Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, 3rd ODI at Lahore, , May 31 2015 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd ODI (D/N), Lahore, May 31, 2015, Zimbabwe tour of Pakistan
(9/46 ov, T:281) 68/0

No result

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227 runs
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end of over 96 runs
ZIM: 68/0CRR: 7.55 RRR: 5.75
Vusi Sibanda28 (27b 3x4)
Chamu Chibhabha39 (27b 4x4)
Mohammad Hafeez 2-0-10-0
Wahab Riaz 2-0-13-0

10:55pm: The final ODI has been abandoned. That is all she wrote for the night. Pakistan take the series 2-0. This also means that ninth-ranked Pakistan will stay on 87 points, one behind Bangladesh. The race for Champions Trophy is still on.

First a floodlight failure, then dust storm followed by rain. What an anti-climatic end to what has been a landmark series! And Umar says that the Zimbabwe players will go straight to the airport from the Gaddafi.

Pakistan rose above adversity to host their first home series in six years amid tremendous odds and beefed-up security. Their adoring fans were treated to some run-feasts befitting the occasion, Azhar Ali led front the front with his brisk batting, Shoaib Malik rediscovered his mojo, a few other old boys hit back, new stars emerged and many right from Azhar to Babar Azam got to play their first, first game at home.

The visitors did fight tooth and nail though the scoreline may suggest otherwise. It has been a great pleasure bringing you this historic series. The jazba was back, Lahore up and buzzing. She can sleep tight now. Thanks for joining us and keep coming back. Passionate chants of 'ZIM-BAB-WAE' still ring in my ears. Congratulations to both Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Do catch up with Andrew Fernando's report.. Goodbye and cheerio from all at ESPNcricinfo.

PCB chairman Shahryar Khan presents a memento to Misbah to honour his services to the Pakistan side. Medals have been presented to Zimbabwe and Pakistan players.

Hamilton Masakadza, Zimbabwe captain: We have had a great experience. It has been good for the batters. We bowled well to restrict them under 300 and with the start we got we thought we could do it today. The weather did not allow it. It has been a big series, big for us and big for Pakistan as well.

Azhar Ali, Pakistan captain and Man of the Series: It is a great team effort. When the captain is in form, it becomes easy for the team. Babar Azam has performed well. The new boys are doing well and we have to take it forward from here. It has been a big series for us and Zimbabwe. We will correct the minor mistakes in the future series. I think the security was amazing. Credit goes to Pakistan government, Punjab police and Zimbabwe Cricket.

Zayn Khan: "Regardless of the anti-climatic end, this tour has been significant for Pakistan Cricket. Many people thought international cricket would never return to Pakistan. Kudos to PCB and also to Zimbabwe "

Shariq Vohra: "A Historical Series Comes to an end! Thank you Zimbabwe #CricketComesHome #PakvsZim #GaddafiStadium"

TanveerRoy: "Good bye Zimbabwe. Thanks for coming here & winning our hearts."

Iqtidar Alam: "Great series hosted by Pakistan"

Anonyms: "Even a 3-0 series would have kept Pakistan with 87 points. So, a no result does not matter."

10:45pm: Though it looks bleak, some fans are still waiting in the stands.

10:31pm More covers have been brought on. Things have turned from bad to worse. This is tearing into Pakistan's chances of maintaining their ranking. The hosts need nothing less than a 3-0 series victory.

saikot: "@muthu, regarding pakistan's ranking, enlighten please"--- Simple, they need a clean sweep to stay with 87 points and then need to step up against Sri Lanka besides hoping for the results to go their way and India's against Bangladesh. The top seven sides in the world, plus hosts England, will compete in the next Champions Trophy in England and the cut-off date for qualification is September 30, 2015. Bangladesh are currently placed above Pakistan with 88 points . They are gearing up for the Indian challenge.

10:26pm: Heavy rain continues to ravage Lahore and Pakistan are desperately targetting a 3-0 clean sweep to keep alive their chances of qualification for Champions Trophy.

Umar tells us that 11:29pm is the expected cut-off time..

10:00pm Umar pings me that the rain has gotten heavier in Lahore. It does not look good there.

Ahmed : "I'm 10km away from the Gaddafi. The dust storm has transformed into a thunderstorm. Tough task for the groundstaff."

Ashar: "@muthu any update??"

9:51pm: It it pouring down in Lahore and the players are off again. The covers come onto the field.

Hafeez to Sibanda, 2 runs

tucked through square leg for a couple of runs. Good running between the wickets.

Hafeez to Sibanda, no run

looped up generously, blocked

Hafeez to Sibanda, no run

flighted and outside off, pushed back to the bowler

Hafeez to Chibhabha, 1 run

worked to midwicket

Hafeez to Chibhabha, 2 runs

picked away behind square leg for a brace

Hafeez to Sibanda, 1 run

fuller ball, eased down to long-on for one

9:49pm The drizzle has stopped and the umpires are making their way out and so are the players. The revised target reads 281 from 46 overs.

9:42pm Yikes, it has started drizzling at the Gadaffi. The groundstaff getting ready with the covers.

9:30pm: Our man at the ground, Umar Farooq says that the dust is clearing off and confirms that we have started losing overs. Four overs have been docked.

9:15pm: We will start losing overs if the game doesn't resume before 9:24pm.

9:10pm: The light tower is fixed. But the dust storm is posing quite a threat at the Gaddafi.

8:54pm: We have a floodlight failure. One of the light towers has gone bust. Add a dust storm as well.

end of over 89 runs
ZIM: 62/0CRR: 7.75 RRR: 5.76
Chamu Chibhabha36 (25b 4x4)
Vusi Sibanda25 (23b 3x4)
Wahab Riaz 2-0-13-0
Mohammad Hafeez 1-0-4-0
Wahab Riaz to Chibhabha, no run

change-up. Back of a length and Wahab pulls the pace off this outside off. Steered to point

Wahab Riaz to Chibhabha, no run

back of a length, shuffles across off and blocks it back to the bowler

Wahab Riaz to Chibhabha, FOUR runs

length ball and outside off, he waits for the ball to come onto him and crunches it past the covers. Gorgeous hit from Chibhabha

Wahab Riaz to Chibhabha, FOUR runs

pacy indipper from Wahab, he is late onto the push and manages an inside edge that evades the stumps and wanders away behind square leg

Wahab Riaz to Sibanda, 1 leg bye

pinged on the middle of the helmet! Ripper of a bouncer with enough legs on it, he was late onto the pull or perhaps caught between pulling and leaving. He is struck on the helmet. He took his eyes off it and the ball dribbles behind square leg. Sibanda had taken a couple of paces forward but could not connect. Neither could he get out of the way

khawark: "What happened to all ... Its only 50 runs on the board. So a Long way to go."

Wahab Riaz to Sibanda, no run

back of a length and angling away, punched out to point

end of over 74 runs
ZIM: 53/0CRR: 7.57 RRR: 5.67
Chamu Chibhabha28 (21b 2x4)
Vusi Sibanda25 (21b 3x4)
Mohammad Hafeez 1-0-4-0
Wahab Riaz 1-0-5-0
Hafeez to Chibhabha, no run

lobbed up again, spins in on middle, nudged to backward square leg

Hafeez to Chibhabha, no run

looped up on middle, turned straight to midwicket

Hafeez to Sibanda, 1 run

low full toss on middle, dips in late, helped down to long-on

Hafeez to Chibhabha, 1 run

slower through the air on middle and leg, tucked in front of square on the leg side

Hafeez to Sibanda, 1 run

pitched up on off, worked to midwicket. The fielder dives to his right and fumbles

Hafeez to Chibhabha, 1 run

fullish and just outside off, clipped to long-on

Spin.. Hafeez.

end of over 65 runs
ZIM: 49/0CRR: 8.16 RRR: 5.63
Vusi Sibanda23 (19b 3x4)
Chamu Chibhabha26 (17b 2x4)
Wahab Riaz 1-0-5-0
Junaid Khan 3-0-23-0
Wahab Riaz to Sibanda, no run

good length and on off, forward and clipped to mid-on

Ali Akhtar: "What happened to those tactics where you can put spinner and pacer from different ends ??? It might work here !!!"

Wahab Riaz to Sibanda, no run

back of a length and on middle, he camps back and blocks it to midwicket