2nd Match (D/N), Providence, Jun 5 2016, West Indies Tri-Nation Series
(25.4/50 ov)117/4
Australia won by 6 wickets (with 146 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

6.30pm: Zampa and Lyon set up the victory, taking three wickets each, to dismiss West Indies for 116. Warner and Finch laid the platform for the chase with a 44-run opening stand. Khawaja flickered briefly and then Narine caused a middle-order wobble, but Warner completed his half-century and the chase.


Jason Holder: We din't bat well and there was no excuses. We din't put enough runs on the board. We lost wickets in clusters and we were not to build any partnerships. It was a bad batting display and we need to put this behind us. Seven soft dismissals and we need to spend some time in the wicket. I don't think the bowlers can be faulted.

Steven Smith: It would have been nice to keep it clinical. To get over the line with a bonus point, it is still pretty pleasing. Hopefully, we can keep building. The spinners were magnificent today. It may be the same surface against SA and they are licking their lips. Warner was calm and composed and got the team over the line. South Africa will be a challenge and I daresay it will be a battle of spinners, they will also play two spinners. The guys are coming off the IPL and it was nice to get this game out of the way with a bonus point.

Lyon, Man of the Match: I was pretty happy with the effort. To bowl WI out for 116 was a good effort. Zampa is a good mate and great to see him come along leaps and bounds. Great place to play cricket and it is going to be spin-friendly in the next game against South Africa.

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Fletcher to Warner, 2 runs

Warner skips back and punches this short ball from outside off past the covers. Australia seal a bonus-point win

Fletcher to Warner, no run

keeps it short and outside off, Warner reaches out and chops to short third man

Fletcher to Warner, 2 runs

another half-tracker outside off, forces a cut past the covers off the back foot

Fletcher to Warner, no run

half-tracker outside off, swatted on the back foot to midwicket

Narine has finished off. Fletcher. He bowls legspin

end of over 254 runs
AUS: 113/4CRR: 4.51 RRR: 0.16
Mitchell Marsh9 (19)
David Warner51 (51)
Sulieman Benn 6-0-21-1
Sunil Narine 10-2-36-2
Benn to Marsh, no run

slides on middle, a touch short, the batsman keeps back and defends it back to Benn

Benn to Marsh, no run

hint of turn away from the right hander, dabbed to backward point

Benn to Warner, 1 run

Warner hangs back and chops a single to short third man. He sets off for a single. Marsh, however, isn't as quick as Warner. But he slides his bat in and makes it. A direct hit could have put him in trouble

Benn to Warner, no run

turns just outside off, jabbed to the off side

Benn to Marsh, 3 runs

Marsh stretches forward and meets a full toss. Paddled to fine leg for three. Positive running

Benn to Marsh, no run

full on off, Marsh flashes a drive to extra cover

end of over 248 runs
AUS: 109/4CRR: 4.54 RRR: 0.30
David Warner50 (49)
Mitchell Marsh6 (15)
Sunil Narine 10-2-36-2
Sulieman Benn 5-0-17-1

vijay: "Warner's experience of playing on similar kind of pitches, similar kind of situations in IPL coming handy today.."

Narine to Warner, no run

big turn away from Warner. He pulls his bat inside the line and leaves it be

Narine to Marsh, 1 run

fuller on middle, eased down to long-on for one

Narine to Marsh, no run

lobbed up on off, defended to short extra cover

Slip and a leg slip in place

Narine to Marsh, no run

offbreak, squeezed to mid-on off an inside edge

Narine to Warner, 1 run

short and wide outside off, slapped out to deep cover as Warner reaches his half-century

Narine to Warner, SIX runs

slower through the air on off, Warner takes on Narine and launches him straight down the ground

end of over 235 runs
AUS: 101/4CRR: 4.39 RRR: 0.59
David Warner43 (46)
Mitchell Marsh5 (12)
Sulieman Benn 5-0-17-1
Sunil Narine 9-2-28-2
Benn to Warner, 1 run

chopped from the stumps to point for one

Benn to Warner, no run

straighter one, blocked back to Benn

Benn to Marsh, 1 run

tossed on middle, scooped behind square, wide of Ramdin

Benn to Marsh, 2 runs

pushed past cover

Benn to Marsh, no run

jabbed to short extra cover

Benn to Warner, 1 run

drifting down leg, helped around the corner