Derbyshire have given contracts to Daniel Redfern, Jake Needham, Jonathan Clare and Paul Borrington which will keep the players with the club until the end of 2012.
"Derbyshire have made this decision in order to back the young players who have come through our system to serve a proper apprenticeship in the game," said the county's head of cricket John Morris. "I see these players as being the future of this club, not just for the next four years, but for the next 15 years.
"The supporters are beginning to see an improvement in where the team is going and if you can build the nucleus of your team around home grown talent, it is all good news for the club. It is very important to identify who are going to be big players in the future and we have got four young cricketers here who I believe are going to be part of this club for a long time."
Keith Loring, the club's chief executive, said Morris was keen to get the young players on long contracts to make them feel settled and give Derbyshire continuity. "The club then moved very quickly and the players responded brilliantly which allowed us to get the job done straight away."
Mark Lawson, the former Yorkshire legspinner who had been brought to the club on a week-to-week contract, has signed a deal until the end of the season.