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2nd Test, Multan, November 19 - 23, 2006, West Indies tour of Pakistan
357 & 461/7

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
56 & 191
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Mohammad Yousuf 's run tally in this calendar year stands at 1562. Only one man has amassed more than him: Viv Richards with 1710. Yousuf has one more Test to have a crack at the record. But this game, as we know, is just not about the individuals and Pakistan would try to clinch the series while West Indies would try to level it at Karachi where the third and the final Test match starts on November 27. Join us then. This is Sriram Veera signing off. Good bye and good luck. Ta!

Mohammed to Mohammad Yousuf, OUT

Yousuf can't believe it. Shovels a ball on the leg stump to Chanderpaul at short midwicket. He stands there, hands on his hips, for some time before slowly walking off. Game has been declared a draw. For the second time in this series and third time this year, Yousuf has got out on 190's

Mohammad Yousuf c Chanderpaul b Mohammed 191 (344b 22x4 0x6 420m) SR: 55.52
Mohammed to Mohammad Yousuf, no run
Mohammed to Mohammad Yousuf, no run

well outside the leg stump, again the batsman can't get to it

Mohammed to Mohammad Yousuf, no run

spins further away after landing on the leg stump, shovelled to midwicket

end of over 1472 runs
PAK: 461/6CRR: 3.13 
Kamran Akmal2 (10b)
Mohammad Yousuf191 (340b 22x4)
Chris Gayle 29-5-85-0
Dave Mohammed 27-4-101-2
Gayle to Kamran, no run
Gayle to Kamran, no run
Gayle to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 run

comes forward, drives past cover

Gayle to Kamran, 1 run

leans forward, drives the dipping full toss to long-on

Gayle to Kamran, no run

fired in flatter, driven back down the track

Gayle to Kamran, no run

on the stumps, driven back to the bowler

end of over 1461 run • 1 wicket
PAK: 459/6CRR: 3.14 
Kamran Akmal1 (5b)
Mohammad Yousuf190 (339b 22x4)
Dave Mohammed 27-4-101-2
Chris Gayle 28-5-83-0
Mohammed to Kamran, 1 run

on the legs, worked to long leg

Mohammed to Kamran, no run

Again wide outside the leg stump, no chance for Akmal to get a touch

Mohammed to Kamran, no run

And again.

Mohammed to Kamran, no run

on the stumps. Akmal is standing outside the legstump, pats it back down the track

Mohammed to Kamran, no run

outside the legstump, left alone

bit inappropriate at this stage when the batsmen are going for the broke but Fatir Malik sends in this nice anecdote about a defensive batsman. He writes and I quote, ""When the wreck of the ship Mary Rose was brought up, it had a writing on its side which said "Has Tavare got off themark yet?".

Thanks Malik.

Mohammed to Abdul Razzaq, OUT

Chanderpaul takes a beauty. Awesome catch. Razzaq swings a fullish-delivery towards midwicket where Chanderpaul dives to his left to bring off a smart catch.

Abdul Razzaq c Chanderpaul b Mohammed 80 (117b 8x4 1x6 150m) SR: 68.37
end of over 1451 run
PAK: 458/5CRR: 3.15 
Mohammad Yousuf190 (339b 22x4)
Abdul Razzaq80 (116b 8x4 1x6)
Chris Gayle 28-5-83-0
Dave Mohammed 26-4-100-1
Gayle to Mohammad Yousuf, no run

on the leg side again, that restricting line, swatted to midwicket

Gayle to Mohammad Yousuf, no run

just outside the offstump, pushed to cover point

Gayle to Mohammad Yousuf, no run
Gayle to Mohammad Yousuf, no run
Gayle to Mohammad Yousuf, no run

down the legside, sweep shot attempted but doesn't connect

Gayle to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run

on the legs, tries to turn it fine, doesn't connect properly

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