4th Match (D/N), Basseterre, Jun 11 2016, West Indies Tri-Nation Series
(47.4/50 ov, target 289)252
Australia won by 36 runs
Player Of The Match
109 (120)

8.58pm David Warner set it up with his first ODI century outside Australia, at Warner Park. Amla and the returning du Plessis led SA's chase with fluent half-centuries, before Hazlewood and Zampa triggered a collapse. Starc then burst through the opening and toyed with SA's notoriously long tail. From 210 for 3, they crashed to 252 all out.

Australia, though, had to suffer the anxiety of Warner leaving the field in the chase with a hurt index finger. The latest update is that he will be assessed over the next 24 hours.


AB de Villiers: We played good cricket for most of the day, but lost our way with the bat and cost us. I threw away a few runs in the field but it was a chaseable total. We just did not bat well enough. All the bowlers bowled well and it was the bat the cost us tonight. It is not too much we can do with such little time. A lot of our dismissals were soft tonight, including my own.

Steven Smith: I thought 290 was a pretty good total. I knew if we got stuck in, we could defend it. It is not easy when you have Mitchell Starc coming in and reversing the ball. Yeah, Zampa was good. He held his nerve and mixed it up. He has come a long way. Starc was quick, there wasn't much swing early on. Then he got reverse swing. Davey played beautifully and his partnership with Usman set us up. I was just taking my time and hit a few out of the middle, having not contributed in the first couple of games.

David Warner, Man of the Match: I think it's all about riding the form. Abbott was hard to get away. Me and Uzzie talked about getting stuck in. The way the skipper finished was fantastic for us. He's got such fantastic wrists. So far, we have been playing well. Sometimes, I have wasted many opportunities in ODIs, in New Zealand, and to be honest I thew a few runs out there today as well. The first ten overs are crucial.

Andy: "So SAF threw it away. Sigh."

That is all we have for you from this game. Thanks for tuning in. Goodbye and good night/good morning.

Hazlewood to Rabada, 1 run, OUT

Australia win! back of a length and angled in, helped down to deep fine leg. They aim for the second. There is a direct hit at the non-striker's end from wicketkeeper Wade after collecting the throw from Khawaja in the deep. Redemption for the missed stumping? Tahir's bat is in the air as the bails get dislodged. All over

Imran Tahir run out (Khawaja/†Wade) 6 (16m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

Dale: "Starc now only needs 5 wickets in his next 4 ODI's to break the record for fastest 100 ODI wickets."

Keshav: "SA really need to work on their chasing in ODIs."

Hazlewood to Tahir, 1 run

back of a length and outside off, Tahir cuts to sweeper cover

Hazlewood to Rabada, 1 leg bye

short and shading towards the leg stump, takes the pad and wanders to square leg

Hazlewood to Tahir, 1 run

full and drifting into the pads, glanced to fine leg

Starc has finished. Here is Hazlewood

end of over 475 runs
SA: 248/9CRR: 5.27 RRR: 13.66
Imran Tahir4 (7)
Kagiso Rabada2 (4)
Adam Zampa 10-0-52-3
Mitchell Starc 10-0-43-3
Zampa to Tahir, 1 leg bye

dangled up on the leg stump, sweeps and misses, rolls off the pad towards short fine leg

Zampa to Rabada, 1 run

shorter and slapped down the ground

Zampa to Tahir, 1 run

chopped to short third man

Zampa to Tahir, no run

Wade misses a stumping. Full and dips just outside off as Tahir swings and misses. Wade snatches at the first attempt, juggles, and is late as the batsman slides back

Zampa to Rabada, 1 run

shorter and outside off, rocks back and pulls to long-on

Abdul: "SA's wickets have come from poor judgement. QDK, FDP, ABD, and JPD's wickets could've been avoided . Why take risks when your team is cruising ?"

Zampa to Tahir, 1 run

flighted on off, the batsman goes low and sweep-scoops to fine leg

end of over 463 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 243/9CRR: 5.28 RRR: 11.50
Imran Tahir2 (3)
Kagiso Rabada0 (2)
Mitchell Starc 10-0-43-3
Adam Zampa 9-0-48-3
Starc to Tahir, 1 run

full and angled in, Tahir covers up and secures a single to extra cover

Riad: "You can not lose when 84 required from 84 balls with 7 wickets in hand."

Starc to Rabada, 1 leg bye

big appeal for lbw, not given by Wilson. Steven Smith challenges the on-field call. Inswinging full toss, raps the back pad in front of leg stump. All three stumps visible. Looked like it was sliding down the leg side. The tracker confirms it

Gowrisankar: "JP Duminy hasn't won any matches for his teams in the recent memory... Dont know why SA carrying him!!!??" --- The pressure on him mounts. He hasn't scored an ODI fifty since July 2015

Starc to Rabada, no run

full and tails back in late, zips past the inside edge

Starc to Tahir, 1 run

width outside off, cut to third man

Starc to Tahir, no run

Tahir backs away a bit, full on off, kept out

No.11 Tahir

Starc to Phangiso, OUT

Maxi takes a screamer at backward point. Plucks it out of thin air. Angled in full and tails away late outside off at 146ks to mess with the drive. He slices it in the air. Maxi leaps and stretches his right hand over his head. He comes out with the ball in one hand. One-handed stunner! The timing of the jump was impressive

Aaron Phangiso c sub (GJ Maxwell) b Starc 3 (8m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 30
end of over 452 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 240/8CRR: 5.33 RRR: 9.80
Aaron Phangiso3 (9)
Kagiso Rabada0 (0)
Adam Zampa 9-0-48-3
Mitchell Starc 9-0-41-2

Warner update: He has done some damage to the top of the index finger. He will be assessed over the next 24 hours

Zampa to Phangiso, 1 run

lobs this up on off, the batsman drags an inside edge through square leg

Zampa to Phangiso, no run

googly, sliding into the leg stump, awkwardly kept out

Zampa to Phangiso, no run

drifts in on the leg stump, takes the pad. Looked like it pitched outside leg

Rabada at No.10

Zampa to Parnell, OUT

tossed on leg, Parnell steps out and has an almighty swing at it, only to toe-end a catch to long-on. Marsh completes a shoulder-high catch. Zampa has his third wicket

Wayne Parnell c Marsh b Zampa 3 (18m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 30
Zampa to Phangiso, 1 run

chopped past cover now as this was short again

Zampa to Phangiso, no run

short on middle, chopped to short third man

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