David Morgan and Sharad Pawar go head to head © Getty Images

The ICC have revealed David Morgan, the chairman of the ECB and Sharad Pawar, the BCCI president, as the two nominees to succeed Percy Sonn as president of the board.

Sonn, 57, began his two-year term at the ICC's annual conference in 2006. The board has the option of extending his contract to three years but, if not, his successor will take office at the annual conference next year. Pawar, who became the BCCI's president in November 2005, has the backing of five member boards, including the Asian bloc.

The voting process, however, is not restricted only to the 10 full-member boards. There are also the votes of the 32 associate members of the ICC, and the 55 affiliate members. Naturally the votes cast by the full members count for more than those of the others. The winning candidate needs to secure a two-thirds majority among the full-member countries, and a simple majority overall. The votes are weighted 75% in favour of the member boards, with 25% going to the associate and affiliate members. The 55 affiliate members only get five votes between them. It sounds rather complicated, but, basically a two-thirds majority of the full members will do the trick.

A new nominations committee, put in place in July 2005, will meet soon to consider the nominations, before announcing its recommendation to the next executive board meeting in March. Voting will then take place at the annual conference which, this year, is being held in London; the successful candidate must secure support from two-thirds of the members.

"This is the first time this method of selecting the ICC president has been employed," said Dr Muttiah, chairman of the ICC nominations committee. "It is a fair and transparent process and one that we believe will ensure the most suitable candidate gets the job."