1st Test, Mirpur, October 25 - 27, 2014, Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh
240 & 114
(T:101) 254 & 101/7

Bangladesh won by 3 wickets

Player Of The Match
1/42 & 8/39
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Time for the presentation:

Brendan Taylor: Credit to Bangladesh, we were mentally weak with the bat, we can't win Tests like that. Our bowlers showed a lot of character. You have to have the mindset that you can win from any situation. We started well and had them three down but dropped two chances. Mushy held his end and marshalled his troops very well. Long knocks are our major worry, 20s and 30s won't help. They played better cricket and we'll come back stronger in the second Test. There was pace and bounce so it was fun. The groundsmen made a good wicket.

Mushfiqur Rahim: We are not where we want to be but the boys played very well and a win is a win. There's a lot of areas to improve on. Our batting and bowling both. Taijul has been great for the last couple of matches, Shakib also bowled really well and Jubair too. It's a total team and all-round effort. To win Tests you have to play big innings to make it count.

Taijul is the Man of the Match: Thanks to everyone who supported me - captain, support staff. I'll try to get better in the future. I am trying to adjust slowly since my debut in West Indies. I only wanted to support Mushy bhai in the Test and didn't want to do anything wrong.

4.12pm That's all we have from the thrilling Test between the bottom two teams in this format. The next Test will start on November 3, do join us then. Goodbye!

Chris: "In the end, I don't think Zimbabwe batted well enough to earn the victory, but it does set up the rest of the series well."

Mazhar Chowdhur: "That tiny 14 runs lead meant too much in deciding the match result!!!"

Sean: "Man! I can't even imagine the 5th day on this pitch."

3.50pm Bangladesh ended the first two days marginally on top and have ended the third day by winning it. 17 wickets fell today after Zimbabwe resumed their innings and Taijul Islam wrecked them with 8 for 39. Bangladesh were chasing 101 but started with 0 for 3, before their middle order rescued them. After several twists and turns, Mushfiqur took them home with three wickets in hand. This is Bangladesh's first win this year, apart from the T20 wins against Nepal and Afghanistan

Chigumbura to Taijul, FOUR runs

it's over, Bangladesh have won! Taijul has aptly struck the wining runs - it was a short ball angled in, he went back a bit and pulled it to the backward square leg are for four. He's running in jubilation and takes a bow of the pitch. What a match it has been for him

Chigumbura to Taijul, no run

fuller and just outside off, digs it out and back to the bowler

Chigumbura to Taijul, no run

fullish outside off with the angle, punched down the ground and the bowler stops it

Only four more required now, Bangladesh are nearly there. Chigumbura round the wicket

end of over 334 runs
BAN: 97/7CRR: 2.93 
Mushfiqur Rahim23 (63b 3x4)
Taijul Islam11 (20b 1x4)
John Nyumbu 1-0-4-0
Elton Chigumbura 10-4-17-4
Nyumbu to Mushfiqur, no run

touch shorter outside off, whipped with the turn to short midwicket

Nyumbu to Mushfiqur, no run

full delivery on the stumps, he defends easily

Nyumbu to Taijul, 3 runs

punched off the bat foot and great effort in the deep saves a run. He had room, went back to let the ball turn and punched it past the covers. It was running away for four before a dive gave them three

Nyumbu to Mushfiqur, 1 run

fuller outside the off stump and he flicks it with the turn to long-on

Nyumbu to Mushfiqur, no run

touch fuller and straighter, he defends to the leg side again

Nyumbu to Mushfiqur, no run

turning in towards the pads, helped to backward square leg

John Nyumbu has been brought on with eight runs to go. A slip and short leg

end of over 323 runs
BAN: 93/7CRR: 2.90 
Taijul Islam8 (19b 1x4)
Mushfiqur Rahim22 (58b 3x4)
Elton Chigumbura 10-4-17-4
Tinashe Panyangara 8-2-30-2
Chigumbura to Taijul, no run

keeps low after pitching around off and moving across with the angle, Taijul poked and missed

Down to single digits now

Chigumbura to Taijul, 2 runs

full outside off, crowd greets the cover drive with a loud cheer but mid-off dives to his right and gets a hand to it, saves two runs

Chigumbura to Taijul, no run

closer to the off stump now, he stays back to defend it on off

Chigumbura to Taijul, no run

bit of extra bounce for the length ball tat pitched on middle and leg and rose towards the batsman. He defended it back

Chigumbura to Mushfiqur, 1 run

back of length outside off now, nudged towards third man for one

Chigumbura to Mushfiqur, no run

length delivery outside the off stump, Mushfiq defends it back

11 more required, Mushfiq on strike and Chigumbura is back

end of over 316 runs
BAN: 90/7CRR: 2.90 
Taijul Islam6 (15b 1x4)
Mushfiqur Rahim21 (56b 3x4)
Tinashe Panyangara 8-2-30-2
Tendai Chatara 8-2-34-1
Panyangara to Taijul, FOUR runs

full toss outside off and Taijul punches for four this time, finds the gap between point and cover point to collect a boundary by going down on a knee

Panyangara to Taijul, 2 runs

very well played, slower full delivery on the pads, Taijul waits for it and flicks it on the full to the square leg area. There might have been a third, but they are happy with two, with one ball left

Panyangara to Taijul, no run

chases and misses again! It was wider outside off on length, didn't bounce as much and went under the bat

Panyangara to Taijul, no run

scrambled seam for the length delivery outside off, he pokes and misses

Panyangara to Taijul, no run

fuller and wider, Taijul swishes at it square of the wixket and Raza is halfway between the circle and deep, Mushfiq says no for the run

Panyangara to Taijul, no run

short of length and angled away, Taijul pushes it to point

Three slips and a wide slip in place, point as well

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