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1st Test, Dunedin, December 11 - 15, 2008, West Indies tour of New Zealand
365 & 44/2

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
1/61 & 106
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Scorecard summary
New Zealand 365/10(116 overs)
Daniel Flynn 95 (188)
Jesse Ryder 89 (157)
Chris Gayle3/42 (21)
Daren Powell3/68 (24)
West Indies 340/10(100 overs)
New Zealand 44/2(10 overs)
Jamie How 10 (18)
Daren Powell2/17 (5)
Fidel Edwards0/22 (5)

2.00pm It's official now. The fifth day has been abandoned and it's a draw. Very predictable given the way the day panned out. Jerome Taylor and the two Daniels - Flynn and Vettori - were the standout performers.

Thanks for your company. Do join us for the second Test at McLean Park in Napier from December 19, when hopefully, we'll have better news and get a result. This is the Cricinfo team signing off. Cheers!

12.30pm The good news is that it is slowly easing off, very slowly, but some solace in that the rain is not nearly as heavy as earlier. The bad news is that the word is that even if it were to stop now, it would be at least two hours before any play would be possible. So expect an early - and leisurely - lunch and then more of the same this afternoon.

12.05pm Chucking it down, pools of water on the concrete areas around the grandstand and pavilion, and given the hints from the authorities that even if it does stop we're facing a long mopping-up operation, the common-sense thing might be for everyone to head home. But this is cricket. We have plenty more inspections left in the game yet.

11.45am Still grim, I'm afraid. The ground is deserted, the covers are on and the rain is falling. The two teams are inside their dressing-rooms passing time with neither looking as if they are expecting anything to happen in the near future.

11.20am Well, the covers are on and it's still raining, and given the forecast, don't start putting money on much happening in Dunedin today, certainly not enough for either side to be able to force a result. Deeply disappointing. If this was TV we'd show you highlights of yesterday's action ...

The word is that even if it stops raining now there will be a long delay before we can start. That has to raise some serious questions about the facilities and/or the groundstaff. Both have come under fire during the match.

Day 5 - 9.50am Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the final day. The early news from Dunedin is not good with chances of rain forecast at 60%. We'll bring you more closer to the start.

end of over 106 runs
NZ: 44/2CRR: 4.40 
Tim McIntosh24 (35)
Daniel Flynn4 (7)
Daren Powell 5-0-17-2

Close Well, momentum has shifted throughout the day and West Indies will probably end it happier, Jerome Taylor certainly will.

Just to recap, New Zealand have lost Ross Taylor to a dislocated and chipped ring finger on his right hand - he will only bat if needed - while Jacob Oram has ruled himself out of bowling in the second Test but may still make the line-up as a batsman.

Thanks for joining us today, I hope you've enjoyed the coverage. We'll be back at 11.30am tomorrow but for now, from me, Alan Curr, good evening.

Powell to McIntosh, no run

defended solidly and a sigh of relief for McIntosh, he'll be back tomorrow

Tough chance, but a lifeline all the same

Powell to McIntosh, no run

dropped angled at his pads and McIntosh tried to turn it away, Chattergoon at short leg had it in his hands before it popped out again.

just two balls left today

Powell to McIntosh, no run

short and ducked under

Powell to McIntosh, FOUR runs

great shot, up on his toes and a solid drive off the back foot through cover for another boundary

Powell to Flynn, 1 leg bye

leg-stump line and that deflects off the pad, a sprawling dive from Ramdin saves a possible boundary

Powell to McIntosh, 1 run

pulled again, but hit into the ground at his feet and the ball just trickled away

end of over 91 run
NZ: 38/2CRR: 4.22 
Daniel Flynn4 (6)
Tim McIntosh19 (30)
Fidel Edwards 5-0-22-0
Edwards to Flynn, no run

solid defence on the front foot there

More words from Edwards, he's not short of a few out there

Edwards to Flynn, no run

good bouncer and Flynn gets out of the way

Edwards to Flynn, no run

defended square on the off side

The opening bowlers are unsettling the New Zealand batsman here

Edwards to Flynn, no run

beats him outside off stump, a good delivery that and a few nerves showing from Flynn

Flynn just halts Edwards in his run up there

Words from Edwards this time

Edwards to McIntosh, 1 run

it's that paddle/pull shot again from a short one that didn't really get up. Fielded at square-leg

Edwards to McIntosh, no run

short from Edwards and McIntosh gets out of the way

end of over 84 runs • 2 wickets
NZ: 37/2CRR: 4.62 
Daniel Flynn4 (2)
Tim McIntosh18 (28)
Daren Powell 4-0-12-2
Powell to Flynn, FOUR runs

full and Flynn drives that passed mid-off. It was in the air for a moment but always safe

Powell to Flynn, no run

short and Flynn is quick to get out of the way

Hat-trick ball for the second time today, Daniel Flynn to face it.

Powell to Mills, OUT

great delivery, Powell is really fired up and that takes the inside edge and cannons into leg stump. No real footwork there and he leaves with the roars of Powell ringing in his ears

Kyle Mills b Powell 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Another low score for How will do him no good at all, Vettori would have been very keen to get through this little session unscathed.

Kyle Mills is in as nightwatchman

Powell to How, OUT

bowled him, another disappointment for How. Straight through him just clipped the top of middle stump, perhaps a few words from Powell after the previous delivery may have unsettled him.

Jamie How b Powell 10 (35m 18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 55.55
Powell to How, no run

on the back foot very quickly there and shows Powell the full face of the bat

Powell to How, no run

into the body and that hits Jamie How dangerously close to the crown jewels. He's alright though

end of over 78 runs
NZ: 33/0CRR: 4.71 
Tim McIntosh18 (28)
Jamie How10 (15)
Fidel Edwards 4-0-21-0
Edwards to McIntosh, no run

back of a length and left well alone outside off

Edwards to McIntosh, FOUR runs

waist high again and McIntosh is persevering with the pull shot, it was on leg stump so was easier for him to control and it ran behind square, no stopping that

Match details
University Oval, Dunedin
TossNew Zealand, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
West Indies
Jerome Taylor
Series result2-match series level 0-0
Match numberTest no. 1897
Hours of play (local time)11.30am start, Lunch 14.00-14.40pm, Tea 16.40-17.00, Close 19.30
Match days11,12,13,14,15 December 2008 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
Brendan Nash
Brendan Nash
Lionel Baker
Lionel Baker
Tim McIntosh
Tim McIntosh
Amiesh Saheba
Mark Benson
TV Umpire
South Africa
Rudi Koertzen
Reserve Umpire
New Zealand
Tony Hill
Match Referee
Javagal Srinath