Duleep Trophy

Duleep Trophy winners, 1961-62 to present day

The Duleep Trophy (named after KS Duleepsinhji) was started by the Indian board in 1961-62 as a zonal rather than a state first-class competition. The original format was that five teams, drawn from the five zones - North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, West Zone and Central Zone - played each other on a knock-out basis. From 1993-94 the competition converted to a league format. In 2002-03 the zonal teams were replaced by five new sides - Elite A, Elite B, Elite C, Plate A and Plate B but this lasted for only one season as it was felt that the new teams lacked a sense of identity. From 2003-04 the zones returned and an overseas guest side was included. The first was England A. The tournament didn't take place in 2015-16 but returned the next season with a different format - the teams weren't separated by zones, instead the best players in the country were taken and distributed into three teams, India Red, Blue and Green. It was also the first time first-class matches in India were played with the pink ball.
Year Winner
1961-62 West Zone
1962-63 West Zone
1963-64 West Zone / South Zone (joint)
1964-65 West Zone
1965-66 South Zone
1966-67 South Zone
1967-68 South Zone
1968-69 West Zone
1969-70 West Zone
1970-71 South Zone
1971-72 Central Zone
1972-73 West Zone
1973-74 North Zone
1974-75 South Zone
1975-76 South Zone
1976-77 West Zone
1977-78 West Zone
1978-79 North Zone
1979-80 North Zone
1980-81 West Zone
1981-82 West Zone
1982-83 North Zone
1983-84 North Zone
1984-85 South Zone
1985-86 West Zone
1986-87 South Zone
1987-88 North Zone
1988-89 North Zone / West Zone (joint)
1989-90 South Zone
1990-91 North Zone
1991-92 North Zone
1992-93 North Zone
1993-94 North Zone
1994-95 North Zone
1995-96 South Zone
1996-97 Central Zone
1997-98 Central Zone / West Zone
1998-99 Central Zone
1999-00 North Zone
2000-01 North Zone
2001-02 West Zone
2002-03 Elite C
2003-04 North Zone
2004-05 Central Zone
2005-06 West Zone
2006-07 North Zone
2007-08 North Zone
2008-09 West Zone
2009-10 West Zone
2010-11 South Zone
2011-12 East Zone
2012-13 East Zone
2013-14 North Zone/South Zone (Joint)
2014-15 Central Zone
2015-16 Not Played
2016-17 India Blue