Geoff Marsh, Zimbabwe's coach, will not be seeking a renewal of his contract when it expires in September. Marsh, who had been asked to continue in his post until the 2007 World Cup, has declined to do so.
According to a Zimbabwe newspaper, Marsh had conveyed his decision to the Zimbabwe Cricket Union four months ago, but the matter has become public knowledge only now. Marsh said: "I was asked to stay on until the World Cup but I declined. I have enjoyed my time with Zimbabwe but it is time to move on."

Marsh has been criticised in some quarters for not supporting the rebel cricketers led by Heath Streak, but he has no doubt been constrained by the terms of his contract. It is all but certain that his stint as Zimbabwe's coach will end on a heavy losing streak - the depleted Zimbabwe team under his charge has been heavily beaten by Sri Lanka in the ongoing series, and Australia wait in the wings for their share of easy runs and wickets.

Phil Simmons, the former West Indian batsman, is tipped to be Marsh's successor. Simmons has been helping out at Zimbabwe's academy in Harare.