1st ODI (D/N), Kochi, Oct 8 2014, West Indies tour of India
(41/50 ov, target 322)197
West Indies won by 124 runs
player of the match
Marlon Samuels
West Indies
end of over 418 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 197/10CRR: 4.80 • RRR: 13.89 • Need 125 runs from 54b
Ravindra Jadeja33 (36)
Ravi Rampaul8-0-48-2
Jerome Taylor10-1-50-1

Time for the presentation:

MS Dhoni: It was a par score but it was a good wicket to bat on. Last few overs we bowled well to restrict them. At the start of the match if we were given 320-odd we should have got it. They bat really deep and have 6 bowlers with a part-timer. They have spinners, quick bowlers and are a balanced side. Dwayne Bravo and I know each other well. But with technology as well we can spot the weaknesses and do analysis of the opponents easily these days

Dwayne Bravo: It was a great team effort, credit to entire team especially to Samuels coming back to ODI team. Credit to the stand between him and Ramdin and the bowlers as well. I hope Simmons is fit for the next match but I'm ready to open for the team. It's well and good till we keep winning. Scoring over 320 is always good, we fell short by 15-20 runs and they bowled very well but great team effort from us.

Marlon Samuels is Man of the Match: After some injuries and surgery I didn't play much, got some form in CPL but didn't play much. I lost my coach also so I dedicate this to him. Ramdin is in good nick for the last year and he's been batting well. The communication and running between us went well between us.

Well, that's all from us for this ODI in Kochi. West Indies have taken a 1-0 lead and do join us on Saturday for the second match in Delhi at 1430 local time. Till then, it's goodbye and good luck from Vishal and Alagappan, ciao!

10.15pm That's a comprehensive win for West Indies to begin this tour after losing both their warm-up matches to India A. Smith gave a strong start, and that stand between Samuels and Ramdin took them past 300. India were definitely capable of chasing that, but some tight bowling from Rampaul, and disciplined lines from medium-pacers put India in trouble at 114 for 5. Samuels also got two wickets and whatever Ambrose said in the team huddle during the innings break seems to have worked

Jerome Taylor: I haven't played ODI cricket for a while and to come back with such a performance against a strong team gives confidence. When you can come out and perform, with a good team effort it keeps the dressing room positive.

Shubhank: "One thing Indian team should notice for the upcoming matches is that west indies have a good death bowling attach as rampaul was getting blockholes right."

Tajal: "Ever since Ambrose emerged on the sidelines for WI, the bowlers have been showing better discipline in their lines and length (overall control). There is no one who can drive that point across quite as good as the great Curtly Ambrose. He's a great presence in this team"

Rampaul to Shami, OUT

it's all over, finally! The yorker from Rampual wraps it up, he pitched it right on the base of leg stump as Shami made room and missed it

Mohammed Shami b Rampaul 19 (26m 17b 2x4 1x6) SR: 111.76
Rampaul to Jadeja, 1 run

full and just outside off, pushed to long-off with an open face for one more

Rampaul to Shami, 1 run

clears his front leg, slaps the ball down the ground to mid-on

Rampaul to Shami, no run

another one in the block hole, this one gets Shami's right toe as he made some room again. He looks in some pain, but is alright

Rampaul to Shami, no run

superb yorker, straight towards Shami's toes as he made room but well outside the leg stump

Rampaul to Shami, SIX runs

Shami gets into the act now! Short ball to him, he opens up a bit and pulls it handsomely over the midwicket boundary for another six, the second of the innings

end of over 4013 runs
INDIA: 189/9CRR: 4.72 • RRR: 13.30 • Need 133 runs from 60b
Ravindra Jadeja32 (35)
Mohammed Shami12 (12)
Jerome Taylor10-1-50-1
Ravi Rampaul7-0-40-1
Taylor to Jadeja, FOUR runs

on the other side this time! This one was well outside off, Jadeja waited for it cut it late between short third man and backward point to pierce the gap for four

Taylor to Jadeja, SIX runs

slower ball, Jadeja picks it and whips it for six! It came from the back of the hand, pitched outside leg and he rocked back to loft it with a pivot over the midwicket boundary for six!

Taylor to Jadeja, no run

in the block hole outside off, RJ makes some room to tap it to short third man and Samuels dives to save a few runs

Taylor to Shami, 1 run

bangs in the short ball towards leg side, Shami pulls it fine to fine leg for one

Taylor to Shami, 1 wide

slower delivery down the leg side, another wide

Taylor to Shami, no run

yorker on the off stump, Shami makes room and digs it out to cover point

Third man brought in the circle

Taylor to Jadeja, 1 run

full and a bit wide, driven down a bit wide of long-off. There was a second there, probably, but Shami didn't look interested

end of over 3910 runs
INDIA: 176/9CRR: 4.51 • RRR: 13.27 • Need 146 runs from 11 overs
Mohammed Shami11 (10)
Ravindra Jadeja21 (31)
Ravi Rampaul7-0-40-1
Jerome Taylor9-1-37-1
Rampaul to Shami, 2 runs

full again and this one's flicked fine off the pads to fine leg for two more

Rampaul to Shami, FOUR runs

full and angled into the pads, Shami flicks by lifting his right leg to maintain the balance and plays the flamingo shot for four

Rampaul to Shami, no run

shorter this time and angled in, Shami makes room again and misses it completely

Rampaul to Shami, no run

he wants to pull, he makes room, but he doesn't get much and slaps it to mid-on

Rampaul to Jadeja, 1 run

length ball outside off at 122kph give RJ enough time to punch it off the back foot

Rampaul to Shami, 2 wide

strays down the leg side for a wide with a full delivery and Ramdin can't collect it

Rampaul to Jadeja, 1 run

back of length just outside off, Jadeja taps it softly on off for a quick one

Rampaul changes ends

More praise for the visitors. Gaurav Reddy: "Only the West Indies cricket team can hammer the World Champions after twice getting thrashed twice by India 'A' in the same week! "