1st T20I, Dublin, Aug 27 2021, Zimbabwe tour of Ireland and Scotland
(20 ov, target 118)114/9
Zimbabwe won by 3 runs
Player Of The Match
47 (28)
end of over 202 runs • 2 wickets
IRE: 114/9CRR: 5.70 
Simi Singh28 (22)
Ben White0 (0)
Richard Ngarava 4-1-17-1
Luke Jongwe 4-0-17-2

So that's all from us from T20I number one. The visitors take the lead, in a game that they should not have won after making just 117. But their bowlers did the job, sending Ireland down by three runs. We'll be back on Sunday for match number two. However, the cricket never stops on ESPNcricinfo: Test cricket between England and India over here and match number 3 from the CPL right here. Hop on over as I Sreshth Shah say goodbye on behalf of Deiva Muthu and Vairavan.


Regis Chakabva is the Player of the Match: "It was two-paced so it was all about taking it ball by ball. Some balls stayed low and skiddy. I just figured it's best to take it deep. Was fortunate to get a few boundaries. Credit to the bowlers. We thought we were 5-10 runs short, but the bowlers stuck to their guns.

Winning captain Ervine: "After the first half, only 117, and we knew we were under par. But the guys came out fired up, bowled well right from the start. The wicket was tricky. Stayed low, some. So difficult to find your timing. That was part of the reason why we felt we may have had the runs on the board. Chakabva held the innings well, a contribution like that got us across the line. We have a young bunch of guys and the energy comes with that. Guys did well with the gaps there to take the twos. The spinners all bowled well together. Helps having a legspinner, who can go for runs on another day but Ryan took three."

Losing captain Balbirnie: "very disappointed. Not good enough with the bat. But we back ourselves to chase a total like that down. If it wasn't for Simi, it could've been much worse. We have to reassess. Bowling and fielding good. Bowlers were economical, took wickets regularly. We were happy at the halfway stage and should be chasing down 118 whatever the surface. The pitch was skiddy, stayed low, we'll learn and it's a long series."

3.12pm What a low-scoring thriller! Ngarava concedes just two off the final over to defend five and give Zimbabwe a 1-0 lead in this five-game series. Ireland had the momentum at the break, but Zimbabwe did not let their shoulders droop in the second innings. Regular wickets, Burl's skills, and then Ngarava's excellent bowling takes them across. Ireland will be disappointed with some of their shot options that they took in the middle and lower order. At no time was the required run-rate exceedingly high and the hosts will be very disappointed how this game has turned out.

Shah Safeer: "Shame they're not in T20 World Cup! "

Musa: "Chevrons have done it, both gents and ladies! Ngarava you beauty! "

Ngarava to Simi Singh, 1 run

yorker length, ends up as a low full toss. Slices a flick to deep midwicket and Zimbabwe win by three runs!

Had Young completed the run, Ireland would've needed 4 to win. Now they need 5. Which means six gives them a win. Four is a Super Over.

Ngarava to Young, OUT

good length outside off stump, Misses the cut, and Singh is running across anyway to get strike for the last ball. Young, on the other hand, is slow to take off, and the throw from the keeper is good for Ngarava to take the bails off at his end. Young goes, that's a dot, and a wicket.

Craig Young run out (†Chakabva/Ngarava) 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Conceded just 1 in 4 balls. And Singh is at the non-striker's end.

Ngarava to McCarthy, OUT

bowled him! Full outside off. Walks across to ramp it over short fine leg. But ends up hitting the ball onto his stumps.

Barry McCarthy b Ngarava 4 (19m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 36.36
Ngarava to Simi Singh, 1 run

played behind square, and goes to the deep on the leg side

Ngarava to Simi Singh, no run

good length, quicker ball. Lands on off and angling away. Misses the cut. That's six off 4 now

Ngarava to Simi Singh, no run

full and wide, almost a yorker, and it's inside the tram lines! No wide, no run, perfect for Zimbabwe. Singh came down the ground but the ball kept going away from him

Simple equation. 6 off six. Ngarava with an economy of 5 will bowl. Another 5 and it's a super over.

Musa: "Lady chevrons pulled it off, can the boys do it?"

end of over 196 runs
IRE: 112/7CRR: 5.89 RRR: 6.00 • Need 6 runs from 6b
Simi Singh26 (18)
Barry McCarthy4 (10)
Luke Jongwe 4-0-17-2
Richard Ngarava 3-1-15-0

Shah Safeer: "Zimbabwe have been brilliant in defending totals for a few games now. They have defended 100 odd against Pakistan earlier, let's see if they do it here again! "

Jongwe to Simi Singh, 1 run

full just outside off and worked to deep midwicket, where the fielder runs in to keep it down to one.

The extra ball, for the wide earlier in the over. What does Singh do? Take the single to keep strike? Or go for the glory shot

Jongwe to McCarthy, 1 run

good length on off, and he swats an aggressive shot to deep midwicket

Back to run a ball.

Jongwe to McCarthy, no run

full on middle. Inside out drive, but to cover once again. This time no single too

Jongwe to Simi Singh, 1 run

full and wide. Walks across to the off side and the cover drive is stopped by Burl at cover

Saoirse: "Good man yourself Simi!"

Jongwe to Simi Singh, no run

full and wide, and the attempted drive is stopped by the bowler as he runs to his left and dives to stop the ball

Jongwe to Simi Singh, 1 wide

full on middle and leg. But going down the leg side, and that is costly this stage of the innings.

Jongwe to Simi Singh, 2 leg byes

going all the way? Nope, two. Angling down leg but can't get bat on ball to flick it fine. Hits the pads and rolls away. Enough time for fine leg to get to it