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'Can't wait to get to my bed and lie vertical'

Plenty of normal and abnormal sleeping in our Twitter round-up

Alex Bowden
Shane Warne takes a nap on Steve Waugh's shoulder, Melbourne, June 23, 1999

Even Tugga can't keep him awake  •  Getty Images

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This week's Twitter round-up is something of a Shane Warne special. Sorry about that.
The nap
A few weeks ago we got a hint that an afternoon nap was a key part of Shane Warne's routine. This week there was further evidence that he spends quite a lot of his time in bed.
Well, at least he was awake and perhaps he did need rest before a flight.
He also needed rest after the flight, but again he was awake.
He really does. A few days later…
All this sleeping - can he find the time for anything else?
He's dreaming if he thinks that'll work.
The perpendicular
Alex Hales isn't at all laid-back.
The irony
The selflessness
Suggestions that international cricketers are self-absorbed, only seeing the world in terms of how events affect them are surely well wide of the mark.
Life with Kemar Roach
Despite his prolific Twitter output, do you ever get the feeling that you aren't really getting much of an insight into Kemar Roach's life? Most of his tweets read something like this.
What makes him smile? What has he got? Who is Kemar Roach?
Well, that's cleared that up then.
It's been a while since we last checked whether cricketers are still smashing their food rather than eating it.
Yep. They're still smashing. We'll check again in another month or so.
Jet-lag Watch
Somewhere in the world, there is always a cricketer complaining about jet-lag.
Because heaven forbid he should fall asleep during the daytime. That would be so out of character.

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