1st ODI (D/N), Lahore, May 26 2015, Zimbabwe tour of Pakistan
(50 ov, target 376)334/5
Pakistan won by 41 runs
player of the match
Shoaib Malik
end of over 5012 runs
ZIM: 334/5CRR: 6.68 
Prosper Utseya21 (18)
Richmond Mutumbami21 (19)
Anwar Ali 10-0-81-1
Wahab Riaz 10-0-47-3

"It's a great batting effort," Azhar Ali says, "hafeez gave a great start and the others got going after that. We batted Zimbabwe out of the game. The wickets are good. Bowling here is tough. But we should try to not to concede too many runs on batting tracks. Trying to play fearless cricket, and lead the team positively."

"I needed it. I would like to take some names here. My number was at five but Waqar said we have the start so you take over. I want to thank Mushtaq Ahmed as well for his belief and at the end of the day the team won," Malik says, "I was playing in Faisalabad in the domestic T20 tournament, got the flow from there and you need a lot of backing from the management as well. I would like to carry on my form and do well for my country. Before I got selected for the team, I was playing in various leagues around the world. Have been working on my bowling and I want to play as an allrounder. I want to bowl, do well for the team and it adds extra edge to the team as well. I'm still learning, and I will try my level best to impart them to the youngsters.Thanks to all those who backed me, and even those who didn't"

"I thought we played well. Just unfortunate that in the last seven overs, we didn't go out and get the score," Chigumbura says, "Delighted with my innings and hopefully I can get more in the next games to come. I thought we started welll, but maybe towards the end we didn't execute our plans well. Didn't bowl our yorkers, that's the part of the game we need to work on. The pitch is good to bat on. If you put big runs on the board you can put the chasing team under pressure. The dew is steady now, but when we were batting it wasn't that much"

Shoaib Malik is the Man of the Match tweet the PCB and a medal for Aleem Dar for completing 300 ODIs

12.25 am Handshakes all around from Pakistan. They'd batted Zimbabwe out of the game, but to the visitors' credit they would not fold. There's been 709 runs scored today. Lahore has been very kind to the batsmen. Two hundreds, four fifties and a littler of boundaries. At the end of all that, Azhar Ali has his first win as Pakistan captain. Wahab Riaz was the best bowler on view today with 3 for 47. His racy spell, with lots of short balls, helped keep Zimbabwe on the outskirts of even having a chance to chase it down. But Elton Chigumbura stills has a few things to feel proud of

Anwar Ali to Utseya, 2 runs

fuller delivery outside off, eased through extra cover for a couple. And that is that.

Anwar Ali to Mutumbami, 1 run

nails the blockhole on middle, pushed to long-on

Anwar Ali to Mutumbami, FOUR runs

slower ball outside off, Mutumbami has threaded the needle between short third man and point. Brings up Zimbabwe's highest total against a Test-nation in ODIs

Anwar Ali to Utseya, 1 run

good length ball on off stump, pushed into the covers

Anwar Ali to Utseya, no run

hits the yorker on middle, Utseya can only keep it out

Anwar Ali to Utseya, FOUR runs

finds a boundary first ball. Plants an open face down on the full, slower ball outside off and picks the gap behind point

rana: "Both teams doubled their score (from 30 overs mark). Its becoming a good prediction, whosoever did it earlier gets the credit"

end of over 497 runs
ZIM: 322/5CRR: 6.57 RRR: 54.00
Richmond Mutumbami16 (17)
Prosper Utseya14 (14)
Wahab Riaz 10-0-47-3
Anwar Ali 9-0-69-1
Wahab Riaz to Mutumbami, no run

finishes with a bouncer that soars over middle and the swaying batsman

Wahab Riaz to Mutumbami, 1 wide

slower delivery slips down the leg side. No interest from the batsman

Wahab Riaz to Mutumbami, no run

back of a length on off stump, dabbed to point

Wahab Riaz to Utseya, 1 run

a slog having gone down the track. Gets an inside edge to deep square leg

Wahab Riaz to Utseya, no run

full on off stump, Utseya opens the face to point. No run there

Wahab Riaz to Utseya, FOUR runs

half a top edge, more glove on a pull that lobs the keeper and finds its way to the long leg boundary

Wahab Riaz to Mutumbami, 1 run

shortish and outside off, slid away to deep third man

abraham: "it would be interesting to see Zimbabwe bat first and see how pakistan chase, after what we have seen in the t20s, that would be entertaining"