Dinesh Mongia has denied reports that his suspension from the ICL was due to alleged contact with bookies. "It has got nothing to do with match-fixing," Mongia told the Indian Express.
On Monday Mongia and Chris Cairns, of Chandigarh Lions, were suspended on disciplinary grounds after it was learnt that Cairns, who arrived at the tournament with an ankle injury, had not disclosed his fitness status to the ICL. Mongia was suspended because he knew about Cairns' injury in advance but did not share the information with tournament officials.
"The ICL officials interrogated me over Cairns's ankle injury," Mongia said. "They thought I was aware of it and did not inform them. I have given my explanation to them."
Cairns' lawyer, Andrew Fitch-Holland, also denied his client had been involved in match-fixing and said he was suspended for failing to report an injured ankle. "I've seen no statement [on match-fixing] from the ICL to that effect," Fitch-Holland told the Daily Telegraph. "And I would be very surprised if you could find anyone at the ICL who would say that."