Tracking Charlotte Edwards

Charlotte Edwards described reclaiming the women's Ashes as the "proudest moment" of her career. Speaking to Oliver Brown of the Telegraph, she was pleased with the spike in interest for women's cricket, with all seven matches of the series well-attended and reminisced about her earliest memories of cricket, including the moment that paved way for her 17-year career.

"I watched my father play every week, and I know I wouldn't have achieved what I have otherwise," she explains. "We're very lucky now, though, that girls don't have to rely on their background to get into cricket. The opportunities, whether in terms of one-or-one coaching or the ability to compete in all-girl cricket in schools, are so much greater." A family visit to England's victory over India during the 1993 World Cup would decree her fate. "We all ran on to the pitch afterwards," she remembers. "I knew in that moment that I wanted to play cricket for a living."