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Heather Knight: 'The first time I was at Lord's they had giant prawns on the table'

The England women's captain on her love for seafood, the best cook in the team, and the Vietnamese salad recipe she won't share

Knight rider: she'll give you all the batting tips you want, just don't ask for her salad-dressing recipe  •  Getty Images

Knight rider: she'll give you all the batting tips you want, just don't ask for her salad-dressing recipe  •  Getty Images

What is your favourite meal to go to week in, week out?
I love Japanese food, so whenever we're on tour, I'll try and get out for some Japanese if I can. I'm not great at cooking sushi, so it has to be Deliveroo or a meal out.
What is your speciality in the kitchen?
It sounds rubbish but I make a really good Vietnamese noodle salad. Loads of fresh veg, noodles, and it's all in the dressing - the dressing is key, but I can't reveal my ingredients, I'm afraid. Then you can add whatever protein you want.
Is that a closely guarded Knight family recipe handed down through the ages?
I'm not sure my parents have ever tried Vietnamese food, to be honest! No, it's something I've picked up out in Australia - they like their Vietnamese over there. I've adapted it slightly.
Which cricket venue has the best catering?
Definitely Lord's. You get a choice of a three-course meal, and the first time I was there as a player they had giant prawns on the table. I love seafood, so I was sold.
Which of your team-mates is the best cook?
Jenny Gunn is very good. She'd be up there.
What do you recommend from the Gunn menu?
She has a very good scallop dish. She loves seafood, like I do, and she's very good at making scallops and pancetta.
Anything you always take on tour?
Coffee, at the moment. Especially with bubble life, you can't go out and get a decent coffee. So I've got my coffee machine and beans from a local roastery in Bristol.
You've seen The Test, the Australia documentary. Who's the coffee hipster in the England dressing room?
It's not quite to that level, but Georgia Elwiss is a bit of a coffee snob and wants to open her own coffee shop when she finishes. She was opening the café for a couple of hours every day in the bubble - it was more of a tuck shop, a roomful of treats as well. Not quite the Love Café but a very good one. A coffee hipster from Wolverhampton.
What sort of fast food is it okay to eat as a professional sportsperson?
I'm not sure any's okay, maybe something less fried. Definitely not chicken nuggets, which are a personal favourite.
What would you eat on your cheat day?
I do quite like a good sourdough pizza. Not allowed by our nutritionist very often, but as a cheat meal, that's fine.
Favourite post-workout snack/smoothie?
It's pretty boring - I quite like a vanilla ice cream flavoured protein powder. With proper milk. I don't like them with water, they taste like… well, I won't say what it tastes like. But it's a lot nicer with milk.
Anything you've added to or removed from your diet?
Not really, but I'm a massive fan of this chocolate oat milk. It's not because I'm vegan or lactose intolerant, but it's absolutely delicious. It's vegan, so it must be okay for you.

Alan Gardner is a deputy editor at ESPNcricinfo. @alanroderick