19th Match, Super 10 Group 2 (N), Kolkata, Mar 19 2016, World T20
(18/18 ov)118/5
(15.5/18 ov)119/4
India won by 6 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)
player of the match

11.20 pm I cannot overstate how good an innings this has been from Kohli, despite all of his performances in chases so far. On a pitch that was difficult to play shots on - with balls gripping the surface and turning big - Kohli seemed in such control, something every other batsman struggled with. He just made it look easy.

Robert Hoggarth: "Yesterday Root, today Kohli, shows class still has a place in t20"

From Karthik Krishnaswamy at Eden Gardens: "Umar Akmal came up to Kohli and they shook hands and hugged. Dhoni strolled that last single slowly, jauntily. Kohli ran with both his arms in the air. Kohli kept waving his bat to the crowd as he walked off the field."

Kaey: "Sachin will be a proud man, India have undoubtedly found his successor in Kohli.. "

The Man of the Match Virat Kohli: "It was a challenging wicket, that's what you want as a cricketer, new challenges to play. Last game I was very disappointed to have got out, that really hurt ... even the 49 against Pakistan in Dhaka was really satisfying, that's what you need, a tough pitch a good bowling attack and you pulling your team out of trouble ... Yuvraj weathered the storm and then smacked a few, Yuvi style ... I think these performances are good for him as well, he's in good nick."

Rakib: "Kohli only faced 4 balls from Amir. Afridi made a mistake of not bowling him when Kohli was fresh. I feel bad for Amir. "

Rakib: "Kohli only faced 4 balls from Amir. Afridi made a mistake of not bowling him when Kohli was fresh. I feel bad for Amir." Credit to him for fighting it out.

I'll have the presentation for you shortly ...

Afridi: "I want to congratulate Dhoni and his team. I was not expecting a pitch like this, I think we were a bit short with runs - 30 runs short. We didn't bowl in the right areas, I did not bowl well. Virat Kohli batted really well ..."

Dhoni: "Not like this (expect to turn) ... in the second half it got slightly better, and they had only one spinner. Initially when we saw the pitch we did not think it would turn so much. I think we can do better, there are areas we can improve, once we get into the knockouts you won't get a second chance ... If I knew from the start if it would turn so much I have no problems playing another spinner." But Dhoni explained why he wanted a third seamer in Pandya, because of the dew for instance, and because he has a lot of back up spin options.

Girish: "Root 83, Kohli 55. Waiting for special innings from Williamson and Steven Smith.. All 4 are considered considered to be in same league!!"

Phew, that brings us to an end to India-Pakistan for tonight. And to think it all began with a thunderstorm all those hours ago. Thank you for your emails today, I try and get through as many as I can. And thank you for reading. Have a good night.

Irfan to Dhoni, 1 run

moves back and across to pull the short of a length ball in front of square leg, India have won by six wickets, their campaign is back on track

Irfan to Dhoni, SIX runs

slams it over the long on boundary! Dhoni gets forward to a length slower ball and muscles it flat over the fence

Irfan to Kohli, 1 run

short of a length and slower, with springy bounce, Kohli gets on his toes to get on top of the bounce and plays the ball on the leg side

Irfan to Kohli, FOUR runs

short and wide outside off, Kohli waits in his crease and unleashes a fierce square cut, the ball rockets to the backward point boundary

Irfan to Dhoni, 1 run

steps out of his crease and steers a short of a length ball towards third man

Apurv: "Something that Kohli has bought to the team is his patience and calm mind while chasing.. I have never seen someone which such a calm head.. Hope I don't jinx him.."

Bidyut Ray: "take a bow Kohli, you are modern day master"

end of over 157 runs
INDIA: 106/4CRR: 7.06 RRR: 4.33 • Need 13 runs from 18b
Virat Kohli50 (35)
MS Dhoni5 (6)
Shahid Afridi4-0-25-0
Mohammad Amir3-1-11-1
Afridi to Kohli, no run

dabbed off the front foot on the off side, more of an outside edge

Afridi to Dhoni, 1 run

nudged off the pads behind square

Afridi to Dhoni, no run

beaten by the turn away from him, Afridi appeals but Sarfraz had not caught it, no edge anyway

Afridi to Kohli, 1 run

driven to long off to bring up an absolutely incredible half-century on such a tough pitch! He soaks in the applause from a packed Eden Gardens and bows to someone in the stands. Unbelievable performance

Afridi to Kohli, FOUR runs

and again! Another sublime cover drive! Kohli moves forward and slightly towards leg to make room and uses his wrists to power a bottom-handed cover drive to the boundary

Afridi to Dhoni, 1 run

drives the ball to long off for a single, over to Kohli

Sriram: "Just want Kohli to be till the end. Not worried about the outcome."