The run-out
Pakistan were involved in some comical running early on. In the second over, Kamran Akmal tried to rush a leg-bye as the ball rolled away close to the pitch. Ahmed Shehzad responded eagerly, and in an instant, the two were within hand-shaking distance, Akmal having covered some more ground. Suddenly, Shehzad decided he was running to the danger end, and abandoned the run. An astonished Akmal stopped in his tracks, turned around and tried to regain his ground but to his misfortune again, Bhuvneshwar Kumar found the stumps with a direct hit.

The near run-out
Shehzad decided to make amends the very next ball by enthusiastically charging up the pitch as this one rolled fine down the leg side. Mohammad Hafeez was having none of it. This time it was Shehzad's turn to apply the brakes and double back. He scrambled and dived, and MS Dhoni's throw missed the stumps.

The late reaction
Mohammad Shami had sent down a superb over and had taken his position at the long-leg boundary when Shahid Afridi had one of his almighty swings at Bhuvneshwar. Shami possibly did not think it would travel behind square, or he just did not pick it, or he was plainly caught napping. Whatever be the case, by the time he did and set off to his left, there was no way he was stopping the boundary.

The half-attempt Shoaib Malik was timing the ball inconsistently and at the end of the 15th over, his swipe caught a top edge and swirled towards Bhuvneshwar Kumar. But the fielder was in two minds, first rushing forward and, when the ball started to die towards him, pulling out only slightly. It was enough for the ball to drop short, and slip into the boundary.

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