Moeen Ali had 39 from 39 deliveries at the start of the 45th over... Fourteen balls later, he brought up his hundred - the second-fastest in ODIs for England. Here's how he wrought carnage, according to our ball-by-ball commentary.

44.2 - Cummins to Ali, SIX, that's a mighty blow! Takes a length ball from outside off over deep midwicket with a stand-and-deliver swing

44.3 - Cummins to Ali, SIX, and again! Bigger and better this time...takes him to a 41-ball fifty with another crunching blow over deep midwicket. Length proving costly

44.4 - Cummins to Ali, 2 runs, much fuller and wider outside off, sliced wide of third man where Samuels dives again

44.5 - Cummins to Ali, FOUR, low full toss outside off, Moeen swings and gets a thick outside edge wide of the diving keeper

44.6 - Cummins to Ali, SIX, into the crowd again! Cummins went wide on the crease, dropped it in short, that came right out of the screws as Moeen pulls over deep square leg

45.2 - Holder to Ali, SIX, he likes deep midwicket! Holder round the wicket, offers up length again, picked up and swung comfortably over the rope

45.3 - Holder to Ali, SIX, but he shows he can go over the off side as well...this is a touch fuller and wider, so Moeen drives it over long-off. Fantastic striking

45.4 - Holder to Ali, SIX, goodness me! Six more. Back to the deep midwicket route. Poor ball, a full toss, and Moeen has certainly found his range

45.5 - Holder to Ali, 2 runs, crunched straight down the ground, a skimming drive, Taylor gets across from long-off and there's a boo from the crowd

45.6 - Holder to Ali, FOUR, on dear, that's not great...another low full toss, pumped down the ground towards long-on, bounces in front of Samuels who then palms it over the boundary. The wheels have come off

46.2 - Taylor to Ali, 1 run, dropped by Gayle at backward point, and a chance of a run out. Wide full toss, skewed towards Gayle. A pretty simple chance. Straight to him

47.2 - Cummins to Ali, SIX, he's into the 90s with another one into the crowd, the short ball proving costly as Moeen pulls high and handsome over deep square leg

47.3 - Cummins to Ali, no run, full, very wide outside off, swings and misses

47.4 - Cummins to Ali, SIX, his eighth six takes him to a century! What an innings from Moeen. 53 balls. The ball is full, but it makes no difference. He connects well enough to clear wide long-on