3rd T20I, Port of Spain, Apr 1 2017, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(14.5/20 ov)138/3
West Indies won by 7 wickets (with 31 balls remaining)
player of the match
Evin Lewis
West Indies

That is all from us for this game. After two matches with bowlers at the forefront, the batsmen finally turned up and it made for some carnage. Pakistan will be hurting, but this West Indies win sets up things nicely for the final game of the series that takes place tomorrow. Hope to see you then. For now, it's goodbye from all of us here.

Arunram: "twice was run out and now nailed the game..dont know what would have happened if he was not run out on both the matches"

"Very pleased with the energy, passion and fire, says Carlos Brathwaite, West Indies captain. Everyone fought till the last ball. They looked good for 160 and to keep them down to 130-odd was great. It was a fantastic effort with the ball and then the way Evin Lewis played, even Jason Mohammed who showed great maturity on debut. We will come out tomorrow and look for a series draw. There will be more intensity and heat. We will look to recover and come back and do what is required of us. We will look to do even better and draw the series."

"I'm very happy. Unfortunately, first two games, I got run out. I wanted to get a good score in this game and I got a good score," says Evin Lewis, Man of the Match. "I got a good start for the team and converted it. I have been putting in extra practice at the nets and that seems to be working."

Sarfraz Ahmed - I don't think we put up a good total. Kamran and Babar played well, but after 13 overs, we lost eight wickets. Set batsmen got out and momentum shifted to West Indies. Today was not our day, but credit to West Indies. Evin Lewis played really well.

3.30pm This has been a one-sided annihilation of a Pakistan team that was 2-0 up and came in with a world of confidence and momentum. And what a brutal innings it was from Evin Lewis! At a time when West Indies needed it the most, facing a must-win situation, he comes out and produces a savage display of power-hitting on a slow surface. And it was batting on another plane. He picked lengths early, changes in pace had no effect, heck, even Shadab's googlies were dealt with. Short balls were hardly a bother and fuller ones were just gobbled up with glee. Lewis goes past Martin Guptill for the highest score by any batsman in a T20I against Pakistan. West Indies stay alive in the series with a game to go. Stay tuned, we have the presentations coming up shortly.

Sadiq: "Game over with your strike bowler having stats of 2-0-6-1. Poor stuff from the skipper."

Ali Cheema: "Sarfaraz loses for the 1st time as a captain in the international games"

Shadab to Simmons, FOUR runs

and one ball is all Simmons needs to finish it off. Short of a length, punched off the backfoot to the left of mid-on and it screams into the boundary

Shadab to Lewis, OUT

Lewis has picked out long-off with four runs required. But what an innings this has been. It is pitched up and he has been given room as well. Lewis has timed it superbly but just does not get the desired elevation and distance. Down the throat of Wahab who wobbles slightly initially but has done quite brilliantly to pluck it. Could have probably lost sight of it for just a second

Evin Lewis c Wahab Riaz b Shadab Khan 91 (51b 5x4 9x6) SR: 178.43
Shadab to Lewis, no run

hangs back and waits in the crease before opening the face of his bat. Finds short third man

Shadab to Lewis, SIX runs

slog sweep, over cow corner. This is savage hitting. He is picking the lengths so early. Pitched up on middle and leg and gets down on one knee before thumping it. That's the highest score for a West Indies batsman against Pakistan in T20Is

Shadab to Mohammed, 1 run

fuller, pushed down to long-on

Shadab to bowl his final over. But is it too late for him to be able to do anything?

end of over 1424 runs
WI: 127/2CRR: 9.07 RRR: 1.83 • Need 11 runs from 36b
Evin Lewis85 (48)
Jason Mohammed16 (14)
Sohail Tanvir3-0-40-1
Wahab Riaz2-0-6-1
Tanvir to Lewis, SIX runs

slower short ball from Tanvir. But Lewis is in supreme form. Picks up the drop in pace very early and waits for it to come on before getting on top of it and pulling it over deep backward square leg. That's his eighth six

Tanvir to Lewis, no run

well-bowled.Wide yorker, escapes the bat of Lewis as he jams it down

Free-hit coming up. Field can't change.

Tanvir to Lewis, (no ball) FOUR runs

perhaps went for the yorker but gets it horribly wrong. High full toss outside off, slices it wide of third man for four and an extra delivery to bowl as he has fired it over waist height

Tanvir to Lewis, SIX runs

now he switches to the fuller length but Lewis responds like he was expecting it all along. Dispatches it straight back over the bowler's head. Brings the bottom hand into play and beautiful balance and timing

Tanvir to Lewis, no run

follows it up with another short ball but it slower and Lewis widely chooses to duck under it

Tanvir to Lewis, SIX runs

short of a length, fetches a pull from outside off and that has travelled a long way into the stands. It does not bounce as much, but no matter. It allows him to get right on top of it and dispatch it 98 m over cow corner

Tanvir to Mohammed, 1 run

short of a length, backs away to make room and slaps it away to point who puts in a dive and gets a hand to it

end of over 134 runs
WI: 103/2CRR: 7.92 RRR: 5.00 • Need 35 runs from 42b
Evin Lewis63 (42)
Jason Mohammed15 (13)
Wahab Riaz2-0-6-1
Shadab Khan3-0-27-0
Wahab Riaz to Lewis, 2 runs

yorker, on leg, dug out to deep backward square leg and they take on the fielder and come back for the second. Direct hit at the non-striker's end could have made things interesting

Wahab Riaz to Lewis, no run

swings wildly as he swivels around with a pull to a length ball. Not enough bounce and seems like he has copped it on the back leg. and that was bowled with serious pace as well

Wahab Riaz to Lewis, no run

short ball, goes over leg stump and Lewis gets under it

Wahab Riaz to Mohammed, 1 leg bye

jumps up to tuck it away off the front pad but the bounce gets big on him and the ball goes off the pad to the off side

Wahab Riaz to Lewis, 1 run

yorker, drifting in outside off, squeezes it out in front of point and takes off for a quick single. West Indies bring up their 100

Naresh: "Not picking Jason Mohammad till this match is pretty poor selection from WI team management. He played really well against England and looks to be in good touch today."

Wahab Riaz to Lewis, no run

swings wildly to this fuller ball outside off and misses as the ball swings back in late