2nd T20I (N), Derby, Sep 23 2020, West Indies Women tour of England
(20 ov, target 152)104/8
ENG Women won by 47 runs
player of the match
Sarah Glenn
England Women
end of over 204 runs
WI-W: 104/8CRR: 5.20 
Shakera Selman6 (8)
Afy Fletcher4 (6)
Sophie Ecclestone4-0-19-2
Katherine Brunt3-0-8-1

9.25pm So that's your lot for tonight, England go 2-0 up in the five-match series. West Indies haven't quite warmed up to England in late September, but they've three more matches to show what they can do. From myself and Matt, it's cheerio for now - Valkerie's report is up, and we'll be back for more in a few days. Bye!

9.20pm: Presentations time in a Baltic-looking Derbados. Here's Stafanie Taylor: "Thought the bowling up front got us off to a decent start. In the middle, somehow they came back, we were on target to restrict them under 140 - which would have been a good score. The batters didn't come to the party. We still need to improve, can't just be one player. Batters have to get their act together. We have our meetings and discuss where we want to be between the 7th and 15th over, scoring singles and boundaries - we were lacking there. [3000 T20I runs?] I was aware coming in, but not something on my mind. I'm not a stats person, but great feeling."

Heather Knight: "Really pleased, got off to a great start, bit of a dip in the middle but the back end was strong and great to see Sarah Glenn with her international best score. [Pitch] was a bit slower today, didn't adapt to the bowling, West Indies had plans and executed better. But we bat deep, which is nice, and want to keep going all the way through Thought it was a decent score. [Next couple of days?] Day off in the bubble but we want to win Saturday. So day off, day of practice and then into that game."

Sarah Glenn is Player of the Match for her 26 off 29 and 2 for 24: "Yeah, it was really good, a good test. WI did well and put us under the pump, but we came back despite a few wickets and controlled it well at the end. If you lose wickets you can start looking for singles, but we want to throw the first punch and keep going for boundaries, show that courage. Took me a while [to bowl the variations], bit scary doing it in a match but I thought why not try it? Starting to get confidence. My biggest thing is performing consistently."

9.10pm: Pretty emphatic once again, England dragging themselves up to a decent score and then pinning West Indies down in second innings. Deandra Dottin and Stafanie Taylor put on 61 for the second wicket, but they then lost 7 for 24 as the challenge wilted away. England's depth really told this time out, with Amy Jones, Katherine Brunt and Sarah Glenn all chipping in lower down the order; West Indies did okay with the ball, having reduced England to 96 for 6, but let it slip in the last five overs, and a 150-target always looked like being beyond them.

Ecclestone to Selman, 1 run

length ball, tapped into the covers, and there she blows - England win by 47 runs

Ecclestone to Fletcher, 1 run

flighted, Fletcher heaves it through midwicket for one more

Ecclestone to Selman, 1 run

tossed up and Selman has a mow, top-edged towards short third man, bounces just short

Ecclestone to Selman, no run

tries to come down, Eccletsone shortens her length and Selman has to poke it away to the off side

Ecclestone to Fletcher, 1 run

flat on the stumps and pulled through mid-on for one

Ecclestone to Fletcher, no run

wheeling away, tossed up on middle and off, swatted to the on side

Ecclestone to finish things off

end of over 194 runs
WI-W: 100/8CRR: 5.26 • RRR: 52.00 • Need 52 runs from 6b
Afy Fletcher2 (3)
Shakera Selman4 (5)
Katherine Brunt3-0-8-1
Sophie Ecclestone3-0-15-2
Brunt to Fletcher, 1 run

full, 69mph/111kph in the blockhole, dug out towards long-on for one... West Indies mooch into three figures, but the thrill of the chase has long dissipated

Brunt to Fletcher, no run

how did that miss? Off stump survives by a whisker as Fletcher steps away and misses with a big swing!

Brunt to Selman, 1 run

steps away, Brunt follows her with a 69mph yorker, squeezed out through the legs for a single

Brunt to Selman, no run

tight lines, slower ball I think, nurdled around the corner to short fine leg and Jones hares after it

Brunt to Fletcher, 1 run

angled in and worked into a gap

Jones up to the stumps for Brunt, too

Brunt to Selman, 1 run

short of a length and turned to leg off the back foot

Katherine Brunt returns

Can West Indies bat out the full 20? They have nosedived from 72 for 1, to 96 for 8 over the last 6.1 overs...