3rd ODI (D/N), Abu Dhabi, October 05, 2016, West Indies tour of United Arab Emirates
(44/50 ov, T:309) 172

Pakistan won by 136 runs

Player Of The Match
117 (106)
Player Of The Series
360 runs
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end of over 442 runs • 2 wickets
WI: 172/10CRR: 3.90 RRR: 22.83
Shannon Gabriel1 (3b)
Wahab Riaz 8-0-28-2
Mohammad Nawaz 9-0-40-3

10.20pm It's official now. Pakistan are back at No.8 in the ODI rankings. As far as series victories go, it couldn't have come much easier for Pakistan. That isn't to take away anything from them. Batsmen, particularly Babar Azam, set things up match after match to give the bowlers cushion to go flat out. West Indies once again didn't have a plan to approach the chase. It meandered along till a point and once the asking rate escalated, they simply had no option but to go for broke and fell apart. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, cheers!

There were a number of records Babar Azam surpassed during the ODI series. Bharath Seervi with the statistical highlights


Do you want any prizes for guessing who the Man of the Match and the series would be? Babar Azam is likely to be charged for excess baggage on his trip back home after this tour. "I had confidence in my abilities that I'll deliver and break records," he says. "The plan was to bat till the end. Shoaib Malik told me hundreds don't come everyday, so that gave me the motivation to bat till the end and get to three figures. I want to continue finishing games and bat long for the team."

Azhar Ali: It was a much-needed hundred for me, but the most important thing is we wanted to win 3-0. Credit to the boys for coming up with exceptional performances. Three hundreds in a row doesn't come easy, congrats to Babar Azam for his efforts. Everyone fought like tigers, so it feels great. You can see in their eyes the hunger to perform. We are all training hard. The more we win, the more we'll blossom. New Zealand and Australia will pose a tougher challenge, but everyone's working hard and that's what you can do. ODIs have move forward, so as a team we need to keep going towards that.

Jason Holder: We haven't been up to scratch in this series. We just really need to work on all aspects of the game. It's difficult [to put behind administrative issues and concentrate on the game] but we are professionals, so we have to try and adjust. We need fresh faces to re-energise the dressing room. We have to start with some pride in the Tests. It won't be easy, Pakistan have been playing some good cricket.

"If I was Ramiz, I would ask Holder why he didn't play Gayle or Sammy." If only he had the powers, Usman.

Ali Mushaf: "What a spineless and spiceless performance by WI in this tour. Disappointed to not see a real contest." Couldn't get more accurate there. Lopsided T20I series, lopsided ODI series. Over to the Tests now.

saadkhleel: "Almost the same team lost 4-1 in England and now won 3-0. I guess its more to do with Windies' approach but still some good finds amongst the youngsters. The real test of Azhar's captaincy and our young guns is gonna be the series in AUS and NZ. Hope they carry the momentum in future."

Wahab Riaz to Ramdin, OUT

that's the end of that. Gets a thick inside edge to square leg. No sooner than it hit the bat, Ramdin was off for the single without looking at his partner. Hassan Ali, who initially wanted to run to the stumps, lobbed the throw to Rizwan, who was backing up from point. He then ran to the stumps to whip the bails off with Ramdin nowhere in sight after being sent back

Denesh Ramdin run out (Hasan Ali/Mohammad Rizwan) 37 (70b 2x4 0x6) SR: 52.85
Wahab Riaz to Ramdin, no run

hit on the box as the ball cuts back in to beat his forward push. Ouch!

Wahab Riaz to Ramdin, 1 wide

wayward delivery on the seventh stump down leg side, keeper dives full length to his left to stop that with one glove

Wahab Riaz to Gabriel, 1 run

floated full outside off, driven wide of mid-off

Wahab Riaz to Gabriel, no run

bowls fuller this time to bluff the batsman, Gabriel somehow manages to bring his bat down to the ball and defend

Wahab Riaz to Gabriel, no run

another short ball angling in, Gabriel ways out of the way comfortably this time

Wahab Riaz to Joseph, OUT

100 ODI wickets for Wahab! That would have got most tailenders. Bangs one in short from around the stumps, too quick for Joseph as he looks to pull, the bat face turns skywards as the top edge is taken easily by Shoaib Malik, who didn't have to move an inch at short midwicket. The end is near

Alzarri Joseph c Shoaib Malik b Wahab Riaz 2 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
end of over 434 runs
WI: 170/8CRR: 3.95 RRR: 19.85
Alzarri Joseph2 (5b)
Denesh Ramdin37 (68b 2x4)
Mohammad Nawaz 9-0-40-3
Wahab Riaz 7-0-26-1
Nawaz to Joseph, 1 run

neat little flick into the deep backward square leg region

Nawaz to Ramdin, 1 run

lofted inside-out to wide long-off, got to the pitch of the ball on that occasion

Ramiz Raja on air says he isn't sure what to ask Jason Holder at the presentation. Probably just replay the questions he asked in the first two ODIs

Nawaz to Ramdin, no run

chopped to point, it was an arm-ball that cramped him for room this time

Nawaz to Joseph, 1 run

tucked behind square on the leg side for an easy single

Nawaz to Joseph, no run

pushed through quicker on middle and leg, he pushes outside the line to get an inside edge to the leg side

Azeem: "Not sure if this is Mickey's good work or the youngster working out, But Pakistan looks deadly." Just to remind you, he was coach in England too. Impressing upon the point that it all looks good when a team wins.

Nawaz to Ramdin, 1 run

short and wide outside off, smeared to deep point

end of over 425 runs
WI: 166/8CRR: 3.95 RRR: 17.87
Alzarri Joseph0 (2b)
Denesh Ramdin35 (65b 2x4)
Wahab Riaz 7-0-26-1
Mohammad Nawaz 8-0-36-3
Wahab Riaz to Joseph, no run

rip roaring bouncer but Alzarri Joseph is up for the challenge as he neatly ducks under that

Wahab Riaz to Joseph, no run

squared up in defense. The ball was floated in full but jagged away late to open him up. No damage done in the end

Wahab Riaz to Ramdin, 1 run

drops it into the off side gently for a quick single

Wahab Riaz to Ramdin, FOUR runs

every now and then he'll drift down in the quest for pace. This time, Ramdin was up to the task as he tickled that into the fine leg boundary

Wahab Riaz to Ramdin, no run

keeps coming back in to cramp him for room, gets a thick inside edge back to the bowler

Wahab Riaz to Ramdin, no run

nips back in from outside off, defended gently

end of over 412 runs • 2 wickets
WI: 161/8CRR: 3.92 RRR: 16.44
Denesh Ramdin30 (61b 1x4)
Mohammad Nawaz 8-0-36-3
Imad Wasim 8-0-29-1
Nawaz to Benn, OUT

as easy as eating chips for the fielder at short third man. Benn looks to play the reverse sweep, but the ball bounced a bit more to take the top edge as Sohail Khan, who it appeared was blinded by the lights, took it comfortably in the end.

Sulieman Benn c Sohail Khan b Mohammad Nawaz 0 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
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