11th Match, First Round Group B, Sylhet, March 21, 2014, World T20
(13.4/20 ov, T:117) 118/5

Zimbabwe won by 5 wickets (with 38 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
53* (21)
U.A.E. Innings
Zimbabwe Innings
Match Details
United Arab Emirates  (20 ovs maximum)
Shaiman Anwar c †Taylor b Chatara66410100.00
Faizan Asif run out (Sikandar Raza)1370033.33
Khurram Khan (c)c Chigumbura b Williams2627313096.29
Swapnil Patil lbw b Sikandar Raza30263350115.38
Rohan Mustafa run out (Chatara/†Taylor)48120050.00
Amjad Ali lbw b Williams1430025.00
Amjad Javed c Panyangara b Sikandar Raza810160080.00
Ahmed Raza c M'shangwe b Williams041000.00
Shadeep Silva not out 1316241081.25
Kamran Shazad  b Chatara21151312140.00
Manjula Guruge not out 11100100.00
Extras(lb 1, w 4)5
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 5.80)116/9
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Shaiman Anwar, 1.2 ov), 2-8 (Faizan Asif, 1.4 ov), 3-66 (Khurram Khan, 9.5 ov), 4-67 (Swapnil Patil, 10.4 ov), 5-68 (Amjad Ali, 11.2 ov), 6-75 (Rohan Mustafa, 13.1 ov), 7-75 (Ahmed Raza, 13.5 ov), 8-88 (Amjad Javed, 15.6 ov), 9-115 (Kamran Shazad, 19.4 ov)
Prosper Utseya401804.50101010
Tendai Chatara402125.25161200
1.2 to Shaiman Anwar, delicious wicket that! Moves away, bounces more and snares the outside edge! He looked rather ominous on the front foot, but the Anwar experiment hasn't worked too well. This is back of a length and angled into him which makes him push from the crease. The shape away and the extra bounce are too much for him to handle and Taylor pockets an easy take. 7/1
19.4 to Kamran Shazad, leg stump cartwheels! Shazad was looking for the leg side boundary, but this time Chatara went with his stock ball, angling into him. Wasn't as full as the situation merited but he has his revenge. 115/9
Tinashe Panyangara302307.6674000
Natsai M'shangwe2023011.5034020
Sean Williams401533.75150000
9.5 to Khurram Khan, goes for the sweep and he's picked out the man in the deep! Hasn't quite got on top of the bounce as Williams flighted this outside off. Went through with the shot again but this time he gets more of a top edge and is snapped up by Chigumbura. Had to fetch that and that spells his end. 66/3
11.2 to Amjad Ali, another leg before and UAE are crumbling! Amjad stayed back and played all around it. This is plumb as well. Darted in on off stump and it turns a touch. He was looking for an easy single through the vacant midwicket, but he misses. This one was a lot quicker. 68/5
13.5 to Ahmed Raza, there he goes! His defence was not inspiring any sense of confidence and so he goes after a tossed up delivery on off stump. The swing was just as tentative and he presents a simple skier to mid-off. 75/7
Sikandar Raza301525.0081010
10.4 to SP Patil, he's gone! Patil was again looking to play too square on the leg side but this was a length ball outside off. Would've been far better off punching through to long-off as he misses the risky flick and seems to be in line with off stump.. 67/4
15.6 to Amjad Javed, he has another! The extra ball works for Zimbabwe as Javed's moving around in the crease contributes to his dismissal. Follows him with a quicker and fuller ball which he flicks straight down the throat of deep square leg. 88/8
Zimbabwe  (T: 117 runs from 20 ovs)
Hamilton Masakadza  b Guruge2450050.00
Sikandar Raza c Kamran Shazad b Ahmed Raza914281064.28
Brendan Taylor (c)†c Shaiman Anwar b Silva157521214.28
Sean Williams c & b Guruge033000.00
Vusi Sibanda c & b Khurram Khan1619240184.21
Elton Chigumbura not out 53212863252.38
Timycen Maruma not out 22141830157.14
Extras(b 1)1
TOTAL13.4 Ov (RR: 8.63)118/5
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Hamilton Masakadza, 1.3 ov), 2-22 (Brendan Taylor, 2.4 ov), 3-24 (Sean Williams, 3.3 ov), 4-34 (Sikandar Raza, 6.5 ov), 5-63 (Vusi Sibanda, 9.1 ov)
Shadeep Silva302016.66102100
2.4 to BRM Taylor, not so lucky this time. Cleared his front leg and lifted it over the top. Mid-off ran back and picks up a smart catch over his shoulder. Was looking to do a bit too much. 22/2
Manjula Guruge401824.50142000
1.3 to H Masakadza, that has gone through Masakadza! This rocks the middle stump! The batsman skipped down the pitch and looked for the big shot over the bowler's head, but that snuck under his bat and hit the top of middle. No threatening pace, but that's one advantage of keeping it straight. 7/1
3.3 to SC Williams, beauty! This was a slower ball and Williams was sucked into it. The flick across the line ends up becoming a leading edge which Guruge claims with glee. Drew him forward with that in between length again. 24/3
Ahmed Raza302919.6653100
6.5 to Sikandar Raza, races down the track and slices this to deep point! Raza's flight is the perfect lure and Sikandar cannot help himself. Goes for the swing over cover and gets it more off the bottom of the bat. The man in the deep runs in and picks up a smart, sliding catch. 34/4
Kamran Shazad1.4030018.0023200
Khurram Khan10818.0042000
9.1 to V Sibanda, doubt this was what was discussed! full toss struck back at the bowler and Khurram snaffles it! Advances at him first ball and having turned this into a juicy full toss, he just drives it straight back into the UAE captain's waiting hands. 63/5
Amjad Javed1012012.0010100
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Sylhet Stadium
TossZimbabwe, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Elton Chigumbura
Match numberT20I no. 376
Hours of play (local time)11.30 start, First Session 11.30-12.45, Interval 12.45-13.00, Second Session 13.00-14.30
Match days21 March 2014 - day (20-over match)
New Zealand
Billy Bowden
Bruce Oxenford
TV Umpire
South Africa
Marais Erasmus
Reserve Umpire
Ian Gould
Match Referee
David Boon
PointsZimbabwe 2, United Arab Emirates 0
  • United Arab Emirates innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 31 runs, 2 wickets)
  • United Arab Emirates: 50 runs in 8.2 overs (50 balls), Extras 1
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 43 balls (Khurram Khan 23, SP Patil 24, Ex 3)
  • United Arab Emirates: 100 runs in 18.1 overs (109 balls), Extras 5
  • Innings Break: United Arab Emirates - 116/9 in 20.0 overs (EHSN Silva 13, AM Guruge 1)
  • Zimbabwe innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 31 runs, 3 wickets)
  • Zimbabwe: 50 runs in 8.1 overs (49 balls), Extras 0
  • Zimbabwe: 100 runs in 12.6 overs (78 balls), Extras 1
  • E Chigumbura: 50 off 21 balls (6 x 4, 3 x 6)
  • 6th Wicket: 50 runs in 27 balls (E Chigumbura 32, T Maruma 22, Ex 1)
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