some back

Harmison to Edwards, no run

short again and Edwards ducks right down and the ball sails over where his throat would have

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