You are one of the quickest bowlers on the planet - so how old were you when you first hit a batsman in the head?
I think I was around 15 when I first hit another lad. I don't think I got properly quick until I was 18, so a few years after that.

Who was your fast-bowling idol growing up?
Shane Bond, as far as New Zealand goes, was one of the best. I always used to enjoy the way he played the game when I was a kid. Then there's two others I really admire - Jacques Kallis and Jimmy Anderson.

Whose wicket do you prize the most among those you have taken?
It would have to be Kumar Sangakarra. I got him caught behind in my second ODI. I'll remember that forever.

Talk us through the best ball you have ever bowled.
It was in a domestic game against Otago and I was bowling to Michael Bracewell, a left-handed batter. I gave him a big awayswinger first ball, which started outside leg and took the top of off. That was pretty sweet.

Which batsman of the past would you love to have bowled to?
Can't it just be anyone who would give their wicket away? (Laughs) There's so many legends of the game with incredible talent. It would have been tough to bowl at Sachin Tendulkar and I never got the pleasure of doing that. The same goes with Brian Lara and Jacques Kallis. I'll pick any one of those three.

Who is the best captain you have ever played under?
God, that's a tough one. You're throwing me under the bus here! Brendon McCullum was fantastic to play for during the period where we reached the World Cup final in 2015. But now we have Kane Williamson and he's very, very good too, and goes about what he does it in a slightly different way. I've massively enjoyed playing under both of those.

What are the differences in captaincy styles of those two?
Brendon was quite extravagant and liked his different ploys and tactics. Kane is more unassuming as a person than Baz - but he's equally as tactical and a good thinker.

The New Zealand squad are lined up for a 100 metre race. Who's going to win?
Guppy would be up there. He's got some good pace. He'd probably win it.

And who'd be last?
There'd be a battle for that one between Ish Sodhi and Jeet Raval. One of those two.

Who is the last at the bar to buy a round of drinks?
That would be Trent Boult.

Brendon was quite extravagant and liked his different ploys and tactics. Kane is more unassuming as a person than Baz - but he's equally as tactical and a good thinker

Who has the worst dress sense?
A lot of us dress the same. Maybe it's me?! Okay, I'll go with Jimmy Neesham.

Who is the most naturally talented team-mate you have played with?
There's just so many in our New Zealand team. We've got a bunch of massively talented guys and some incredibly hard workers too. Kane, for example, is incredibly skilful and he works so hard at his game too. I can't pick out one.

A catch goes up for New Zealand to win the World Cup. Who do you want under it?
Martin Guptill. He's a very good fielder and he's got a big of set of mitts. I'd be pretty confident if it was him.

You have six balls to bowl at one stump. How many times do you hit?
I'll go with two.

What's the strangest talent you have?
I like to do a bit of beatbox-boxing. I think I'm all right at it but my missus disagrees - she tells me I'm no good.

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?
I'd like to be able to fly.

What is your one guilty pleasure?
Chocolate. And biscuits. I'm a sucker for either of those two. We'll go with one and combine them - chocolate biscuits.

If you could be a professional in any other sport, what would it be?
Basketball. I played in my last year at school and I used to love it.