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1st Match (N), Jaipur, May 06, 2019, Women's T20 Challenge
(20 ov, T:141) 138/6

Trailblazers won by 2 runs

Player Of The Match
90 (67)
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Scores: Ranjith P
Comms: @saurabh_42
Scorecard summary
Trailblazers 140/5(20 overs)
Radha Yadav2/28 (4)
Anuja Patil1/12 (4)
Supernovas 138/6(20 overs)
end of over 2016 runs • 1 wicket
SNO: 138/5CRR: 6.90 
Harmanpreet Kaur46 (34)
Jhulan Goswami 3-0-31-0
Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-11-2

That's all we have for you from this game, but the IPL playoffs begin tomorrow, and the Women's T20 challenge also continues. Join us back very soon, till then, this is Saurabh signing off on behalf of Vishal and Ranjith.

10.56pm: Smriti Mandhana is the Player of the Match. "As I said earlier, the wicket was on the lower side and ireally felt 140 was enough. We thought 125 was enough but we got 15 runs bonus. I've seen her (Harmanpreet) doing this stuff from the Indian dressing room (her final over boundaries). It was a bit annoying to be on the receiving end! Jhulan di was confident bowling yorker so we went with her experience. But it didn't come off, so Suzie and I went to her and said to bowl wider. The way the first innings went, our plan was to keep it low because it is hard for the batters to get elevation."

10.53pm: Presentation time now.

Anitha: "Such a tense finish! Didn't know which team to root for but glad Mandhana's 90 was not in vain."

Pratik: "We do have another Dhoni.we call her Harmanpreet."

Laxman: "This game looked a lot like RCB vs CSK. Harman didn't try going after them until last over. Just when it seemed like they will win, she didnt connect and there was a run out"

Abhijato: "Last time a woman's T20 exhibition was played during the IPL season, in a last ball finish Goswami dropped an all-important catch to give the opposition a thrilling victory. Today, in another last-ball finish Goswami ended up on the right side of the result while still being an active participant in the defense... She's a legend and you can't keep her out of the action. For her and woman's cricket on a larger scale, it also symbolises that area of play coming full circle! Cheers, ladies :)"

Ecclestone (who is 20 years old today): "Great game and great opener for the tournament. I didn't know what to expect when I came in, but the girls were great. Mandhana is a great captain. Credit to her, she helped us put on 140. We dropped a few catches, hopefully we can sort that out in the next games."

Harmanpreet: "I knew if I played till the end, I had the confidence I can win the game. But Sophie bowled really well in the 19th over, and that changed the game. We bowled really well inthe first 10 overs, but in the last 10, we didn't execute our plans. No doubt, Smriti also batted really well. When we were getting runs, we threw away wickets too, and that was the reason we didn't win. I'm really happy both teams played really well, that's what we wanted."

10.41pm: A thriller to kick off the Women's T20 challenge, and it was the captains who shone brightest. Smriti Mandhana was Mozart for the eyes, especially in the second half of her 90. But Harmanpreet threatened to pull off a miracle win, until the last ball happened. Trailblazers have won by just 2 runs.

Goswami to Kaur, OUT

Trailblazers have won Harman missed the ball completely, Jhulan to the fore again. Length ball outside off at normal pace and she doesn't connect with the slash. Anuja Patil charged down from the non-striker's end, which was the right thing to do, but the keeper collected, ran to the stumps and broke them before Patil reached.

Lea Tahuhu run out (†Kalpana) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

What if Hemalatha had taken that single off the last ball when Trailblazers were batting?...

What if that last ball was six? It's a game of margins, fine margins

Goswami to Kaur, FOUR runs

Harman, you amazing marvel! inside out four. Stays still and cool under pressure, full ball on the stumps, gives herself room and carves it over extra cover. Landed about one inch inside the rope.

7 off 2...

Goswami to Kaur, FOUR runs

smashed. Too short, too wide, Harman is coming down the track, frees her arms and slashes it over point

Goswami to Kaur, no run

well bowled, Jhulan's experience coming through. Slower ball in the channel and very full, defeats Harman's drive

11 off 4.

Goswami to Kaur, FOUR runs

this match is still alive folks. Moves across her stumps and deposits this fuller length ball to the square leg boundary with ease.

Goswami to Kaur, FOUR runs

gets it over the in-field and into the boundary! Back of a length and Harman was giving herself room, mistimes the lofted drive over extra cover but the ball has enough legs on it to go to the fence

19 needed off the last over

DJ: "for a moment i thought Sansa Stark is bowling 19th over" - she doesn't bowl. She rules.

end of over 192 runs • 1 wicket
SNO: 122/5CRR: 6.42 RRR: 19.00
Lea Tahuhu0 (1)
Harmanpreet Kaur30 (28)
Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-11-2
Deepti Sharma 4-0-27-0
Ecclestone to Tahuhu, no run

full toss but punched to cover. Ends an over that may well have decided the match

Ecclestone has just given herself a birthday present with a fantastic over. Only 2 runs off the first five balls and the wicket of the dangerous Devine.

Ecclestone to Devine, OUT

trapped in front But Devine is reviewing. Fuller ball and she was moving across to slog sweep. Went a long way across, exposing all the stumps. But on first look, it looked out. Only thing that can save her is impact, but the replays show it hit in line with off and Devine has to go.

Sophie Devine lbw b Ecclestone 32 (22b 2x4 2x6) SR: 145.45
Ecclestone to Kaur, 1 run

return catch put down. Good bowling again, and Harman was coming down the track to drill it back ,but doesn't get hold of it. Goes to Ecclestone's right and she sticks out her hand but puts it down

Ecclestone to Devine, 1 run

another quicker one that skids on, she goes back and tries to powerfully pull, but mistimes it to midwicket.

Ecclestone to Devine, no run

flatter and quicker on the stumps, Devine was backing away to give herself room but gets an under-edge to the bowler

Ecclestone to Devine, no run

saw her coming down and fired in flatter and yorker length, patted back

21 off 12, this is going to be a thrilling end.

Manoj: "Is Sophie Devine a hockey player too ?" You might want to read this, Manoj.

end of over 1810 runs
SNO: 120/4CRR: 6.66 RRR: 10.50
Sophie Devine31 (18)
Harmanpreet Kaur29 (27)
Deepti Sharma 4-0-27-0
Stafanie Taylor 1-0-9-0
Sharma to Devine, 1 run

down the track and drives the ball to long-off

Sharma to Devine, SIX runs

that one's outta here another full toss, juicier and at a convenient height, Devine's not missing out on that. Slogs across the line to send it over deep midwicket

Sharma to Kaur, 1 run

flatter, angling across, yorker length on off, dug out to long-off

Sharma to Kaur, no run

down the track and inside out, but mistimes it to cover

Sharma to Devine, 1 run

sticking to her round the wicket line but this is tossed up a bit too much and ends up a full toss. Devine can't put it away though, and swats it to deep midwicket

Sharma to Kaur, 1 run

round the wicket and trying to cramp her for room by bowling on the pads. Harman moves a bit across and slog-sweeps, but there is protection in the deep

31 needed off the last three overs. Tension, tension

end of over 179 runs
SNO: 110/4CRR: 6.47 RRR: 10.33
Harmanpreet Kaur27 (24)
Sophie Devine23 (15)
Stafanie Taylor 1-0-9-0
Deepti Sharma 3-0-17-0
Taylor to Kaur, 1 run

tossed up on the pads and Harman gently paddle-sweeps it. Soft enough for a scrambled quick single

Taylor to Devine, 1 run

down the track, fired into her pads and she picks it off to deep square

Match details
Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
TossSupernovas, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Smriti Mandhana
Match days06 May 2019 - night (20-over match)
Krishnaraj Srinath
Nitin Pandit
TV Umpire
Saiyed Khalid
Reserve Umpire
Sadashiv Iyer
Match Referee
GS Lakshmi
PointsTrailblazers 2, Supernovas 0
Supernovas Innings
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