The tourist information service
Luke Wright's been away.

They should use that in their ad campaigns: "Berlin: Enough history for one whole visit!"

The culinary sledging
Scott Styris is enjoying his food.

Hopefully they aren't trying to give him the runs.

The birthday celebrations
Yuvraj Singh has big plans for Virat Kohli's birthday.

Come on, that sounds like a party to me. Who wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday by playing in the Ranji Trophy?

The Q&A
Kevin Pietersen invited questions from his followers this week. Stuart Broad had one.

KP duly delivered an A for that Q.

What's an improper omelette?

The view of a wall
For his part, Broad is still persisting with his #viewfromaroom project, in which he is taking a photo out of every hotel room window over the course of his winter tours. Matt Prior's #viewofawall project is therefore also still live until Broad gets the message that he is boring everyone to tears. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen any time soon, as Broad complimented Prior on the latest #viewofawall instalment.

Don't feel that you need to seek out the picture. It's just a wall.

The priorities
AB de Villiers knows what matters in life.

That important? You're rating school pretty highly there, AB.

The royalist
Darren Lehmann wants to meet someone.

Darren? Is that really you?

Definitely him.

The personal grooming
Steven Finn's taken a big decision.

You probably should have asked that before you reached for the razor.

The artist
Simon Jones needs help with his art.

Just keep mixing. You always end up at brown eventually.

The election result
Nottinghamshire's Riki Wessels has a question.

No. Even if he regenerated at the end of every term, taking on a different physical form like Doctor Who, he'd still be the same person.

The name
Tino Best's got a sister.

Mr and Mrs Best didn't make full use of the alphabet when naming their kids, did they?

What's your philosophy?
Hashim Amla is inviting a reaction.

Hey, Hashim, I've got a reality check for you: You're not very good at hyperbole. If you wish to thank me, I will accept mountains of gold by way of payment.

Jesse Ryder's ticking all the boxes.

Not entirely sure who the Big Three are, but if you see Jesse Ryder and two other people smashing something, you can fairly safely assume that it's them.

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